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Charles Rainier

235 lbs
6'1 ft
54 in
35 in
19 in
28 in
Charles Rainier has it all. As a bodybuilder and a Strongman, this athlete has all the human powers necessary not only to increase his own hormone levels. This man is a real muscle daddy and if you push the right buttons ("go private") you can turn this hunk into a real exhibitionist! Are you ready for some fun? Charles Rainer is ready :)

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  • shyguy Just voyeured Charles Rainier flecing in a tight compression shirt and bouncing his pecsand bicepls and showing his incredible vascularity. Goid preview for a future private!
  • lovemuscleandfeet3 #1 model on this site!
  • lovemuscleandfeet3 By far the best guy on this site!!
  • lovemuscleandfeet3 Best bodybuilder on this site! Thank you!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 None better than Charles!!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Best muscle fantasy on this site!
  • eden64 really hot show..very exciting
  • reyisking Sexy as fuck.
  • shyguy Charles Rainier is an excellent muscle strip teaser Could easily moonlight at Chippendale's!
  • shyguy Just voyeured a nude flexing private with Charles Ranier. It was so good I want to do a private now!
  • dw5150 Great show! He poses hard and likes it!
  • fitzguy so hot xxx
  • pitchboy Ultimate Muscle God!!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 He delivers the perfect muscle fantasy every single time!!
  • dmaster great
  • eden64 Hot man.. great show!
  • gotpex Charles Rainier is an awesome muscle man and is not shy about stripping off the shorts and posing nude. Love this guy, so spend some time with him. He's truly worth it! Thank you, Charles!
  • fitzguy just wow
  • gotpex Charles, I will visit you when you're not in voyeur mode. Fabulous, man!
  • eden64 Hot show !
  • shyguy Always a pleasure to go private with Charles Rainier to watch him pump, flex and pose in the nude. What a gorgeous physique and he really knows how to show off every muscle...a muscle worshipper's dream!!!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Charles is THE BEST! You won't ever be disappointed with him.
  • bicepsfan awesome show
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Charles is the most accommodating model on here. All muscle and huge everything xoxoxo
  • shyguy Just voyeured a 4 and half minute flexing private with Charles Wish it had been longer!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet By far the BEST model. Accommodating with your requests. Really gets into it. Love him!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Charles is by far the best model on this site!!!
  • fitzguy fucking hot xxx
  • fitzguy the best ever
  • fitzguy perfect xxx
  • tightspandex HOT!!!
  • fitzguy love this guy, hes so nice and does what u want
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Best model on here!
  • shyguy Wish Charles Rainier could portray Conan the Barbarian in a film He makes a great Conan!
  • shyguy excellent flexing More!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet The real deal!
  • eden64 really hot show!
  • fitzguy this guy has such a great attitude, he wont mes u around and waste yr time. get him to do a strip show for u, hes so sexy!!
  • shyguy Voyeured Charles' muscle striptease flex jo/cum show So hottttt!!!!
  • fitzguy hes the nicest guy on here, i have a crush on him, go for it guys, u wont regret it
  • shyguy great pumping and flexing Love the veinssss!
  • shyguy great private flex show
  • fitzguy man this guy is sexy, the nicest on here, hes so friendly and does what u want, take him pvt and u wont regret it!!!
  • BigMuscleGA always a good show. What a body... great posing and personality
  • eden64 really hot show!
  • shyguy After last group show, I had to come back for another muscle striptease ... Magic Charles!!!!!
  • robg123456 Awesome performer. Awesome person
  • shyguy That strip tease is a real muscle turn on!!! Thanks for the group show.
  • shyguy what a great performer! Charles can pump and flex and pose to any music A real master!!!
  • shyguy Masterful posing!!!!!
  • shyguy Conan the Barbarian posing nude ...a muscle dream come true!
  • shyguy Another fantastic group show! Charles pumped, flexed oiled and posed his muscles to the max! And that muscle striptease finale, wow.....alll the right moves!
  • Jackson2 so hot, accommodating generous and a great dancer! Want him all for me, but you should try him!!
  • robg123456 Simply the best
  • shyguy Like watching the Farnese Hercules come to life!
  • Vincenthorny533 Group show : Great posing / flexing show & a very friendly bodybuilder. Thank you Charles.
  • pokerface Thank you, that was awesome
  • shyguy Terrific Muscle Striptease!
  • withcare very generous and polite performer. Great body
  • promu63 the BEST
  • shyguy my idol
  • robg123456 Awesome
  • eden64 great pvt..very hot!
  • shyguy after watching Charles's xmas video I wanted to see more of this santa with muscles!!!
  • shyguy Can't say enough about Charles Rainier's muscle shows Love the pumping, hard flexing, oiling, and fantastic posing. Epic muscles!!!!
  • shyguy Masterful flexing and posing by Charles Ranier!!!
  • shyguy Intense pumping flexing and posing!!! harles Rainier has the most amazing and incredible muscles and veins to admire. I can attest to that!!!.
  • eden64 great man!
  • shyguy magnificent muscles!
  • shyguy Charles is Conan the Magnificent...gets so pumped and vascular just flexing and posing continuously!!
  • shyguy Best of Charles Rainier flexing and pumping and posing!!!!
