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Urban Viking

220 lbs
5'6 ft
47 in
37 in
19 in
27 in
If you like it rough and you are looking for a dominant muscle daddy, Urban Viking is your man. So if you have had enough pretty boys and you need a real man, you must do a real private show with Urban Viking. This man is real and if he is in the command seat you might just experience what you have always been looking for.

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  • dw5150 Always an awesome show, super ripped and loves to pose hard!!!!
  • alex_28 He is sooo big, muscular and nice! A true God!
  • dw5150 Always a great show!!!!
  • alex_28 wow he is so big ripped and handsome!
  • gabrielb A super hoy and super beautiful person.
  • dw5150 What an awesome show! Huge, hot, and handsome, he has it all!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet He is fucking HUGE! Nice guy too
  • MaxiP265 So big and so strong!
  • 5150dw Always an awesome show and contest ready!!!
  • headz Incredible. Looking big an dlean and straight into some real sexy posing. Worked hard and very nice guy
  • skip0416 wow what an amazing show so pumped, so ripped, so vascular awesome performer the best
  • dillow50 Handsome guy with a great beard and great chest. Loves to flex!
  • 5150dw Another awesome show!!!!
  • amoimuscoli very beautiful show
  • germanboy75 top sexy guy!!!
  • 5150dw Always the best show!!!!
  • joe001 Urban Viking is getting in an awesome shape, contest-ready. Veiny and ripped. Great show again and is getting better and better.
  • jacksal Urban Viking is the best man on LMS!
  • 5150dw Contest ready muscle that is thick and he loves to pose!!!! Always a pleasure!
  • joshmx Simply amazing. Flexing non stop his amazing physique! Totally recommend him!
  • joshmx One of the best shows in here and perhaps one of the best physiques as well. Friendly and really personable!
  • joe001 The Viking is getting in great shape, very ripped and vascular now. And also a very nice guy. A musst see on here!
  • skip0416 wow incredible show awesome ripped body so hot
  • joe001 Fantastic show again, great performance and nice as always. Urban Viking is getting better and hotter. Great muscles everywhere, awesome legs with a sexy butt. Great muscles, great guy and great show
  • darwal He is the show. Awesome, did anything I asked about. Will be back for sure.
  • 5150dw Always ripped and ready to go!
  • joe001 Just awesome, great performance and Urban Viking is getting into great ripped shape. Great vascularity and super defined already.
  • joe001 The big Viking is getting ripped again, great muscles and veiny overall.
  • adrianoscastro Impressive Shape!!
  • yasinx20 KINGGGGGG of Muscles!
  • joe001 The one and only real Viking! Good looking and an amazing body, great thick legs, super calves and a pumped biceps And friendly as always!
  • joe001 The best on here. A body like a piece of art. Take him to private if he's on!
  • skip0416 amazing ripped vascular body the best
  • joe001 The best, even bigger as ever and in an awesome shape.
  • timobrien fucking hot man
  • 5150dw Has to be in the best shape! Completely shredded and ripped!
  • skip0416 amazing ripped vascular body and does he kn ow how to show it off a true god
  • joe001 just perfect, a body like a piece of art, or the evolving greek god!
  • timobrien fucking hot man
  • skip0416 wow what a incredible body so ripped so vascular and those pecs bouncing in your face incredible show
  • 5150dw The best on here, what a body! Contest ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mplsmuscle Terrific!
  • 5150dw Huge fucking show, unbelievably pectacular!!!!
  • 5150dw Awesome show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nikko wow... wow ... wow...
  • hugehotpecs All I can say is wow!
  • 5150dw Awesome show, very polite, true gentlemen with ever growing muscles!!!!
  • joe001 The Muscle Hunk is getting better and better
  • ATLMuscle WOW this man is incredible. His size is amazing. Plus he is very HOT sexy too. He knows how to flex those huge muscles real well. Great Job
  • andre78 he's a real muscle bull!!!really hot show
  • joe001 What else here to say... just awesome!
  • joe001 The awesome Musclegod, and a real gentle man.
  • joe001 Still getting bigger and hotter. And now go look for yourself!
  • Jackson2 Gorgeous and hot!!!
  • joe001 Awesome show again, the greek god as its best ;)
  • buff_64 that was great soo sexy
  • joe001 He has a body like a young greek god and he likes to show it off. And he's always nice and wants to please. Highly addictive
  • joe001 Great show again, great posing and sexy as hell
  • joe001 Just awesome as always, and even the muscles get better ;)
  • joe001 Nice, handsome, hot muscled body, the complete package
  • calmuscle2000 sexy
  • joe001 Just the Best
  • dermo good show
  • Jackson2 Super ----muscled macho hairy very willing to show his assets!
  • joe001 Urban Viking is such a sexy hot guy. Nice and willing to please. A must see on here
  • joe001 Urban Viking is so damn hot and a really nice guy. Big sexy muscles and a damn hot beard. always accommodate and friendly.
  • calisto I dont know what else to say about Urban Viking that i havent already said. HE IS SOO HOT AND SEXY!!!!! My day is not complete without seeing him
  • calisto Urban Viking knows how to make me come back for more. He teased me soo much that i had to go private. AWESOME show as always
  • calisto its official.....I AM ADDICTED TO URBAN VIKING!!!!
  • calisto LOVE LOVE LOVE URBAN VIKING!!!! Best of the best. When he smiles, licks his muscles and rubs his beard it turns me on soo bad. i look forward to seeing him everyday.
  • calisto i just had another session with Urban Viking because i cant stay away. They should just name this site Urban Viking Show because he is the best of the best. His beard get me soo hard. His arms are soo big. His ass is to die for. When he kisses his muscle it makes me soo horny.
  • calisto I never get tired of Urban Viking. He is my favorite. Sexy, nice, perfect body...he cant go wrong
  • calisto i have had sessions with other models before but Urban Viking is the best!!!!! i wont need to see any other models now. He will be the one i come here for from now on. i am REALLY into beards and his is the sexiest. i dont need to see the rest of his body. Just that beard turns me on. Very handsome man
  • Steelesf He is totally awesome, sexy as hell, a real man, just great. A total pleasure, you can't go wrong with this guy...and did I mention what a turn on his thick dark beard is ?! ;)
  • eddie2 Great show. Nice hairy ass. And very agreeable.
  • mike_4574 hot
  • joe001 Great as always. Big hot body and a friendly kind guy.
  • BigblokeXXL hell yeah AMAZING
  • calmuscle2000 Great build.
  • soggygrail He's so accommodating and good looking. I highly recommend him.
  • TonyNoretti Very masculine, sexy man, and nice too. One of the best here, and there are a few. He is right up there with them. Definitely worth it in private. 5 stars!
  • Vincenthorny533 Great show. Very nice & friendly guy with an amazing body. A+++.
  • 5150dw Unbelievable! Great muscle action and what a cum shot, just huge!!!!
  • 95NORFOLK sexy
  • janey Great private - such a hot handsome guy. Beautiful body, huge hard cock and incredible cum shot.
  • latinoboyuk77 This is a real man, perfect body and attitude. Best private show ever.
  • joe001 Hot and nice guy with a sexy smile and beard
  • nicktaylor beautiful muscle body, wanna touch and worship it for hours
  • akumalsbitch really amazing nice guy , great poser and amazing body