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Ramon Davos

240 lbs
6'2 ft
51 in
32 in
20 in
28 in
Ramon Davos is a real flirt,classic lines a true master of aesthetics. This good looking, muscular dude is a real turn-on for anybody who meets him. And he knows it. But he also knows how to go a step further. And yes: he has all the tools including an incredible body, a model face and a mindset of a Casanova. Are you ready for some joy??

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  • lovemuscleandfeet3 All natural muscle, huge cock and huge load too
  • mrbody1959 This man is the real deal
  • gotpex Ramon Davos is a Greek god for sure. Beautiful man, beautiful body, and a huge load. Un piacere essere con te, amico! Ci vediamo!
  • leoleoleo it was my pleasure, ramon
  • leoleoleo no problem,ramon - i enjoyed it too... matt xx
  • therockrobust It was an incredible experience. He is kind, smart, funny, and his body is a work of art. He not only put on a great show, but also made great conversation. Worth every penny.
  • minky great show
  • ICBiceps2 Fantastic body, nice guy incredible flexing and super smart. Ramon has it all
  • Jackson2 Fantastic, again!
  • SlavePercyForYou Ramon is the handsomest, hottest, most aesthetically built Alpha-male I've ever seen!
  • geoduck_007 Great as ever!
  • Jackson2 Like watching a Greek god.
  • badhothunk thank you so vey much for the awesome show it was great the best I have ever had I can hank you enough I have seen you online fo ears and always wand to do a session with you and am glad I finally got to love you kisses and hugs
  • Jackson2 Beautiful and shares it all.
  • ebben20 Awesome man, SOOO HOT
  • Jackson2 Magnificent and alot of pent up demand.!! Smart Sweet and a hunk. Bravo!1
  • bravomuscle Very friendly!
  • brianxvi Ramon is one of the nicest, most attractive men I've seen. I'm so glad to have chatted with him on here!
  • kedryn fantastic body
  • boxingmuscle Huge arms
  • Jackson2 Lovely, smart, hard man to turn down
  • webruce Awesome build Ramon we will do another one soon
  • marcinho BEST GUY EVER HERE!!!!!
  • jamesgr Ramon is an incredible stud and very friendly as well
  • peters89 always the best!
  • Jackson2 Spectacular
  • thelegend1911 seem a little shy bro. less typing and more talking
  • jeffrey25 He shot a massive load! Was incredible!
  • TruckerBeau He shot the biggest load I have ever seen.
  • TruckerBeau He makes my dreams come true - the perfect man.
  • seanster998 HOT Greek Guy!!!
  • sbiglds Wonderful Man!
  • kraykid incredible
  • TruckerBeau What a great man! He is smart and sexy. Great combination.
  • woofwuf Very sexy !
  • Monk1080 Ramon is the best. Handsome, smart, and charming.
  • Chrico71988 Absolute perfection!
  • wyen1988 very sexy in private with one of the best body available on site. no exaggeration on muscles, only aesthetics and responsive to requests.
  • stephenc the best,
  • pitchboy Ripped & charismatic!
  • Artist212 mmmm fantasy cumm trueee