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Joey van Damme

170 lbs
5'6" [1676.40 mm ft
43 in
32 in
17 in
24 in
Tantalizing and sensuous, good-humored and adorable… these are just a few ways to describe this captivating package of muscle perfection that is named Joey van Damme! Already a very popular exclusive, we are now proud to bring Joey to you here on LMS! With a flawlessly chiseled face, killer muscle specs, and an ass so fine it should be trademarked, within the first few minutes of going private with Joey, you just won’t ever want the session to end. That’s because, besides his incomparable set of assets, Joey’s got a great personality… he’s friendly, eager to please, and he’ll be as wild as you can handle. Tell him how gorgeous he is, and watch Joey blush. Chat with Joey now, at

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  • proud2bcanuck that ass though ! piece of art !
  • Neckguy What a gorgeous looking guy! Love his body, face, neck and voice
  • zami82 the best
  • samson9 so fine!! Thank you baby!
  • RPxxx87 the best...xoxoxo
  • A2daX83 nice show he did... and what a body! Loved him!
  • whore4muscle amazing, sweet sexy and a good sort. nice eyes amazing body and huge bubble butt!
  • wrl179 Joey is H O T!!!
  • pitchboy Hotness!
  • wwowww great to have u back
  • wawa87 amazing body
  • zami82 the sexiest man in the world
  • muslust68 awesome !! Very Manly !!
  • JamesW Joey is great!! LOOVES to show off and what he shows off is perfect!! Love his accent! :)
  • JamesW MMM! Love his thicker muscles! :)
  • webruce awesome as usual, your the best joey
  • acquoy349297 Best show ever..stellar performer and extremely nice, besides being handsome and built
  • peclvr12 best ever !!!!!!!!!!!
  • graduate25 Wonderful man! Super nice, and gives such an amazing show. Will be back again!
  • woofwuf Very hot, awesome show thanks
  • hotfeet13 great show!
  • pitchboy Hot body!
  • marcinho perfect gentleman, handsome , sexy!!!!!!!!
  • zami82 Joey van damme dose the hottest pvt shows
  • charlouxs OMG Joey has an amazing body. He is so sexy. Cute face. beautiful smile. Generous guy. Hot pec and amazing ass. Five stars. He is so perfect. He gives a very hot show.
  • bigguy Joey is absolutely fantastic. Great personality and beautiful body. You will love a session with him.
  • valerio superbe
  • offmynuts awesome ass
  • zami82 awsome show
  • zami82 the best pvt show iseen in this site Joey van damme is the best
  • charlouxs He gives exactly what i want. He has amazing body. Everything is perfect : hot pecs, hot bicep and hot ass. Five stars
  • hoganshere The best - the kindest - the hottest!
  • hotfeet13 great show
  • tboner WOW! Very willing to do what you ask. Very beautiful. The muscle ass is a treasure.
  • BiHngGuy8 Yum
  • sexplease2 damn good
  • frskyfeler Dude is AWESOME!. So cute, cut and sexy........WOW!
  • feluis Magnifique!
  • jayjay EXCELLENT SHOW!
  • sexplease2 pretty good
  • wwowww awesome show!
  • feluis Simply amazing! The best of Canada...
  • maine0987 Joey is AMAZING!!!!
  • brain4brawn In awe of what Joey has done to his body. Totally thick muscle stud with a badboy look. He's incredibly hot and has muscles that look that they're about to pop out of his body.,,
  • argos incredible blue eyes, friendly, polite, handsome an incredible creature on the earth
  • webruce always make my night
  • bosbo Hot body, friendly person
  • webruce Thanks buddy, made my night
  • webruce thanks your awesome love the pvts buddy
  • testy01 Great show!
  • In2musclesLV Sexy as Hell!
  • Hmmbear A King! Love to spend time with Joey!
  • kyleliu566 Great.
  • kyleliu566 Great!!
  • maine0987 He is AMAZING!!!!!
  • discodan4 Hottest guy ever... happy and handsome
  • webruce Thanks Joey your the man
  • maxwell300 Guys make sure to go private....this guys has it all beautiful face,sculpted body,and can entertain. Thanks again Joey.
  • spinoza Perfect in every way. A joy to watch. Highly recommended.
  • kidflash212 On of the best
  • wkout Hot Hot Hot !! Hunky, handsome face, great body, sculpted abs. What else do you need?
  • arigeitsu159 Great show as always. :-) If you haven't taken him private, you definitely should.
  • rockstah101 Very handsome :) Satisfied
  • Trucker2013 I think I'm in love with a man on a screen. Oh well, it could be worse: he could be in prison. Joey rocks my universe.
  • kriss28 Hot show from an awesome guy .. super physique and an ass to die for :))
  • crypton01 Nice show, Will visit again sometime...
  • jthril1 Absolute perfection!
