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Don Donato

245 lbs
5'10 ft
51 in
39 in
20 in
33 in
Born to perform, Don Donato has quickly become one of our most popular muscle studs, since his arrival here to the pages of LMS! There are many reasons why Don has such a large following of muscle worshipers. Just one look at his pictures tells you most of what you need to know. Don’s perfect combination of musculature and stature, and his very handsome smiling face and twinkling eyes all tell the tale. But more than that, this dude LOVES the camera, and he loves to be spontaneous in front of the lens. Don Donato’s fans keep coming back for more, simply because each new private session with him is more fascinating than the last one. Find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. Contact Don now, only at!

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  • shyguy Wonderful group show so far... great workout pumping muscles with dumbbells and bands and then oiling muscles and posing Now for the shower show!!!
  • came82 Excellent performer!!!
  • skip0416 amazing huge ripped vascular muscle
  • mrbody1959 Don is very very sexy. he is also a really friendly nice guy which makes him even sexier.
  • tony69 The Best on this site!!!!!!!!!!! No games real Deal muscle man!!!!!!!!!
  • mrbody1959 Vava voom Don Donato is in the room!!! The term 'sex god' was invented for men just like Don.
  • shyguy Always a pleasure to watch Don Donato in group chat get pumped oiled and pose in posers and nude!!!!
  • shyguy steamy shower show!!!!
  • shyguy Muscle worship at its finest with Don Donato!
  • shyguy another excellent feature show part 2 tomorrow!!!
  • shyguy Unbelievable! Don Donato got so pumped and flexed so hard :) hard not to get hard watching him!
  • shyguy Oil show was spectacular mow back for some training
  • yasinx20 Wow he is bigggggg
  • shyguy Enjoyed watching Don Donato train his chest and then oil and flex And some biceps curls at end of favorite! Great muscularity and vascularity!!!!
  • shyguy Love Don Donato's Group Shows!
  • shyguy What a grand tour...of Don's apartment from the living room to kitchen to bedroom and to shower And most importantly of his muscles!!!!!!
  • shyguy Fantastic pumping with weights, oil and flexing! So much muscle and veins!
  • timobrien love the muscle and posing
  • shyguy Don's group shows are not to be missed! Fantastic muscularity and vascularity and terrific posing to boot!
  • shyguy excellent muscularity and vascularity
  • shyguy Bravo Don Donato Another terrific group chat!
  • thelegend1911 don was AWESOME!!! Complete genuine and honest guy with a great personality!
  • shyguy Special muscle worship show with Don Donato and friend,,,shave/oil/flex and fworship...Most enjoyable!!
  • thelegend1911 great
  • shyguy Marathon group show with Don Donato was the best!!
  • shyguy part 2 Donato in the shower...oh yeahhhhhh!
  • shyguy Part one of group show Don Donato flexed pumped and oiled muscles, first in poser and then nude Can/t wait for part 2 in shower!
  • daveboston Crazy Awesome Muscle Guy. He is the Best
  • shyguy I got my wish.... another great group show with Don Donato!
  • shyguy More feature shows from Don Donato...he has been away too long. Great muscle show just now.
  • shyguy So happy that Don Donato is back! Great muscle show with plenty of pumping posing and in your face muscle!!!!
  • shyguy 2 hour group chat with Don Donato tonight was the best.... Hope he can do more of them!!
  • shyguy Excellent flex and jerk private
  • icedog20008 Fantastic show! Amazing body, and Don is really nice. Does whatever you request. Great guy!
  • shyguy Those pecs move like rippling water!
  • shyguy best cum shot from Don Donato...nice to see him back!
  • flaviob Wonderful man! amazing Flex and Amazing Show! He gives it all to please! Highly recommended
  • shyguy epic legendary intense massive heroic dramatic muscles!!!!
  • shyguy Muscle god !
  • bigcraig1O8 hot stud, with big muscles and good personality
  • shyguy big muscles and veins
  • skip0416 awesome show so pumped and ripped so vascular incredible
  • shyguy Don Donato is back and looks better than ever So muscular!!!11
  • shyguy Excellent group show with Don's friend, Erwin.....both training and posing
  • shyguy Another terrific group show with Don Donato and friend Santy...keep them coming!!!
  • shyguy More group shows with Don Donato and friends! He and friend Santy put on a great show tonight!!!!
  • shyguy Duo show with muscle worship is the best!
  • sweden52 He's one of the best well built men on this site. Very handsome and HOT!
  • shyguy hot muscle worship session
  • shyguy Don with a friend in bed + muscle worship + j./o...what can I say!!
  • mateo001 was in voyeur and still way hot! the two are quite the pair
  • shyguy Santy is getting better at muscle worship
  • shyguy nice muscle worship session even if Santy was a lil recluctant
  • poshi Simply amazing! Very accommodating and nice--I enjoyed my time!
  • icbiceps Don is the best - incredible muscles - great flexing - just camera kept freezing up.
  • icbiceps His muscles are amazing - so fantastic - just camera kept freezing up :(
  • shyguy Had fun tonight tried my new screensaver on laptop and got terrific pics of Don Donato!
