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Mike Costata

200 lbs
5'10 ft
52 in
33 in
19 in
27 in
Mike Costata is a hot young Junior Champion bodybuilder. Not only is Mike wrapped in rock-hard muscle… he’s also enormously hung, with a very impressive tool. All of that, along with a very sweet face and rich dark brown eyes make this up-and-coming muscle man irresistible! And while he might be young, this kid has been around the block… so let Mike show you all that he’s learned, and just what he knows. Ask Mike for a few workout tips, or ask him to show you his other rather formidable skills… do it all now with Mike, in private, only at!

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  • houjoel Very hot man!
  • ncbearlvr Very hot man and huge package .. very sensuous!
  • mccrnes great guy willing to do all I asked
  • nicktaylor hot guy and so nice
  • bakore Great show!
  • bakore Enjoyed the show, thanks.
  • marcinho a very hot guy, flawless body!!!!!!! try him, its an unforgetable show!!!
  • samson9 Responsive and HOT!
  • ruffbear7 another fantastic show by Mike. He really knows how to show off his body and cock.
  • pauliep mike has a great hearing him talk dirty in tialian...!!!
  • bbb90 very agreeable
  • cokko very sexy show! Nice guy!
  • daveboston very hot guy , VERY
  • negreira OK
  • timuk awesome!