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210 lbs
5'11 ft
50 in
32 in
19 in
25 in
Every now and then, during our worldwide searches to locate the hottest muscle men on the planet, we here at LMS come across that certain type of guy each of us has met before in the past and can never forget… that type of guy who is ripped, rough and sexy all-in-one, and who’s got the sort of magnetism to make anyone melt with submissiveness after just one piercing glance. Well, Jamo is just that type of guy, who will captivate you in more ways than one. All at once, Jamo’s personality exudes confidence, playfulness, and sex appeal, and after just your first live encounter, he’s going to leave you wanting more and more of him. It doesn’t hurt that Jamo’s got a very regal European face combined with a bulging body of steel hard muscle, all wrapped up in a lusty package of perfect and delectable light-toned skin. What are you waiting for? Contact Jamo, now, only at

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  • wyen1988 Greek God physique with great attitude
  • skip0416 amazing ripped vascular body so hot made me cum so quickly
  • dw5150 Always an awesome show!
  • wyen1988 perfection
  • wyen1988 perfection
  • Totalpackage1 Amazing body and a great not to miss
  • wyen1988 Body more impressive than Greek Gods with great personality
  • muskelnfanzh Simple perfection!
  • BigMuscleGA WOW... If you like muscle then look no further. .Check out his biceps and abs... SICK!!!!!
  • wyen1988 friendly and muscular, the perfect package
  • dorphy great muscles and abs Jamo
  • jonboy25 So HOT!!!!
  • muskelnfanzh Amazing physique and charming personality!
  • elvis_shy_hot JAMO IS AMAZING! Beaultiful, sweet and REALLY HOT!!!
  • wyen1988 muscle definition better than Greek Gods, friendly and responsive
  • stephenc dynamite, awesome are words that spring to mind with Jamo
  • skip0416 incredible ripped vascular body a true muscle god
  • wyen1988 most impressive physique and friendly to interact with
  • stephenc star/JAMO IS ONE OF THE best performers on this site. none better. 5 star.
  • skip0416 amazing ripped body unbelievable shredded mass of muscle
  • jonboy25 RIPPED TO SHREDS, so lovely and humble though. The most handsome perfect guy on here. That smile too...Killer!!!
  • wyen1988 incredible physique and absolutely charming
  • rynmahar11 He's perfect
  • amoimuscoli the best show
  • joshmx Jamo is the best poser in this website. Non stop flexing showing his amazing physique! A great personality!
  • dorphy so hot!!!!!
  • yasinx20 Great!!!!!!
  • mujersexy excellent!!
  • grassone simply the best!
  • grassone ask for a full planche to this wonderful guy, he is so nice, so strong and gentle!
  • 5150dw awesome show!!!! always ripped and ready to pose!!!
  • liamfensham26 Just amazing!!
  • came82 nice show
  • joshmx Just amazing!
  • wyen1988 Most impressive, cooperative and charming :)
  • mradonis I love him! He is perfection! Worth every penny! Handsome, confident, and the body of a greek god!
  • gamartinezz as i said before, he is veery hot and makes u horny in a second.. and after all, he is veri kind. he got me! ;)
  • gamartinezz he is veeery sexy and nice.. worth it for sure..
  • 5150dw Pure ripped muscle and what an awesome show!
  • 5150dw Ripped, handsomely hot, and always smiling! What more can you ask for???
  • biceplover65 Jamo was absolutely AMAZING, huge rock hard shredded muscle, whatever I asked he did. and he did NOT waste my time or money with idle chatter. I will most deffinately be back to see him
  • leinola so hot and so willing. make me so horny.
  • jonboy25 He's truly incredible. Ripped, hard, and a lovely guy into the bargain. 5 stars!!!
  • nyc.abs1234 This man is simply the best - best conditioning, sweet and gorgeous! I have seen him several times and he does NOT disappoint. He is my hero with the most amazing abs I have ever seen!
