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Dragos Milovich

235 lbs
5'9 ft
55 in
31 in
20 in
30 in
Competitive bodybuilder, multiple sports performance awards. Arts graduate, and passionate about knowledge . Dragos is one of the top European bodybuilders, placing top 3 dead on in the bodybuilding division. Well known and respected he commands an aura of passionate and advanced athlete along with the charisma and handsome looks he displays. One of the best in all regards, not only a complete set of muscles, bound on aesthetics, proportions, volume and symmetry, but also an intelligent man, well read and cultivated. A try it's a sure bet !

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  • skinnyboi big muscle!
  • showANDjack Truly phenomenal! I asked him to wear posers under a full body suit, and he did. Then we had a very sexy, MUSCLE EXPLOSION, of a show! Great!
  • Steelesf very sexy man....amazing solid beef!
  • calmuscle2000 Great body
  • ranchfun Phenomenal body, every muscle is huge sculpted beef. Powerful man, perfect!
  • csb9273 Great body, great show, nice guy!!
  • nycewolf Huge, beautiful, awsome, very nice guy
  • sweden52 Dragos has such a winning smile which adds to his size and build. Definitely one hot hunk of man on this site.
  • flex4me313 Love watching him , He is the Best!!!
  • neon takes too long typing and all yr creds go.
  • shyguy More flexing Even better in the nude!!!
  • jimbocan WOW, the hottest show! Such an awesome physique and huge, beautiful cock.
  • lutzie Stunning! Great posing. Sexy as hell and big.
  • floridian ONE OF THE BEST, IF NOT THE BEST!!!
  • shyguy the more Dragos flexes the more veins pop!
  • shyguy muscular/vascular/ripped oh yeah
  • codyman Great posing. Amazing symmetry, size, shape, and vascularity. Very responsive.
  • shyguy just got to voyeur Dragos for 8 minutes of flexing.......beautiful!!!
  • vabbva This guy has big, beautiful muscles, and his conditioning is superb. Don't miss him !
  • bobby3817 Beautiful body. Gorgeous biceps!
  • adambrid70 What a body!
  • jimbocan Beautiful physique, very handsome guy. Top notch!
  • slap64 AMAZING!!!!!!!! He's a work of ART!!!