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Leonid Pashenka

235 lbs
5'8 ft
50 in
28 in
19 in
30 in
Meet sexy Leonid, one of the most spectacular dudes ever to grace the pages of Leonid’s from Romania, and believe it or not, he’s a descendant of Count Dracula… yes, the Count Dracula, the vampire! With such an auspicious lineage, it only makes sense that Leonid is huge, hot and hunky everywhere it “Counts”… and by huge we really do mean HUGE. Plus, with such a perfect muscular physique, and other god-like features, it likely comes as no surprise for us to tell you that Leonid recently won the bodybuilding title of ‘Overall Junior Champion’. However, don’t let Leonid’s perfection intimidate you, because he’s a very friendly guy, with a lovely smile. And, by the way, don’t worry… Leonid doesn’t bite… well, not unless you want him to! Speak to Leonid, now, only at

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  • fruitang089 wonderful guy. sweet and very sexy!
  • simonmuscle the best
  • calmuscle2000 damn so fine
  • bigbeardad he is both hot AND sweet! what a combination! yes yesyesyesyesyes
  • mitho19 nice man
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • eddiejf absolutely awesome
  • sideline1 BEST ASS EVER
  • webruce Thank you very much we will do another one soon
  • dummyelf very nice
  • POSSIOLINO great
  • withcare ok
  • dummyelf the best
  • quentin7545 nice cock
  • musc_frea he was fantastic!! great smile!!
  • kalmo great
  • muscle80 great!
  • bredright I have seen clips of you before, and you lived up to my expectations. THANKS>bb
  • jalonde Sexy as f***
  • ventnor Mega Muscle Man only gets better with each passing season. Don't miss his sweet smile.
  • muscleup Very good muscles to worship
  • britboy Just completely sexy, engaging and fucking huge!
  • mistervoyeur So sexy!
  • nicktaylor grow hotter and so nice as before
  • frskyfeler Leo is sooo big and did I say ripped? Wow, what a great guy and no attitude and oh so cute! Awesome fun!
  • viktor72se Needs to work on his roleplay, but extremly sexy!
  • straydread1 Leonid is so ripped and accommodating. one of nicest models on this site. thanks.
  • ventnor What a kind, generous Man!
  • max09 Holy Cow ! He is at his finest ! Pure ripped muscle ! and loves to show it off ! Deff worth your time !
  • stephenc Loeonid has a fabulous body, great posing andawesome muscles. He is also a real nice guy. thoroughl;y recommended.
  • muscle.luvr Great flexer
  • brandonssmart Damn hot fucker!!!
  • Flitzz5 great model it's a pleasure
  • tropicstud Amazing! Very hot and a great attitude! No hassle at all! Goes straight to showing his incredible body!
  • fusebox20 Very Hot!
  • samson9 So friendly -- what a fab body -- and so cooperative! Great ass and legs -- wow!
  • samson9 Love it -- sexy man.
  • muzzles Leoniod is,the most beautiful man i have ever laid my eyes on, friendly, sexy, attentive, the hottest body, I will be back for more of this amazing god like man...he is everything i have ever dreamed about in a man
  • nicktaylor wish I could save more credits for nice guy like him not the other ugly guy.
  • pjminmia Great to chat with to get things started. Very hot body and amazing when he gets naked.
  • OtterBoi1017 wasnt in screen, :(
  • xyzzy2 thanks, great show
  • ventnor My buddy just keeps improving and becoming more STUDly. Hot Transformation going on here. Highly recommended.
  • laurentis wow really great face and body
  • britboy Sexy and hung!
  • buster AMAZING
  • mymuscle01 huge cock and muscle that can only be worshipped
  • ventnor Hot growing muscle man here. Great smile and lovely attitude.
  • jalonde hot man
  • CReynolds very hot
  • Marvin39 Heavy young muscle god, good show, heavy loads
  • cemcarr Thanks, Leonid, for a hot visit! See you again soon!
  • jalonde Very cute and sexy guy!
  • reebok77 wow! what a perfect ass! it was great, thanks
  • spinoza Very fine poser, very friendly guy, very elegant set of muscles, very sensual
  • exotic32 lovely!
  • ponemu never seen a muscle man so handsome and polite, and hung, and funny.
  • XEXEX amazing show, funny guy. He knows how to do it....
  • Fibers Nice bottom apple booty. An amazing body.
  • brain4brawn Awesome hot man - great body and an incredibly huge uncut piece of meat, too. One of the hottest guys here - massive thick body and arms, and a enormous dick that's one of the most perfect I've seen. Worth every penny to watch him work it - you won't be disappointed!
  • killaswag50 such a hot, nice guy
  • amvkw very hot
  • gaugehot great show except my screenwas frezzing but still hot
  • scotty fantastic such a friendly guy
  • darocksteady201 thanks very good model
  • marcinho awsome guy, very hottt
  • ricky33 AMAZING
  • arioch Great show amazing guy
  • dietrich922000 i luv him..he is soo hot!!!!!!!!
  • buster Amazing
  • nodoubtfah Leonid is very sweet -- a great guy to talk to. He's also got that killer body and handsome face. What a charmer!
  • roco19 awesome. super cute guy and friendly. Hot.
  • killaswag50 so good! hottest guy on this site by miles
  • samson9 Sweet guy -- beautiful ass -- very friendly and accommodating, and great body!
  • roco19 cute and sweet guy.
  • andyz4u If you have never been in a private show with Leonid, I strongly suggest that you do! He has the greatest muscular body, along with a great personality! His smile is a "killer!" Many...many....many STARS!
  • LANTER very good show beautiful and hot a lot of pleasure
  • ponemu the handsomest muscle guy in this site....and what a magnificent uncut of my favorites
  • roco19 great. sweet and cute guy.
  • liveitup recommend 100%
  • monabitmore SO sexy & HOT - such a beautiful, nice man x
  • monabitmore SO SEXY!!!
  • alex8881 good
  • sakusen Very nice!
  • captaindad2 This is one hot fucker - hot body and will it all for you........
  • captaindad2 He is great - hot body and does what you want.......great cock too.....
  • monabitmore SOOOOOO HOT
  • fucall awesome show!
  • scotty fantastic as always
  • scotty wondertul show
  • monabitmore WOW WOW WOW!! Totally hot, handsome, sexy & a SUPER nice guy - do yourself a favour & take him PVT
  • kylestone very good guy tnx for all
  • ahannan nice
  • donnie82 Great, amazing body, very sensual