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Dave Stone

205 lbs
5'10 ft
50 in
33 in
20 in
30 in
MY Dave Stone is BACK! now BIGGER HAIRY CHESTED muscle daddy. DONT waste our time LOOKING...... I'm 100% gay muscleman all for you, Be prepared to PRIVATE me and you will be AMAZED. This rough and mature muscle daddy knows his audience and if you are not sure what you really want, Dave is here, And again ... kiss me then..............check out my BIG JUICED HAIRY PECS AND GRAPEFRUIT SIZED BI AND HORSE SHOE SIZED TRI. with hairy pits, u wants shiff and lick it, my NIPS are connected my THICK 3RD LEG milk then i go crazy sufficate u in my muscles then u ......follow trail down over my abs and u will shocked by my 3rd leg, framed by meaty thighs and HUGE CALVES, I wear size 14 shoe boy! call me UR MUSCLMAN and WE WILL HAVE AN EXPLOSIVE time!! GET IT RIGHT. BOY IF YOU WANT MY HEART U GOTTA TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!! BUILDING MY BODY MAKES GUYS COME THANKS DAVE

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  • peter274 was great
  • darwal He is one hot muscle daddy. Very accommodating, always listens
  • natsfan One of the hottest muscle daddies there is
  • minky wow
  • rfurrymen great ass
  • natsfan Outstanding one of the best!!!!
  • natsfan he is amazing!!!
  • natsfan One of the hottest muscle daddies there is.
  • nursemaster Dave was EXCELLENT! He understood my kink and really delivered with great verbal as well as physical.
  • natsfan Amazing muscle daddy!!!
  • natsfan Amazing muscle daddy that you need to worshp and please on your own.
  • Rodolfo Great, really sexy and cool.
  • natsfan One of the hottest guys on here!!
  • natsfan AMAZING!!!!!!
  • natsfan One of the hottest guys on this site!!!!
  • nycewolf very sexy, great talking guy. amazing
  • nycewolf very sexy
  • LetMeBeDaveSub I highly recommend him. He is so hot and just terrific!!!!
  • darwal one hot muscle daddy, very verbal, and listens, great time
  • LetMeBeDaveSub got me to cum for a third time today
  • LetMeBeDaveSub WOW!! He always makes every show better and better. Seeing him shoot his load and watching his muscles is amazing!!!!
  • LetMeBeDaveSub Seeing Muscle Daddy Dave Stone in the morning is better than a good cup of Starbucks coffee. Everyone needs to worship his hot muscles.
  • LetMeBeDaveSub He is absolutely amazing. One of the hottest guys on here
  • LetMeBeDaveSub absolutely amazing!!!! I want to worship him and please him all the time
  • natsfan he is amazing... I keep wanting more and more of him. I look forward to talking to him again and again
  • natsfan he is amazing!!!! he is my muscle daddy who I belong to you. Highly recommend!!!
  • elgreco hot sexy body; very erotic
  • CutieL second time to see the hot daddy best forever
  • CutieL best show forever don't miss it guys!
  • nursemaster you got my kink really good. more guidance next time!
  • skip0416 hot sexy show
  • BigMuscleFan88 Super Hot show!!!!! Very verbal and crazy hot!
  • peclover27 This is guy is more than the real deal. If you want a real experience with a sexy hot muscle dad, Dave is your man. I'll be back for more!