  • icbiceps So incredible - his body is total perfection - he is such a nice guy too AMAZING MUSCLES!!
  • jojobaby omg thank you so much
  • webruce awesome as usual, we will get together so thank ,love the muscles
  • BigDaveSF amazing guy with a sick body
  • arigeitsu159 Friggin awesome show. Super hot guy.
  • spinoza Very elegant and beautifully muscled body. Seems like a great guy, too -- happy personality. Glad I "met" him here.
  • asd12 simply the best
  • beppino those dammm beautiful buns, your such a great relief, if you know what i mean. until next time.
  • k4888quinine killer body, killer smile
  • yanqui He's hot and sweet, like a perfect meal!
  • webruce awesome thanks we will get together soon.
  • Ekmann the best ever !
  • sweden52 Total hot hunk of man. Really handsome and on his way to being one of the best bodybuilders.
  • hairymusclefan What a stud! 5*****
  • azibi06 Perfect in every way!
  • guywiseguy thank you joey, that was a beautiful experience -- much appreciation, hope to do it again sometime, thanks!!
  • jason_dante excellent
  • beppino He's hot and really friendly. He's worth every minute.
  • steven1231 The best
  • rugbymu Great show! Perfect I'd say!
  • lifeiscrazy1 AMAZING! Another great show :) Best man on here!
  • rocky87 Very sexy guy. He made the most of our time together!!!
  • k4888quinine What a hunk!!
  • Trucker2013 Joey should win an award for this sex appeal. He makes my heart race every time.
  • wwowww excellent flex, big cock, and handsome man
  • yanqui Great show, hot man!
  • theheadexpert1 Amazing
  • webruce awesome build buddy like to get together again with you
  • lovemuscle38 love to see your body shame credits are finished see you soon
  • Trucker2013 Joey is beautiful and sexy. He is kind and accommodating. I had a great time.
  • akakpo92 incredible
  • GayLandes great show
  • hotpecs so sexy
  • hotpecs hot
  • corypdx So freakin' sexy!!!!
  • david5335 Joey is the reason I keep coming back to Live Muscle Show. He is the best. I love his cigar video as well.
  • gympie great guy pity he didn't get off after $150 credits, disappointed in that way
  • Hmmbear He rings my bell every time......
  • Fibers Nice hard body and a ass to die for. I love the way he moves his masculine body.
  • mlovah Love ur body. Awesome!!!
  • david5335 I can't believe that Joey keeps getting better and better. What a really wonderful time with a very nice person. Who has a handsome face, awesome chest and a great big dick and knows how to show all of it off.
  • blkxtc69 Hot, sexy, succulent, and insatiable! He's got it all;)
  • roco19 hot!
  • talon1982 SO HOT YUM
  • Punky4011 Incredible.... gorgeous at all... sometimes a little gone from the show
  • redx2810 :)
  • Hmmbear always enjoy some Joey!
  • Hmmbear As always....a good show..
  • icbiceps SO INCREDIBLE - Joey is a nice guy and super muscular and totally beautiful!
  • icbiceps Amazing muscles - cute face - hot everywhere! He is the best!!!
  • 00muscle00 AMAZING! Will def be back!
  • lifeiscrazy1 butt is amazing :)
  • mattylight05 great
  • alex8881 amazing physique, and great personality
  • wesley1 This man is amazing. There is not a more beautiful live model on the internet. Body to die for, face chiseled from stone, and a sweetheart of a personality. All of these guys believe they are hot to some extent. Some believe it heart and soul, while others believe it because other people have told them so. Joey is one of the latter. He still blushes and gets shy when you tell him how gorgeous he is. He's willing to simply chat or get as wild as you want. Eager to please. Simply Amazing.
  • wwowww nice man. sweet and hot.
  • rasta88 Sexy as hell and a nice guy. Joey always puts on a great show
  • joran1 Wow!
  • justinc Awesome show. Joey aims to pleazzzz
  • blocker Joey was great. Very co=operative. No time wasting. Great body.
  • shayahoo Moves great.
  • shayahoo Great show. I'll have sweet dreams.
  • 00muscle00 you are beautiful buddy. well done. thanks
  • ctaylor1816 Amazing stud with a perfct body ass and huge cock!!!!
  • negreira GREAT BOY
  • joshlovemuscle best guy on the website nice sexy a dream
  • kaye0439 Fantastic guy and excellent performed. *********
  • jason_dante the best of the best
  • jawisnoski LOVE THIS GUY!!! Just sheer perfection!! GOOD LAWD!!
  • greatballsoffire very much worth it! His body is sexy and so is his accent!
  • busyness beautiful booty.Very nice
  • wesley1 One of the sexiest men I've ever seen. This guy is the whole package. Gorgeous face and body. Great personality. I'll definitely be back.
