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Tom Johns

210 lbs
6'0 ft
47 in
35 in
19 in
27 in
I want you to know that I love working out and feeling how much bigger my body is getting, each and every day! It’s getting harder and much stronger, and this also makes me very horny. What I enjoy the most after spending hours pumping iron in the gym is to go home, log onto LMS, and go private with my fans, as I strip the gym clothes off my ripped and sweaty body. I want to perform for you and satisfy your muscle cravings. Talk to me now, only here at!

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  • littlefagg Tom Johns is sensational! He made sure I behaved! He is all man! WOW! Spectacular!
  • Alphaseeker Awesome muscle
  • dandin totally get what I want, hot guy.
  • ilovetigers super hot guy
  • cokko very kind and sexy!
  • cokko great horny show tx a lot!
  • gotpex Tom Johns is an awesome man. Awesome body, incredible personality, sensual, sexy, and a total pleasure. He's as good as it gets. Thank you, my friend.
  • mrbody1959 Oh wow
  • littlefagg WOW! Mr STUDLY! AMAZING!
  • littlefagg WOW! MR STUDLY!
  • littlefagg SENSATIONAL STUD
  • littlefagg So friendly! I like him a lot!
  • Billy348 Huge Body, I love it
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Tom is fucking AMAZING
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 One of the most muscular accommodating guys on here
  • gabrielb Amazing guy huge body incredibly friendly
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 All muscle. Does whatever you ask. Best model on here!
  • skip0416 amazing hot muscle show so pumped and ripped
  • SlavePercyForYou Really gorgeous guy, amazing body, masculine and hot, gives a great show!
  • cokko wonderful horny show!
  • intothegym Thank you, stud!!
  • OQUINTO hot man
  • BIgBIGmusclelover good show would love to bang your balls!
  • OQUINTO hot stud! perfect feet
  • BIgBIGmusclelover fucking beautiful body
  • BIgBIGmusclelover nice
  • beppino Your worth every penny.
  • cokko love yr show BB!!!
  • bear007 amazing!
  • Hadrian1964 An incredible stud! Symmetry, muscles and a gorgeous face! Thanks Tom
  • BIgBIGmusclelover TRUE PERFORMER
  • greenlantern0 perfect performer
  • yasinx20 WOWWWWW SOOOOO BIGGGGGG!!!!!!
  • BIgBIGmusclelover the best model on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BIgBIGmusclelover One of the most considerate models on here
  • BIgBIGmusclelover His experience shows.
  • BIgBIGmusclelover nice
  • BIgBIGmusclelover true performer
  • gamartinezz simply the best
  • gamartinezz always sexy and nasty :):)
  • leinola so hot, so horny. he looks so competition ready its amazing. plus the light amount of fluff everywhere = hott. recommend 10 out of 10
  • eden64 the most exciting show!
  • BIgBIGmusclelover erotic
  • BIgBIGmusclelover excellent performer
  • mr.steve Always perfect! Always just what I need!
  • eden64 great! hot show!
  • BIgBIGmusclelover i LIKE TO SEE YOU TWO CLOTHES PINS ON EACH NIPPLE. you enjoy the pain.
  • musclsponsr +++
  • BIgBIGmusclelover very nice possing
  • calmuscle2000 Worth it
  • promu63 thanks
  • BIgBIGmusclelover interesting video
  • BIgBIGmusclelover great range
  • bigmauri really enjoy it !! beautiful man!!
  • BIgBIGmusclelover beautiful body
  • shaina perfect.
  • BIgBIGmusclelover excelllent show
  • BIgBIGmusclelover very nice
  • BIgBIGmusclelover terrific pumping action
  • shaina Fantastic muscle man
  • BIgBIGmusclelover beautiful
  • BIgBIGmusclelover excellent performance excellent body
  • BIgBIGmusclelover very very nice beautiful performer I hope this gets posted.
  • eden64 Best show ever !
  • BIgBIGmusclelover Tom has an incredible body. love when you play with those nips Have a real pair of nipple clamps?
  • daveboston perfect man, perfect body, perfect show
  • flex1 Excellent cam session. Very friendly and got into showing his muscles right away. Fantastic body.
  • ICYOU247 Down fo what ever
  • maine0987 absolutely the best!!!
  • wawa87 amazing body
  • globealo the best.
  • maplegap That was very hot! Those are some nice thongs. It would be even hotter if you toned your butt just a little more. Thank you for the sexy show!
  • eden64 Hot!
  • BigblokeXXL AMAZING
  • calmuscle2000 perfection!
  • webruce Awesome as usual buddy thank you
  • BIgBIGmusclelover beautiful body
  • calmuscle2000 Unbelievable
  • webruce Awesome as usual you made my nite as always
  • BIgBIGmusclelover very nice
  • daveboston Tom is the friendliest, most amazing man on this site. Friendly, shy yet a body of a Greek GOD, Be nice to Tom because he is a really nice Guy
  • webruce thanks awesome as usual
  • eden64 Hot man!
  • dermo perfect as always
  • webruce Thanks made my nite as usual
  • webruce as usual amazing
  • came82 Really good show!!!
  • qwyjibo so hot!!
  • webruce thanks buddy, you always make my night
  • webruce wow awesome as usual, your number 1 on this sight thanks see you soon
  • sexplease2 huge
  • webruce Thanks buddy, we will do another one soon
  • webruce Thanks buddy your the best be back for another one soon
  • eden64 Great! Hot!
