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The Real Deal

220 lbs
5'7 ft
50 in
31 in
18 in
30 in
Meet The Real Deal. The Real Deal is one of the most adorable muscle men we here at have ever had the pleasure of discovering. Equipped with the super tough body of a serious muscle man, he was also born with the face of a not-so-innocent angel. This charming young man enjoys everything you'd expect of a young bodybuilder, and then some. He keeps himself physically fit with his weight training workouts, a little swimming and cycling, along with other hot activities that make him break a sweat. To unwind, The Real Deal likes nothing more than to receive some adoration from his muscle worshippers on It’s here that this young stud is most at home, and most relaxed. Well, maybe not so relaxed... during your show with him, he will stay as hard as necessary! By the way, when you see The Real Deal flex his muscles you'll wish you were actually there to touch him, to give him a massage, and to feel both his hot blood pumping. Enjoy The Real Deal, now, only at

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  • gamartinezz he is sooooo hot and sexy. and gentle. one of my favorites! ;)
  • wwowww after a long time, he is back. and still the best muscle man here. :)
  • Peclover96 Amazing
  • bigmauri GREAT SHOW!!
  • wawa87 great show, very nice
  • globealo hot!
  • free90 great as usual
  • maxwell300 Benny has a Massive body and provides great show! Definately worth the private session.
  • gianni8989 Great Benny...many thks!!
  • jonboy25 Always amazing!
  • JMARQUEZ nice
  • webruce awesome thanks
  • cemcarr Benny, really nice to meet you. You are so hot and I enjoyed our time together. Thank you, my Friend!
  • a117 perfect body, super hot
  • gaugehot hot as like usual recomend benny anytime
  • mamattarazzo His body is unreal. And what a sweet guy.
  • ausbear sorry, a bit disappointed in his lack of enthusiasm
  • Punky4011 Incredible experience!! Es muy rico el chico.... muy dulce èl.... que no se entere mi novio...mmmm
  • buster NICE BIG LEGS
  • biceplust Nice Show,
  • Ando10 Awesome body and young hard cock - love it!
  • gaymuscle44 great show
  • lvmuscle hot as hell
  • borgh you're really good looking. let's do it again soon.
  • musclefan82288 The best performer on here!
  • stockyboy Benny is always the best! I love talking to adorable man!
  • marcinho benny is a true dreamboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tropicstud BAD ATTITUDE!
  • scotty amazing really training hard
  • buster really nice
  • brucerick plain white hanes three-pack briefs in 1 size smaller
  • ipterra Oh my god.
  • ipterra this man makes horny
  • muscle753 amazing body…….contest placed bodybuilder and physique,……awesome!
  • mek26 nul. necer see that boy
  • straydread1 Benny is ripped and amazing as always, thanks
  • shyguy Looks ready to win the competition...great posing!
  • yanqui This was about the hottest show I ever saw on LMS. Cream and cream again.
  • yanqui He just gets better as the years pass -- hunky, muscled body, so handsome, sweet disposition, great show!
  • curtadams2001 SEXY
  • mu5cl3l0v3r MOST AMAZING EVER. So sexy, so fun, so huge!!! i'll be back for more! :))
  • alex8881 good abs
  • bbb90 Truely massive and nice. plus a massive suprise in his shorts too
  • muslbear wow..... very accommodating I'll go back for more
  • buffbrad Great guy, beautiful body and does everything to make you feel good.
  • yanqui Such a hunk!
  • yanqui Very hot performer.
  • alex8881 awesome show,benny is soooo rip
  • mmusclemm2 Very hot session of flexing and posing
  • creamy gorgeous
  • musc_frea Thanks, great.
  • alex8881 awesome guy great physic
  • ardana One of the hottest guys on this site. Very friendly and completely accomodating. Very nice.
  • fg2388 great man, the best here
  • jesserma nice guy - always great show
  • jesserma nice guy, cam not good quality tonite but good guy!
  • robustate88 Amazing!
  • oktabyo amazing
  • musc2day Thank you Benny for the awesome preformace. I will see you again when I can.
  • yanqui Cute & hot!!
  • roco19 great show. Very nice guy.
  • yanqui Sweet, handsome, down-to-earth guy,
  • swimmerwrestler Hot performance
  • Otoguy HOT HOT HOT! Whew!!!
  • timuk ace!
  • free90 Just awesome!
  • ponemu GREAT SHOW
  • shwandog awsome guy has to be the best and hottest .....lved it
  • icbiceps fantastic muscle - amazing biceps - hot looks this man has it all TOTALY PACKAGE ALL THE BEST EVER!!!
  • beauj1 PERFECT
  • gaugehot sexy hot preformer
  • jockdaddy not so great
  • timuk amazing...benny is the best
  • yanqui Like a chili pepper - sweet and hot at the same time. Worthy every cent, every time. I always have a great time in his room.
  • rockyre4 wow... just the most amazing muscle guy, great posing and sweet nice guy as well, a ten in my books
  • krysten love
  • krysten slow but amazing body
  • krysten adf
  • shack____ Great show!!!!
  • monabitmore WOW!! Totally incredible!!
  • bigdon Super cool guy---ready to please---
  • klonje38 awesome
  • lvmuscle hot, young and ripped
  • klonje38 so hot
  • blueyesonly great
  • eden64 very hot..the best.
  • lvmuscle young and hot
  • joran1 great
  • bigjimmy Awesome
  • basildog OMG Benny is the cutest and has the most amazing body. He put on a great show and that smile and those biceps made me melt. He is the total package.
  • lokewk Damn sexy performance
  • yanqui Benny is great, worth every penny!
  • nap2006 sexy!!
  • michael_ml Benny is a handomse, sexy, beefy stud. Love him.
  • danw Thanks for an amazing show, hope to see u again soon!
  • jabc123 Love that huge cock and a body that just by looking at it will make you want to cum in a play with him.
  • astroman Good stuff.
  • pawdude Yep that was great - "benny" - nice bod bro!
  • SeanJM Very sexy bodybuilder....amazing muscle body. I love seeing Benny! :-)
  • gatewayday love him
  • fc64 This man is absolutely the best -- he has the goods and just the right attitude... so generous in sharing his incredible muscle and doing so in such an erotic way -- no one out here can do it like Benny. Hot, handsome, built for days and incredibly nice. Top shelf!

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