  • machobrace he seems like a nice guy, and does what you ask for.
  • pier77 insane shape!!!! the best here!
  • wyen1988 Perfection in every aspect.
  • psgymman Nice and ripped!!!
  • 5150dw He is a must in private! He is soooooo ripped and huge, it is awesome!
  • HOTGUYINUK Jamo is the best...! he doesn't waste any time... awesome physique.
  • wyen1988 delivers the best physique available and lively conversation
  • 5150dw So hot! Extremely sexy, ripped, and a gentlemen!!!!
  • wyen1988 great private
  • wyen1988 best private
  • eden64 Great show! Hot man!
  • wyen1988 expert in delivering exciting, sexy show ;)
  • joshmx The best show here. His energy is fantastic and he jumps into flexing right away. One of the best physiques here without a doubt!
  • wyen1988 excellence in every aspect. temper, physique, and face combined to deliver the best private I can imagine.
  • came82 Nice show.
  • ranchfun ABSolute PERFECTION!!!!! Very charming and playful performer, great personality.... BUT... His body is both a miracle and a sin. I wish I was a super villain, I would capture him...
  • papilovenipple thank you, you are so great
  • wyen1988 best physique available and great attitude
  • skip0416 again a great show by an amazing ripped muscled jamo the best
  • skip0416 sexy totally shredded body the best abs on here a 10 pack set of abs amazing
  • joshmx One of the best ones in physique here for sure!
  • joshmx Amazing physique! One of the best ones in this website!
  • wyen1988 very lively and responsive to requests, with the best muscle definition and attitude
  • jock_atx_81 Damn. The best looking one here. Really hot, ripped, muscular build.
  • jackam wow - intense!
  • wyen1988 best muscle available
  • wyen1988 fashion stage-model grade performer with excellent attitude and physique
  • wyen1988 friendly handsome guy with the best physique
  • wyen1988 very kind and cooperative, delivers the best muscle and attitude
  • muscular520 Jamo is so sexy with hot muscular body. I love your pecs ^_^
  • wyen1988 lively and willing to show the best muscled body in private sessions.
  • wyen1988 lively and charming with the best physique available.
  • GayGuy1326 very hot. amazing body.
  • wyen1988 delivers the best private show!!!
  • wyen1988 friendly and cooperative. Best physique with near-perfect proportion and size.
  • st12207 Very cooperative and shows his best muscle, attitude and professionalism every time in private :). Can't wait for next time ;)
  • st12207 Professionally built body, aesthetically pleasing and very responsive to requests in private shows :). Can slowly enjoy every moment with Jamo knowing he'll bring the best time available here.
  • st12207 extremely professional and cooperative!!! muscle definition amongst the best and face surely cute. Worth every minute in private!!!
  • tropicstud Amazing physic!
  • Libraguy WOW!!!!! Can't get enough of him..
  • bredright Very accommodating man
  • mike_1985_29 Awesome body, hot hot
  • skip0416 super hot muscular guy so ripped and the abs to die for he knows how to work that hot sexy body the best
  • Origamigui85 He is AMAZING....charming & charismatic with a rock-hard body that's a masterpiece, and a cock that's built for sin and choking on....10s across the board
  • bigcraig1O8 crazy ripped and hot
  • kvad you are a beautiful man Jamo....will look for you again ---Erik :)
  • luvpecsandarms hot!.... very accommodating and no waste of time. definitely do it again.
  • flicka AWESOME! Don't miss him. 10 stars!
  • mraj sory jamo finish my cerdit luv u
  • nodoubtfah Lots of great enthusiasm and gorgeous movie star looks!
  • yf965 hes great thank you.I willreturn.
  • mophil This guy is just a wonder !!!!! and his smile !!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh just perfect under every angle
  • mateo001 yum, he is super fine and a real pleaser. will have me coming back for more!
  • mustang2012 Great show
  • dl2xar7m perfect