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David R

275 lbs
6'0 ft
56 in
34 in
22 in
31 in
Hi, I’m David, and I am 6'1” tall, and I weigh in at 275 lbs. I played football and wrestled most of my life until I started competing in bodybuilding. I’ve won several national qualifications, including being named Mr. Wisconsin in 2005. I’m a certified personal trainer and I spend most of my time in the gym, except for when I’m here on LMS. So, come and hang out with me in private, and we’ll have a great time!

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  • Buckster the best!
  • viodan Beautiful! And did everything I asked.
  • priapus Beautiful man - with a knock out smile
  • alex_28 Oh yeh! So sexy and hot man, and super nice person too! I will be back!
  • nash899 sexy hunk!
  • mmk090267 such a great guy! and such a great show!
  • bigmauri great body and great smile !
  • muscles1 Great size and killer smile...a dangerous combination!!
  • csb9273 David is Super nice, and super accommodating. Even off season, he is huge with definition! Great guy and a great show!
  • leonal awesome
  • calmuscle2000 Great shape. Was eating during the show. lol
  • janey Oh Man, THE total package. The ONLY guy I would pay to pose on this or any other site. This guy should be modelling in sports illustrated or something but I thank God here's on here!!! 5 stars all the way.
  • janey Quite simply THE hottest guy on here. Killer body, killer smile and great attitude, more beautiful each time I see him. Well worth a private.
  • socal380 Great dude, biggest on the site!
  • TimLondon Awesome
  • chrisjean thank you
  • lbljunior023 very massive
  • lovemuscle38 great body love the big muscles
  • leonal body's too hot
  • gianni8989 nice guy
  • jonboy25 Super hot, verbal and friendly!
  • zoblea Always a great show, top shelf guy all around.
  • gianni8989 Cool guy...! really nice...pretty sexy too. But most of all..friendly... COOOLL
  • spinoza Great show -- great bodybuilder. Very friendly, but he has a very powerful presence. Glad I met him here.
  • jeeb totally awesome
  • alex8881 great physique, great guy
  • jgatsby32 Amazing, super nice guy! He has an incredible physique. I can see why he is so popular!
  • gcgcgc Gorgeous guy, huge and amazing, thanks so much!
  • muscledude59 A nice big guy. I'd already been a fan thru his pics on the Net, it was great to chat with him
  • gaston great guy! accommodating poser and friendly. too bad I ran out of credits.
  • potwoe5 Absolutely awesome. Very muscular, friendly and willing to pose however you like. I'll be back for sure!
  • wwowww perfect
  • janey Gorgeous body and lovely guy.
  • bumper6 HOT man HOT body
  • maine0987 He was awesome!!!
  • nobu86 huge man, he has all!!!!
  • maxxx7575 Awesome and amazing
  • fyuval Excellent and huge
  • mytrack great show with a great guy!
  • marcinho the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kt4muscles1 SIMPLY HUGE!
  • showmemuscle Not worthwhile.
  • brichgo hot and HUGE!
  • mytrack Great performer and nice guy!
  • alex8881 nice physique.... super lean
  • mytrack Great show, as always! Bigger and better than ever! And a damn nice guy too!
  • shyguy Always great to see David...looks bigger than last time I saw him.
  • coachwojo1970 So sexy
  • shyguy Very nice guy and beautiful physique!
  • free90 Good muscle show
  • blueyesonly nice
  • mytrack great show! amazing muscle!
  • tanmuscl hey man look forward to tomorrow, where everything is BIG.
  • bumper6 Always HOT n friendly. Great posing.
  • tanmuscl Amazing physique, hottest guy on the site.
  • monabitmore WOW! Always so HOT! The best on here
  • mytrack hot, huge and inspiring...great bodybuilder!
  • shyguy very muscular,,,will check back again,,seemed a little distracted just now
  • mytrack Excellent show as always!
  • 56billyboy a monster
  • auschuck Really nice bloke, well recommended
  • qikshot awesome :)
  • klonje38 wow!
  • sammy811 Great performer and guy
  • mytrack excellent show...great form...huge
  • ponemu great show
  • soretos Lovely guy, very friendly and so relaxed and open he is the best and apleasure to spend time with
  • mytrack Continues to be the best on the site! Great show as always.
  • mytrack great guy...great show...the best on the site
  • mitho19 the best of the world
  • tattcub absolutely fantastic ...lovely guy and a great great body...
  • buzcut He is a very friendly guy. Hot huge n ripped body. Pure power. Recommended.
  • arieszeus This guy is awesome! Huge and amazing. A great poser.
  • musclenice Very accomodating and friendly! Beautiful huge muscle development! Great show!
  • klonje38 wow!
  • zeesterre Absolute perfection! Very nice guy, great muscles and a jawdropping show!
  • 56billyboy wow. amazingly huge muscles and on such a nice guy
  • mytrack Awesome show as always...personable and huge!
  • swimmerwrestler Perfect body...
  • zeesterre Genuine, polite guy. Gives you info and tips on working out and delivers a great muscle show. :)
  • zeesterre Asked to come back later... We'll see how this goes...
  • seanm Big man, impressive!
  • monabitmore AMAZING :)
  • mytrack Great show as always!
  • monabitmore FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!!! What a MAN!!
  • mitho19 top top top...
  • jockdaddy very hot
  • luvmuscle I'm glad I gave him another chance, that was great.
  • krysten ok
  • jess8b The best body on this site and a really nice guy!
  • mytrack awesome man...awesome show
  • pitchboy Cutler betta watch out!
  • maine0987 Great show!
  • bumper6 Very sexy muscleman. Great body.
  • swimmerwrestler Nice show and a great body...
  • pitchboy Bravo as always!
  • pitchboy Fantastic-strong & humble. Keep up the good work
  • mitho19 ...
  • klonje38 awesome
  • klonje38 amazing
  • muslluvr Johnny is just HOT!...He is amazingly handsome. He has a beautiful smile and the most incredible body ever.
  • muslluvr Johnny has the biggest muscles and biggest smile around.
  • mitho19 the best
  • ciro1982 wow nice body!!
  • cokko tx for the show bb!
  • swimmerwrestler He's sexy and awesome....
  • cokko gorgious body gorgious show!!!
  • sharpei1 none
  • jonboy25 Incredible!
  • deniosbarros good

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