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Jeff Martin

210 lbs
6'1 ft
48 in
28 in
17 in
25 in
Jeff Martin is one of the hottest and youngest muscle models you can meet. This college jock knows no barriers. But he knows exactly what you want. And he loves to show off his young buff body anyway you want it. Jeff is ready for you.

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  • jerrysf GREAT SHOW -- HUGE MUSCLES Very Friendly
  • jerrysf Jeff is ALL MUSCLE and is proud of it.
  • Professional Killer ass
  • SubmissiveDude He is absolutley fantastic. Amazing body and the way he flexes is so fucking alpha macho hercules. I love his body and him.
  • majikock very good
  • SubmissiveDude He is the best body and the best performer
  • jerrysf GREAT SHOW
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Still the best muscle worship fantasy on the internet!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Jeff is the ULTIMATE muscle fantasy!!
  • BigMuscleGA WOW what a great body on a great looking man. Killer peaks on those biceps !!!
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Jeff is the best muscle worship and cock worship fantasy on this site!!!
  • musclerim Not only does he have a great body, but his show is amazing. Well worth the time.
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • stattick This guy was so much fun. Strongly recommend.
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Jeff is the ultimate muscle and cock worship fantasy come true
  • tylersface ran out will buy more credit! amazing
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 One of the best muscle fantasies ever!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Jeff is the best bodybuilder on here. Very accommodating and very hot!
  • gotpex Jeff Martin is an amazing man with an amazing body. Playing with him was a pleasure from start to finish. He's the best!
  • Juni0r_09 Big Muscles, Big Dick, and so sexy
  • gotpex Beautiful, Jeff. I will go private with you when you're free.
  • dw5150 Great show!!!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 One of the best muscle fantasies I've ever had
  • samson9 Wow -- big dick! Haven't seen someone cum like that in Voyeur before! What a hot muscle guy!
  • vabbva What a nice guy and what beautiful muscle !
  • dw5150 Great show!!!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet All muscle and huge cock too MMMMMMMMMM
  • LoveMuscleandFeet This guy has huge EVERYTHING
  • daveboston WOW Awesome sexy young man who enjoys showing his very Muscular body
  • seanster998 Just awesome!!!
  • sugardaddy1a woow super sexy muscle body. Iam speechless
  • bigrayd Muy guapo. Me gusta su cuerpo tan rico! Y me gusta la pinga.
  • skip0416 incredible hot ripped muscle super hot muscle show the best
  • skip0416 another amazing muscle show he does it all
  • skip0416 amazing ripped body unbelievable muscle show
  • kraykid amazinggg
  • crunch08 he is amazing!!!
  • seanster998 The Best!!!!
  • tikigod90069 AMAZING
  • seanster998 Super Hot!!!
  • dillow50 Amazing performer as always
  • ventnor Divine - what a growing muscle Adonis!
  • stephenc Jeff is a great performer, really knows how to please. Great looking and an awesome body. The best.
  • ventnor Muscle is HULKing daily on to this awesome young BEAST. Very sweet and out-of-this-world HOT.
  • markon He is so muscular and so hot. Love the way how he show off his muscles. Great show
  • joshmx Great guy!
  • cokko splendid show!
  • mitho19 great and friendly boy
  • dillow50 He was very patient and listens very well to requests. I would do a show with him again. Highly recommended
  • samson9 So friendly, great dancer, and such a fine body. Love the ass and the cock!
  • franci959595 really hot ! the best orgasm of my life
  • beppino Jeff Martin, your so hot, I'll be back for more.
  • blocker Jeff was fantastic. He has a beautiful body. He does exactly what you want. I'll certainly be visiting him again.
  • samson9 Beautiful body and very friendly
  • Jackson2 Great dancer
  • bigdave1 so sexy. want to train with you
  • alexman995 wow
  • icbiceps Jeff's muscles are fantastic He's beautiful and so awesome.
  • parispex very hot man... but fix the lights... hard to see you!
  • musclguy fantastic
  • cokko beautiful show!
  • RPxxx87 Latin Fantasy cum true xxxxxx
  • hugehotpecs hot man!
  • wareagle Great show!
  • cokko excellent show!
  • harey Great show. Beautiful physique, very interactive and fun.
  • shaina great guy, very nice and does what you ask of him!