  • joshlovemuscle great guy,sexy and hot,all the body is nice,the best here
  • joshlovemuscle greatttttttttt best guy here
  • harey An excellent performer. Interactive and polite, but very fun and uninhibited. The pictures don't lie; he's really that good looking. Highly recommended.
  • smoothkd SEXI
  • happysweet thanks will spend longer next time i was just looking but will come back for more
  • jase34 absolutely awesome. got to love this guy.
  • pitchboy Sweet body! Love em Quebecois!
  • daveboston hot as hell, a must see to believe, great smile, georgus face
  • mateo001 very active, aims to please and ooooh does he have quite an ass! One of my favorite performers on here; you won't be disappointed at all, Joey delivers!
  • dfyats Romantic in a teasing way. The face is handsome. The smile is sincere. The body well-sculpted. The goodness! Joey is in a nutshell - beautiful in every way and interesting. Thanks, u got a fan here. Take care.
  • jason_dante amazing!
  • Danny189 great show don't miss it
  • sideswipe the best
  • terry1a Sooo fucking sexy, so hot, and soooo obliging, I loved my time with this hot boy ....
  • dstars22 absolutely incredible. have to work to make him cum but it is worth it! great body, great ass (should finger himself more), unbelievable dick. awesome time.
  • philslave55 i will keep coming back Sir. wow your big in everydepartment wow thanks
  • joran1 Very Hot!
  • Smelter Sexiest man on the planet. Accomodating and friendly.
  • joran1 HOt hot hot!
  • mateo001 one of the absolute best performers on here! 5 million stars for a million dollar body and ass! Just wonderful! !
  • jowe793 hot very hot love his sweet muscled body, and his hot ass
  • gabox69 SEXY DICK
  • gabox69 HOTTTTTTT XXXX
  • BiHngGuy8 another smoking hot show!
  • roco19 always.
  • ctaylor1816 Joey is amazing, Great body super sexy hard cock and sexxxy ass!!! Great amazing body!!!!
  • peclover87 Amazing! Huge Muscles and a big cock!
  • kylestone just so good
  • stoo23 wow. just WOW!
  • roco19 hot and cute!
  • Fibers Joey is a HOT number with a beautiful bubble ass that could be a weapon if used the right way. I'm speechless. You must see for yourself. Try it you might like it!!!
  • jason_dante the best show ever thank u for everything =D
  • BiHngGuy8 Truly outstanding male specimen, and a sweet and sexy guy as well!
  • muscletom Great show, best body, lots of muscle to enjoy!
  • carmen98 JNobody can beat Joey's "hot factor"!!!!! --he has the perfect combination of a gorgeous face w/ killer smile, biggest blue eyes on earth! Tight muscular porportioned body! an ass that cant quit!!! and a nice long fat cigar-cock and big sack of balls!!! Top it off with the BEST personality of any model on this site! He makes u feel comfortable and happy! He aims to please! He loves to show you what you want to see--EVERYTHING!!!!!! Treat yourself to a very pleasurable show that you wont ever get out of your mind! A++++ Number 1 model !!!!!
  • 11bravo Awesome SHOW! Top, one to come back to unlike others....
  • yaounex Better than pic, highly recommanded
  • mitho19 thank you, you are the best.....and friendly!
  • musclefan69 Truly gorgeous!!!
  • icbiceps awesome great muscles
  • danibarz simply amazing! the hottest boy here!!
  • fagatm HOT
  • bear26 beautiful men
  • roco19 hot
  • qwyjibo 110% man!
  • Ando10 Joey is amazing. A totally awesome body, good looks and amazing cock which he loves to show off. C U again soon!
  • roco19 awesome. hot guy. sweet guy. perfect.
  • yaounex More dangerous than the Devil ;-)
  • martinp13 Wicked flexing, so handsome. Polite and attentive. Thanks bud!
  • maancora sexy
  • Ando10 Hey Thanks Joey, That was awesome mate. Have only just seen you on the net and your body is amazing, your are extremely good looking and you have a huge cock too - you are the prefect package. But already know that! Hope we can meet in person some day. Cheers
  • ricolo Amazing
  • chrismuscle loved him! absolutely great! so verbal and so hot! makes you hard and cum so fast and good. love his muscles, freaking sexy! till next time joey ;) <3
  • Fibers Joey is a rare commondity full of life and beauity. Nice personality and a Joke with a mind and a body! Try Him you might like him.......I DID!! HOT, HOT Real HOT!!!!!!!.
  • BiHngGuy8 HOT again!!
  • inque88 Shredded, well-proportioned, attractive, charming, and a consummate exhibitionist. How can one person be so lucky? He is awesome.
  • brian1_ nice body!
  • danw Great show, what a performer
  • ricky33 AMAZING!
  • BiHngGuy8 Very HOT man, he knows it but is just cocky enough!! YUMM!