  • bobby3817 Beautiful body and beautiful personality.
  • shyguy Terrific group show Got an anatomy lesson on muscularity!
  • reyisking amazing
  • blocker Without a doubt the VERY BEST guy I've encountered here. He will do anything with that killer body.He is so polite and accommodating. I'll certainly be with him again.
  • shyguy Always great to voyeur Don Donato!
  • shyguy getting more ripped/.always a pleasure
  • bobby3817 this guy has it all. very handsome and sweet!!!!!!!!!!
  • shyguy looking like pumped from gym
  • shyguy nice kickboxing moves
  • woofwuf 5 stars
  • shyguy great muscle worship session
  • gaugehot hott
  • bronxnyc super hot glutes, and really muscular...did alot even in voyeur mode....
  • bobby3817 hot man. very accommodating
  • shyguy voyeurisic show this time,,,still hot!
  • shyguy kinda hot...flex off and jerk off together!
  • shyguy mutual muscle worship and duo posing was so hot!
  • samson9 Wow -- all the way! So hot -- loved the voyeur mode!
  • shyguy even in voyeur mode show was fun
  • lefty121 El mas macho!
  • shyguy More More Wish I had more time much muscle and the more flexing, the more muscle and veins !!
  • tony69 Don is great. He always give's a hot show!
  • osmar61 wow! que ricura de hombre
  • tony69 first time with Don. He was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jeroweed The best on here.
  • pawdude hi this is to replace your shirt - thank you for ripping it off for me :) next week - I'll ask you to put on a full shirt (button down) and rip that off ok? That is SO hot - you are the best on this site - thank you!!
  • crownroyal77 He is very sexy and very nice, big arms. He will do what you like and again he is worth it. so hot
  • marcinho the most polite guy here...awsome body,handsome......perfect
  • timobrien good stuff
  • creamy hot
  • LordFluffy Everything I could ask for! Lovely!
  • exotic32 Estupendo!
  • jeroweed Amazing
  • hugehotpecs HOT man, very nice guy and great body!
  • latin4musclbutt amazing guy and show
  • samson9 SO HOT! Thank you for the great time! Hottest ass I've seen!
  • jepthat1 amazing
  • phxguy1 Hottest ass show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tropicstud Fabulous!
  • huarachin hi is the king of the erotism!!
  • tlv1 he is the best
  • floridian he is so sincere and so great!
  • JMARQUEZ So pleasing! An amazing ass! He bought new undies (as I suggested before!) And his lips are SO RED! :)
  • mitho19 he is great and very friendly
  • dan666 FANTASTIC!!! Very willing to please!
  • reyisking wow...really> wow
  • vabbva Nice, friendly, accommodating guy with a gorgeous physique. I had a great time with him.
  • bronxnyc very accomadating....great show....
  • 020ramon great show . hot body ! thank you !
  • jmac Love it. On of the best on here
  • roco19 hot guy
  • gabox69 IS BIG BOY MMM
  • gabox69 AMAIZING
  • smoothkd WOW...HE'S AWESOME!!!
  • smoothkd FUCKIN EXCELLENT!
  • TonyG44 AMAZING GUY! Was doing everything and more! Great body too
  • bernie205 thank you hes so sweet love him
  • mitho19 5***** nice boy
  • janey Simply - OMG!!! Beautiful guy.
  • guapeton1 very nice , hansome and great show. Don't loose his time
  • Fibers Don is a fine hard body handsome dude with a nice personality. HOT NUMBER! HOT BODY! HOT HARD ASS! and a sexy masculine voice. Try him out his oh so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!
  • marcinho amasing guy, very polite, good chat, superb body!!!!!!
  • musclesnuff Nice great show - thx
  • petercock the best on here no bullshit no time waster
  • wareagle Great Show
  • tuck87 He is a freak in the sheets best money spent ever love my latin freak
  • saucox for me the almost the beste jajajaja
  • mitho19 my best
  • Ando10 WOW - a totally awesome show. His first question was "What do you want to see?" and the rest of the time was showing it all with great enthusiasm. Don has an amazing body with beautiful large & ripped muscles, and a cock to match. He is so friendly and eager to please. One of my best shows ever!
  • readynow very hot!
  • bbb90 VERY VERY HOT
  • musclemad please come on here more often, I missed you and am a big fan!
  • sacope The best performer ever i have seen here. He is very professional. He goes straight to the point. Really naughty. Gives everything you want immediately even the happy ending. :) A-plus performer. Very friendly.
  • roco19 hot and very sweet. great guy!
  • mitho19 nice friendly boy. hi is doing, what you want...
  • musclequads very good!
  • bernus1900 beard is really good
  • blueyesonly great show
  • icbiceps The best - fantastic body - such a nice guy too - great muscle and soo wonderful!!!
  • gizmojizz Wow. Don is absolutely adorable. He is awesome and put on a great show!
  • TonyG44 SUPER FRIENDLY! SUPER HOT - Good build and talk to you but also doesn't waste time. I love him!!! I keep coming back for more.
  • jesserma very nice guy