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Chris Bortone

210 lbs
5'10 ft
52 in
33 in
20 in
26 in
Get ready to satisfy all your muscle desires and urges because Chris Bortone is in the LMS house, and he’s got what you’re looking for and then some. With his spectacular posing abilities and his charming personality, you’ll be hooked on Chris in no time. If that doesn’t convince you, then the big secret weapon that rests between his legs most certainly will! Talk to Chris now, at!

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  • muscleus Absolutely amazing. Worth it.
  • Totalpackage1 great show
  • Wildo13 beautiful
  • Wildo13 He is so perfect,adorable,nice, so many words for him,thank you Chris see ya
  • shyguy Chris is Conan!!!!
  • alexp Superb body. Huge all over!
  • bigmauri THE BEST
  • MusclePower GREAT MUSCLE
  • topguywest Beautiful man - so nice - very sexy - you need to tap into his most sexy delight before you can really see how beautiful he is
  • bravo_post So amazing! I love it!
  • bigmauri great show!!
  • carpark very hot guy :-)
  • MusclePower HUGE!
  • shyguy Chris as Conan destroyed me! Such muscularity and vascularity especially after a 30 minute pump!!!!
  • roidman Awesome show!!!
  • bigmauri THE BEST :)
  • csb9273 Great Show. This guy loves to flex and he know how!!!
  • XEXEX perfect guy
  • shyguy Chris Bortone as Hercules!!! What a show!
  • alexp Wow. Chris has really put on some muscle.
  • shyguy Every time I see Chris Bortone I am more amazed by his muscles more size and quality each time!
  • shyguy Must see muscle show!!!
  • ventnor Amazing, generous performer. Muscle lovers' dream.
  • shyguy Another terrific muscle mind blowing show from Chris Bortone!
  • shyguy I would recommend Chris Bortone to any muscle lovers here...he always gives his all And he has so much muscularity vascularity definition and striations to show!!
  • 5150dw Great show! Huge muscles and vascular!
  • shaina Perfect man.
  • bigmauri really big and hot!! huge all over !!
  • lovehugearms1234 This man is amzaty god
  • lovehugearms1234 This was amazing god
  • chelm remains one of the very best here!
  • shyguy Chris Bortone is like Arnold in Conan the Barbarian.....huge and muscular FAMTASTIC! I know I'll be back!!
  • eddie2 Hairy ass.
  • tropicstud Massive!
  • tomas22 good muscle
  • skip0416 incredible contest ready body pure perfection so vascular the best
  • reyisking great ass and knows how to show it off
  • skip0416 the m ost incredible muscle show around true power in his body the way he rips shirts incredible
  • skip0416 the best around incredible
  • skip0416 incredible ripped massive muscled body the best
  • skip0416 amazing perfection
  • 1989_freek very hott
  • Builtt beautiful!!!!
  • flicka AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • nursemaster Hot Nips.
  • peruvianmuscle The best bodybuilder
  • wyen1988 Best body figure and attentive to requests
  • Builtt Beautiful man. Unbelievable body.
  • joshmx Amazing show! He will do what you ask him to do when it comes to flexing.
  • negreira very hot as usually great ass and niples
  • charlouxs Chris Bortone knows to give a very good show. Very muscular. Amazing big bicep, pec and abs. He knows how to be sexy. He is so perfect in private. more five stars.
  • yasinx20 BIGGGG BICEPCS
  • shyguy not enough stars to rate Chris's muscle show but here goes ************************************* *************************************** ************************************* ************************************ *********************
  • shyguy What a wonderful pre-show for the MR O tonight...A muscle fest with Chris Bortone!!!
  • flicka AWESOME!
  • charlouxs Very amazing body. Thanks to give me what I want.
  • jbird65 one word HOT!
  • rippdjoe amazing as usual!
  • shyguy way to go Chris pumped muscle til I think they will explode!!!!
  • shyguy Pumped muscles...big and striated...beautiful!
  • mrcmrcmr insane
  • kosmo Gorgeous and nice!
  • pino Amazing!
  • fracchia :P
  • dcucci Loved his show, he enjoys flexing and I love his muscles.
  • n8tiveguy Incredible body...really hot man, loved the show.
  • rupert1980 thanks, honest guy, better than others on here
  • globealo hot
  • x1989 Amazing!!! This guy is HUGE everywhere!!!
  • billyluvsmuscle bigger size yet still ripped... wow
  • k4888quinine plain hotness
  • chris_1 Fantastic guy, first class performance. Highly recommended.
  • alex2020 nice guy great body
  • cokko nice horny show!
  • Builtt amazing physique
  • Bryn100 Amazing body
  • timobrien best out here...always in shape and great at showing it off
  • Ando10 Great body with amazing abs. Unfortunately no sound though.
  • plogan50 top shredded!!!!
  • timobrien sick body
  • jeffabs Perfection! This man is utterly beautiful in every way.
  • markon Great show and huge ripped muscles love his show.
  • lust4muscle Ripped as hell....amazing!
  • mlovah He is awesome!!! so huge and so young!!! A must see!!!
  • onlygayintown HOT!
  • jeffabs once again, Chris never disappoints! He is ripped and ready to do whatever you ask. One of the best!!
  • adambrid70 great show- amaqzing body
  • musclguy outstanding experience massive 23 y/o bodybuilder. Excellent at muscleworship, very accomodating.
  • mlovah Awesome!!! So huge and young!!! really nice guy!!
  • little_b Incredible build.
  • jeffabs Absolutely incredible!!!
  • todd954 awesome
  • timobrien Chris is a hot man who know what to do with his shit
  • joakman1 Try his arm routine, can't keep your eyes off. He is a champion for sure!
  • x1989 probably the most under rated ASS on this site. Its the best.
  • negreira GOOD PIECE OF ASS
  • timobrien Hot as fuck!
  • joakman1 Fantastic posing and in top notch shape. So friendly and willing to share his training success. What a pleasure!! SUPERb!
  • Smoothee this guy is just amazing, so muscular !!!!
  • Smoothee Just perfect !
  • chereveur1 very very hot... nice
  • jeroweed wow
  • biceplust This is one Sexy Ass Man not to be missed WOOF
  • chereveur1 the guy is really hot, nice body, great upper body thickness and nice legs and glutes too.... damnn!!!
  • alphalover NO SOUND when U go private another waste of time & money this website should be shut down for FRAUD!!!!!
  • vasotecnyc Hot body, nice big dick, did not waist time