  • busyness awesome ass
  • icesau u r amazing
  • basalt best guy, best show, you drive me crazy Joey
  • mamattarazzo Hottest guy I've ever seen. EVER. Knows how to give you what you want. I can't believe how hot he is. It's almost not fair. ;) Congrats Joey!
  • cologneguy wow
  • dillon250 Fantastic, more than I ever expected!!!!!!!
  • Ekmann perfect man ;)
  • Hmmbear Someone get this man a contact in Hollywood. Eyes, Face, smile, not to mention his tool! Hmmmm!
  • negreira GOOD PIECE OF ASS
  • smoothkd JOEY IS THE MAN!!!
  • carmen98 Nothing more i can say other than take this gorgeous sexy hot guy into private and he will give you a show u will ont forget! beautiful and very very personable!
  • carmen98 i had to go back for more of Joeys sexiness,charm ,absolute pure beauty.he is such a terrific online guy to go private with!!!! amazing and pure ya sexy!!!!
  • carmen98 Joey gave me EXACTLY what i asked for, how i asked for it....he is gorgeous!!! friendly!!!!! uninhibited! he actually talks to you and smailes and shows alot of charm and personality before u go rivate with him......the other models should take this advice from me and try to act like Joey!!! U might then get some business! Joey is Like Toby Wilson....AWESOME young gorgeous hot men w/ terrific personality and give incredible shows!!!! worth every cent!!!! THanks Joey!
  • qwyjibo can't get enough of this man!
  • qwyjibo Amazing show, and super eager to please! He doesn't try to waste my time either. Will definitely be back!
  • muscletom Joey has a great body, and performs fantastic. Muscles, muscles and more muscles. Perfection!
  • missionx Perfect Man with big fat cock!
  • nodoubtfah Joey has the new title of "Best Muscle Booty". A little slow to start, but he knows how to work it!
  • blueyesonly he is so good
  • muscletom Joey is one mighty handsome muscleman. Very hot, very fun. Has muscles and more muscles everywhere!
  • ornito Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! It is hard to describe with words.
  • ornito Simply awesome! Good looking + muscular + friendly = Perfection ... what else one can ask for?
  • amami45 just a word...amazing!!!!!!
  • tropicstud Amazing! Fabulous show!
  • mustang2012 This guy has it, great show
  • cologneguy GREAT show!
  • eddieg Another great show. Had to come back for more.
  • eddieg This guy one of the hottest asses I think I've ever seen in my life. Definitely generous, and a nice guy during pvt.
  • Hmmbear Very Entertaining! More than a model....
  • christ_mas12 Cute as hell. Nice guy.
  • mateo001 Simply the best. One of the best looking performers on this website, and very good at what he does. He aims to please! The total package indeed!
  • Duke77 Great looks... enjoyed his show and interaction. Sensual and attractive guy.
  • danw Great show, along with the great muscles :D
  • chipregal amazng body, beautiful face, huge guns -- and on top of that -- a really nice guy
  • reyisking DAMN!!
  • Hmmbear HOT!
  • pistolp Took a long time but it was worth the wait in the end. Joey has the whole package. Literally.
  • muscle753 beautiful man….great muscles
  • matywillis That was awesome!!!!!! Thanks xxxxx
  • Hmmbear HOT! Knows how to show it off!
  • ddjock You are one sexy man..great show!!
  • roco19 great show. Hot and sexy guy.
  • marcinho awsome guy, perfect body, statuesque.
  • samson9 This man has a superb body, and puts on a great show -- very accommodating! And he's big all over!
  • muscletom Great looks, fantastic muscles, beautiful body.
  • fyrebolt Absolute perfect show! Great model and very nice - worth each cent and then some!
  • krissy85 So hot!
  • jawisnoski Adorable, beautiful MAN!!! Great show! Highly, highly recommended!!
  • maancora bello
  • muscletom Joey is a musclegod, perfect muscles everywhere. Very handsome too. A great performer, very fun
  • fyrebolt Great guy, great performer!
  • kylestone very great show
  • blueyesonly Really nice guy, super show and an amazing body. Not to be missed.
  • jimmyblac Joey is AMAZING - the way he moves his body....and WHAT a body! more than worth the price of admission!
  • nodoubtfah Joey is gorgeous with an amazing bubble butt!
  • rasta88 Great show! great body and very accommodating. I will definitely be back to see him!
  • dl2xar7m beautiful body
  • inque88 He is super sexy annd a great dancer. Big and shredded too!
  • tropicstud Beautiful and very hot!
  • elliotis19 He's hot for sure.
  • marcinho a greek god......amasig
  • jimbocan Beautiful body and very handsome guy. Very agile too. Enjoyed the show.
  • dl2xar7m Great
  • dl2xar7m hot show