  • shyguy Epic Muscle Show! Oil, pump flex and nude posing...perfect!!!
  • shyguy Pleasure to voyeur you Charles Rainier Never seen you lift furniture can moonlight as a furniture mover anytime! Rainier Moving Services
  • shyguy Group chat with Charles Rainier not to be missed . Muscle strip show tonight.....he could easily be a Chippendale dancer but with much more muscle!!
  • beppino He's awesome! Check him out.
  • Jackson2 a fine dancing cowboy
  • shyguy Charles has got great flex appeal !!!
  • bravomuscle Super sexy show!
  • luvpecsandarms hot showman! nice performance
  • promu63 PERFECTION
  • promu63 WOW!! Super nice guy. Is very accommodating and muscular. Can't wait to do it again!
  • Builtt Amazing Bodybuilder
  • Jackson2 Excellent show! Sensual sweet and a top grade hunk!!
  • shyguy ahhhhsome group show I kept coming back for more Charles is the best poser!
  • shyguy what a wonderful way to spend an evening! group show with harles Ranier !!!! this needs to be a weekly thing!
  • Jonn888 fantastic show once again
  • Jonn888 Great show! Charles is very accommodating and has a beautiful smile! Go pvt to see for yourself.
  • shyguy great body and knows how to show it off!!!!!!!
  • cokko very good show in mode voyeur!
  • larz001 Absolutely the hottest time you can have! Huge and hot and hard---and a nice guy, too!
  • dandin wish you all the best, take care
  • aliamr perfect muscle
  • shyguy More More More muscle
  • shyguy Back for more of Charles Ranier's magnificent muscle show
  • Jackson2 WOWOWOWOW SHOULD be on stage
  • Jackson2 Gorgeous and loves his work!
  • shyguy Charles is all his bio says he is and more always exceeds my expectations especially his posing
  • shyguy Posing is extraordinary Charles has the perfect classical physique Love his posing to the Top 10 of Two Steps From Hell
  • mrtongue Very sexxy man!!! Hot ass and loves to show it off!!!
  • shyguy started off in voyeur and was so good..... finished in private!
  • tropicstud Superb! Great attitude, very friendly and available always
  • shyguy What a showman! I was amazed at the stamina Charles has ...80 minutes of continuous muscle pumping flexing and posing both in posers and nude, Remarkable guy!
  • dmont Great guy super hot and muscular great body. Make u feel right and super nice
  • shyguy great posing beautiful muscles and nude body
  • luvpecsandarms nice show ;; great view of muscles and a nice dick
  • mrtongue Such a wonderful show and performer!!! Beautiful ass and Dick!!!
  • shyguy This was an outstanding group show tonight for a muscle lover like me... lots of pumping and flexing and dynamic posing by Charles Ranier
  • eden64 hot show!
  • shyguy Charles is Conan!!
  • gonzalito7322 Huge legs and nice dick, very accomodating handsome bull
  • bigbeardad SEXY MUSCLEBOY!
  • chereveur1 nice
  • calmuscle2000 VERY SEXY
  • shyguy Nude posing was the best end of a marathon session with Charles Rainier!
  • shyguy perfect posing after a terrific pump room scenario
  • Builtt Phenomenal physique and conditioning. Great guy; very nice.
  • shyguy Charles is a superhero...very strong and powerful!
  • A2daX83 Great show as usual.... Very nice guy, and perfect body!
  • seanster998 Awesome!!!
  • dandin perfect package. perfect show every second
  • MWJock Amazing, the best muscle show in this site!
  • eden64 Hot man!
  • tomas22 best man
  • shyguy Big Finale during this last private with Charles
  • shyguy Bonus!! Got to see more flexing in voyeur mode
  • shyguy Charles has an excellent physique and is a great poser Perfect for a muscle worshipper like me!
  • bobby3817 beatiful body. very nice person. wish him all the best 5 star private
  • towild thx, i cum so hard
  • skip0416 great poser awesome body
  • vabbva Charles gives a terrific show, one great pose after another. In great shape, too, with a beautiful, muscular, symmetrical body
  • franknor Great personality (!!!) and a great body.
  • ctaylor1816 great amazing muscle man
  • markjohn Nice talking to you, have a good time here, enjoy your music.. Regards, Mark
  • stephenc Charles just gets better each time. Amazing body really hot posing, perfect combination of size and shape. Soooooooooo sexy.
  • stephenc Charles is a great performer, eager to please, awesome posing and a great body. the perfect package, I could blow my balls off all night looking at him
  • vabbva Beautiful, ripped muscle. Smart and personable, too !
  • dummyelf Excellent. Know what i love in short and show up everything can blow my mind....I will be back
  • tony69 He is really Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • skip0416 very hot guy
  • Capitalman47 Amazing physique. So glad I came in here tonight to see this performer.
  • Jackson2 Hot and handsome and willing
  • negreira good boy like to please
  • ithinktheyaremad hawt
  • serebriakov best one here
  • daytona307891 friendly hard smiles a lot really enjoyed him
  • shibui4 Thanks Charles. I will come back
  • A2daX83 Very nice guy! Super body - hard as rock! Loved your show!
  • hugehotpecs One fine muscle man HOT nice guy too!
  • TruckerBeau Very sexy. He looks great naked.
  • jack9000 Very hot body.