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Peter Latz

210 lbs
5'8 ft
51 in
31 in
19 in
25 in
I began working with weights when I was just a kid. I started wrestling in high school and continued it as a college wrestler. As a wrestler, I started really pressing iron, and I liked what I saw - my muscles getting bigger and stronger; my abs getting ripped. A few years later, I entered my first bodybuilding competition. Eventually, I got big enough and strong enough to become Mr. Arizona 1st and overall 2014. Come on in and talk with me! :-)

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  • skip0416 amazing pumped ripped body great guy as always
  • Ant_London Excellent stuff
  • here4you Hightly recommend! Amazing physique and likes to please ;)
  • NEW2MUSCLE He's pretty kinky and doesn't BS you with dumb chat only to prolong the show! Love when these guys know why we are here, and he's definitely one of them! :)
  • skip0416 incredible hot body
  • kraykid did everything i askeed
  • natsfan Very hot!!!! Love to submit to him
  • skip0416 amazing show total release by both of us he is awesome ripped vascular body and a great friend
  • curiousbob PETER is fantastic, so nice..the best
  • skip0416 incredible ripped sculpted body had a awesome show with him we both came together hot body to worship and cum too
  • Weakling You're hot.......thanks.
  • natsfan Awesome!!!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet HUGE peaks. HUGE rock hard dick. HELL of an amazing man.
  • rfurrymen Amazing body Just turn me on !
  • skip0416 peter is an amazing bodybuilder so ripped and vascular great show buddy
  • natsfan amazing muscular guy!!
  • skip0416 amazing pumped ripped body
  • skip0416 amazing ripped vascular body great show awesome
  • natsfan excellent guy!!!
  • skip0416 hot ripped vascular sexy body hes really great in person
  • minky very nice
  • skip0416 great ripped body sexy hot
  • skip0416 sexy hot muscle guy the best
  • Rawcub1124 Awsome Which i had more credits
  • rohrlegger Always friendly, amazing body, and a huge load.
  • musclefan22 Really nice guy, gets into posing right away, and we had a good conversation as well.
  • roidman Spectacular! no one habve his condition here! he's a great monsta! Veins, muscles and dominant!
  • Tiger41 outstanding
  • skip0416 great show always turns me on with his ripped body
  • promu63 Muscle god!!!
  • CelticHug Peter is an Extremely nice, and pleasant man to chat with. Nice size and definition too!!
  • pitchboy Welcome Back!
  • skip0416 super hot ripped muscle
  • flicka AWESOME!
  • mophil THIS GUY IS JUST FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jpeters nice, guy
  • frskyfeler Peter is one helluva a guy. Huge, ripped and lots of fun. Thanks big guy!
  • rmarquis429 Amazing show. Super personable with an equally superb body :)
  • torontohunter peter is amazing everytime
  • potwoe5 Pete is awesome. Great personality and so willing to pose however you like. Tight, solid, thick and vascular. What more could you want? I'll be back for more.
  • nubiantitan68 Cool guy VERY HOT...
  • jasonlo95 Nice show, buddy!
  • russella3 thanks for your muscle and sex. wish to chat on facebook. Russell Almond.
  • Fibers Beautiful and Manly. Pleasing all the way but don't play games with him. I found out the hard way. Big old jealous Teddy Bear but has a heart of gold. Determined to satisfy in more ways than one. Try him you might like him I DID!!!
  • ben2389 Was really great...would be awesome if he had sound
  • lulomorris perfert
  • diegoklt Very hot, very kind, makes u cum...sooo hot and an incredible body. Thx a lot Peter!!!
  • archernyc thanks, man. calling u for private. rick/uws
  • Ando10 great body and nice cock - would be awesome if he had sound
  • bighairy Sorry, BF came home, had to leave. Great show---this guy knows how to show, how to please. Hope you're on again
  • readynow VERY HOT
  • Fibers Peter Peter pumpkin eater nice package fun guy to be around. Nice smile on a nice guy. OH yell a real Topper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will get that on the way home once you visit with him..
  • rohrlegger fantastic physique, great personality
  • potwoe5 Pete was awesome. Very friendly and accomodating. Will be back for sure.
  • potwoe5 Peteer was awesome... Nicec guy. Very accomodating. Showed me all the best poses
  • buster AMAZING and a nice bloke
  • skip0416 pete is simply the best and he is great to be with
  • cologneguy PERFECT
  • zoblea Always hot and fun... top quality guy.
  • mateo001 real nice private! peter does what you want when you want it!
  • sakusen Awesome guy.
  • bodybrazil a great performance and a kind man!
  • mustang2012 Great muscle and great guy but wouldn't take another pvt with him
  • ruffbear7 really got into it for me. very responsive dude. great definition when I saw him
  • musc_frea The Best
  • mmusclemm2 Very friendly guy. Hot pumped muscles!
  • pitchboy Never a dull chat!
  • aaron1234 Cool! And great English too :-)
  • elliotis19 He's a hot one. Liked it a lot.
  • zoblea Great guy and show... top rate performer.
  • blueyesonly great show
  • pitchboy I multiply the rating!
  • cokko Excellent show and gorgious body! recommended
  • pitchboy Amazing session
  • scotty ok show
  • vrdoljak hot
  • babe Wonderful in all ways!
  • pier666 realy ripped!!! very nice!
  • pitchboy Irresistible!
  • shyguy Peter really knows how to show off his muscles to the a good pump and then put on the oil and flexed hard so the veins were bulging....great show!
  • musclexlstgt hot
  • pitchboy It was about time we went pvt! Loved it!
  • shyguy I predict Peter will win his next bodybuilding competition ...he is so built!
  • metrodorus Fantastic, among the best on this site!

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