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Bull Mass

200 lbs
5'11 ft
54 in
28 in
23 in
28 in
BullMass is what he is ... a bull full of mass ... muscle mass! If you enjoy to worship muscle mass as much as he enjoys showing-off, you found your match. BullMass is here to entertain. But be careful, this man can be cocky at times. However, you will enjoy every aspect of it. Go for the thrill and take BullMass private. But he wants to know "who's your daddy???"

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  • gotpex Bull Mass is huge everywhere. Great guy, great personality, awesome body. Grazie mille, mio amico. Ci vediamo presto. Baci a te!
  • gotpex Bull Mass is awesome. Huge body, huge everything. I love his pecs and biceps. A very friendly person to spend time with. Grazie mille, Bull. Ci vediamo presto! Baci!
  • littlefagg HE HAS THE GREATEST BUNS...WOW!
  • TOMMY10 thanks sexy boy
  • gotpex Bull is all man and loves to show it off. Love him!
  • dillow50 Nice body especially his chest :]
  • judges98 Amazing Size
  • live14 thanks !!!
  • gottagetbigger91 Knows exactly what he's doing
  • skip0416 hot massive muscle show
  • donlimpio20 young and huge
  • skip0416 huge freaky biceps
  • Sooone2 He's such a huge and amazing guy also kind. I want to see him again someday.
  • Kyle1os the best
  • Peclover96 Hot nice guy
  • chelm always getting bigger!
  • alex_28 Very big and massive, great show! And nice guy too!
  • snowflake sure he is getting better
  • snowflake 2nd time with Bull and I think he is such a nice and sexy person - he is very patient and I'm getting the impression that on the 4th visit the Bull will become unleashed
  • snowflake Well, Bull appears to be a very nice person and his naked flexing was erotic because his body is big and nicely proportioned - no bloated stomach here, and I think he is quite hansome too. No doubt I'll be awarding him six stars after the performance I have in mind for the next visit. He can be quite obedient when he wants to.
  • jdmills90 Super nice and chill guy!!
  • xtreme1 awesome
  • hugehotpecs Massive hot muscle.......... awesome!
  • stephenc bull mass is amazing, muscles to dream about. a really nice guy very genuine and sincere, really knows how to turn it on
  • tropicstud Amazing physique!
  • Enello Every Show is a new surprise! He is always verry friendly. He´s a huge bull !
  • hugehotpecs Awesome body on this guy.HUGE muscle HOT!
  • piggysides Amazing show, insanely hot and HUGE pecs. Biggest I have seen!
  • Enello Bull is really a big Bull! Unbelievable huge! One of the best here! Great muscle Show! And always verry friendly!
  • mangrove007 eager to perform...bigger there than most
  • masermerc1 bulls muscle progress is great. muscle definition is always better. plus bull is a great performer flexing muscles!
  • daveboston huge muscles
  • ww163 VERY hot guy, nice, friendly, and a STUD.
  • jpe2016 Bull Mass has really strong body and is so hot when he flexes...handsome too.
  • BigblokeXXL nice body
  • 5150dw Thick, raw muscle and loves to pose!
  • chelm great name and accurate
  • chelm grab him before he gets tired of hanging-out here
  • chelm a glorious specimen!
  • marcuslittle2001 Body of a Greek god!
  • jpe2016 very nice guy and great body...also very handsome
  • masermerc1 nice guy, a true muscle hunk!
  • masermerc1 great muscle guy. very built and very nice person!!