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Angel Alberto

200 lbs
5'11 ft
52 in
29 in
19 in
27 in
I m an exotic guy who loves hard flexing. I love to dominate and give you a real muscle worship experience. I don't care if you get addicted to my muscles and everything else I got for you, because I know you will love it.

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  • vabbva I think he'll win his next competition !
  • Alan4Muscle23 I totally worship and am enslaved to you.
  • skip0416 amazing ripped muscle total vascularity he is awesome great show
  • jerrysf Very Nice - huge muscles all over
  • jerrysf Such a great body. Huge pecs and nipples
  • skip0416 AMAZING body so ripped great show
  • gotpex Even in voyeur mode, Angel Alberto is huge & magnificent.
  • skip0416 amazing ripped vascular body perfect hot muscle show
  • woodysf GREAT body and nice person
  • mrbody1959 Forget the rest. He is the best.
  • skip0416 amazing ripped vascular body hot muscle show
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Angel is BIG everywhere!
  • bobuilt That was awesome. Unreal. Too mind blowingly handsome.
  • ICBiceps2 Amazing muscles. Fantastic flexing . Unbelievably cute. Best smile ever!!!
  • mangrove007 amazing...what a handsome, good looking man, muscular, great smile, and really awesome. I be back soon!
  • stephenc THE BEST
  • buffbrad Beautiful guy, nice, great show!
  • icbiceps Angel is the most muscular man on here. A great flexer and such a super cute smile. Amazing muscles Total Perfection!!
  • nick4490 I love this guy!!!
  • hugehotpecs Absolute perfection............ he's gorgeous!
  • healy No model will work harder to put on a show if you're a fan of top quality muscle. Amazing every time
  • chelm holy fark!
  • psgymman great muscles
  • choupic AWESOME BODY!!
  • mrcmrcmr perfect
  • skip0416 The best body
  • hugehotpecs This dude is perfect muscle monster!
  • bronxnyc great poser and does what you want him to do....must see and nice and ripped
  • blueyesonly amazing
  • skip0416 Amazing body
  • hugehotpecs Absolute perfection!
  • charlouxs Angel has a amazing perfect muscular body. Totally amazing. Big sexy ass, big bicep and pec, amazing abs. He is so beautiful and sexy. Thanks for the good show.
  • shyguy Muscles made for worshipping!!!
  • vabbva Beautiful guy, with big defined muscle. Biceps, triceps, deltoids, etc. He's got it all., and he gives a great show.
  • exotic32 lovely and amazing guy!
  • muscular520 Nice show ^_^
  • Jaggededge He clearly has one of the best bodies on this site! So vascular, so ripped! He's a true muscle god! And he's so fucking sweet!
  • quentin7545 nice cock and body
  • skip0416 the best around so vascular so ripped a true muscle god
  • codyman OMG. Perfection.
  • skip0416 incr edible body so ripped amazing proportions the best
  • Joak169man Unbelievably handsome and in superb shape what a heartthrob!
  • ozmstud Great defined and vascular body
  • hugehotpecs Awesome hot man perfection!
  • woofwuf Beautiful body, awesome show.