  • webruce Thanks looking awesome as usual buddy,
  • Buckster Thanks mate.
  • webruce Thanks buddy, you made my night again. You are the best one on here
  • wawa87 some of the best pecs around
  • mrbody1959 Va va voom. Perfect body handsome face and very very sexy.
  • forest0117 A good smile, nice Muscle Guy! Thank you!
  • docjenson84 Just spend the credits, you WILL NOT REGRET IT
  • eden64 Hot show!
  • guyball THE BEST
  • 95NORFOLK amazing body, great smile. very handsome.
  • peters89 Always perfect! Always pleasing! Always Pectacular!
  • webruce awesome as usual
  • webruce awesome as usual thanks buddy
  • luvpecsandarms mmmmmmm, nice voyeur experience. Great pecs and body. Wish I could have watched it the end.
  • webruce awesome as usually, you are great Tom
  • avenueb6 Ausome show. Let him know what you want. He's great in any scene and will put everything into your request.
  • muslust68 Awesome just awesome ! Great Body - great show !!
  • luvpecsandarms nice show and very accommodating. Eager to comply most of my wishes
  • webruce thanks Tom your the best on LMS
  • eden64 Very hot!
  • tropicstud Incredibly hot!!
  • Britboyanthony Tom, you are the sexiest guy online!
  • Trucker2013 He gets sexier each time I see him.
  • webruce thanks awesome body
  • viktor72se Top
  • Trucker2013 He is a fuckin' perfect man.
  • webruce thanks your hot buddy
  • sweden52 Tom is one hot hunk of man. Smooth, with big biceps, pecs and nips begging to be licked.
  • eden64 hot as always!
  • globealo Amazing guy.
  • charlouxs Nice body. Hot pec, abs and bicep. Very sexy man.
  • globealo hottest guy on live muscle show
  • guyball AMAZING
  • webruce thanks, your the best. We will do another on soon. you have a great body Tom
  • ventnor This man just keeps improving - so looking forward to witnessing his transition from Middleweight to Heavyweight.
  • webruce thanks, best one on here
  • eden64 hot!!
  • Trucker2013 Perfect man! His pecs and nipples make me drool.
  • dillon250 Absolutely the best!!!!
  • chad0009 ready when u r.
  • webruce thanks and amazing, love the abs and chest flexing, we will do another pvt soon
  • mitho19 great man
  • tampagecko incredibly sexy
  • offmynuts sorry connection lost
  • mistervoyeur super hot!
  • peters89 Simply the best! Period!
  • Flitzz5 very long
  • peters89 The BEST! Period! He is number one when it comes to making his muscles bounce and pop! Simply the BEST! And nicest too!
  • feluis Amazing!
  • feluis Awesome
  • eden64 great! hot man!
  • hugehotpecs Awesome muscle!
  • neon great guy
  • SynapseSchism Great show!! Exerything you want in a muscle man!!
  • guyball the best.
  • beppino He's great!
  • claudius pretty good, needs to play with his ass more
  • globealo hot!!
  • GayLover7577 amazing
  • adambrid70 awesome
  • adambrid70 Always in great shape!
  • stevep89 Perfect! SO nice and did just what i needed! Awesome!
  • maxmax432 Tom is a perfect beauty ! A great body, a super handsome face and a very fine, friendly attitude !
  • britboy Not only SMOKING HOT but also a really great guy. Sexy and smart; Lethal!
  • hugehotpecs Absolute muscle perfection!
  • icbiceps Oh so cute and such an amazing body - and such a sweet guy!
  • k4888quinine very hot indeed..
  • hugehotpecs HOT perfect muscle!
  • dlandes7577 Amazing. Hot body. Great Muscles and does whatever you want
  • offmynuts awesome show!
  • 11bravo great show!! has weights in his room, it is awesome to see him train
  • maxdrapper Very nice guy! My favorite on here! :)
  • sweden52 One super HOT man. GIves a great show you won't be disappointed.
  • webruce thanks Tom your amazing had a great show
  • maxdrapper Fuckin hot!!!
  • rupert1980 nice and respectful, not dishonest, love to see u next time in underwear though
  • miamijock2 AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
  • negreira GREAT PIECE OF ASS
  • piperfivefive the best
  • GayLandes26 sexy voice. great body
  • Meistergb hot stud - great body
  • md1951 Thanks for a good show.
  • yespleaze Keep on going. So hot.
  • Meistergb hot dude!
  • lutzie he's a beauty!
  • piperfivefive i will be back in a bit - gonna get a bunch of time - smoke a cig - catch a buz and would love a bicep up close flex show
  • Bruce379 THE BEST ON SITE
  • tropicstud Amazing chizzled body! Shows everything! Great attitude
  • maancora very nice very polite
  • negreira GREAT I WILL BE BACK
  • shyguy beautiful muscular body worthy of much worship
  • spenny78 awesome show! i highly recommend the black posers!!
  • lovemuscle38 really nice body and nice willing to show everything thx
  • jalonde hot
  • timobrien hot man...good show
  • offmynuts amazing show!
  • rocky55 The most awesome man here!
  • Trucker2013 Very nice man. He is friendly and beautiful.
  • jalonde Very very hot.
  • cokko very nice show tx!
  • wikiboi hot as always
  • adambrid70 ouch so hot
  • markxxx This guy is amazing!!! Great body, great personality, beautiful smile….6 stars!!! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!