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260 lbs
5'10 ft
54 in
32 in
22 in
31 in
Top national bodybuilder known for his ripped vascular condition, Armon is the perfect 10. Totally shredded, masculine form, meaty muscles perfectly proportioned, a manly, handsome face - and the sexy attitude that comes with knowing who you are, and what you've achieved. Not cocky - not quite. Not even arrogant (though he has just cause...) Armon has the attitude of a winner; confident, take-charge, in control. Has been featured in numerous muscle mags, commercials,documentaries on bodybuilding. Get to know Armon today - only at

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  • muscles1 Great to see Amon back! Super big and very engaging!
  • dw5150 Good thing to see him back! Still looks great!
  • jonboy25 Friendly, and so hot it's a joke. Winner!
  • pitchboy most approachable on here
  • muscles1 super sexy super nice!
  • jonboy25 Beautiful shape, huge and ripped, and friendly into the bargain
  • daveboston OMG Totally worth t
  • adrianoscastro Best bodybuilder here
  • yasinx20 The sweetest here .) big ARMS!
  • dorphy great friendly guy with one of the hottest body!
  • alex_28 OMG, great muscle show! And a really nice guy!
  • pitchboy Great TX muscle!
  • yellow1 hummm
  • skip0416 hot sexy body great pec show awesome
  • mrcmrcmr insane
  • shyguy Armon is so muscular and vascular What a treat to see him before Nationals!
  • charlouxs Armon is always amazing. It's more generous this time. Big muscle everywhere. He is in a very good shape. Very hot hot hot.
  • charlouxs He has a amazing body. big bicep, pecs and amazing abs. Nice ass. He is strong everywhere. Very hot.
  • musqlure HUGE. That's all I can say. This guy is HUGE. And ripped. If you like 'em big, Armon is definitely your man.
  • musqlure Amazing body. Absolutely huge muscles. Show cut off after a couple minutes for some reason.
  • chelm tops in anyone's book!
  • bbkevin He is one of the greatest bodybuilder in the world
  • speedorod Very impressive legs and butt - great show. plus an excellent collection of posing trunks to boot.
  • eden64 hot
  • alex8881 great physique!
  • pitchboy The best Armon has ever looked!
  • billyluvsmuscle bigger than ever and still vascular
  • thaboas ok
  • muscletom Armon has muscles everywhee...fantastic body,great shape,very handsome.
  • rmnh77 Really nice guy, awesome body......
  • rockyre4 love Armon, he is more than just another pretty face with 21 inch biceps, this is a man with soul and integrity and a heart that is as big if not bigger that his delts, down to earth and honest in a way that just makes like you feel so comfortable with him, this is a man to be respected as a bodybuilder, he is not a toy, he is a work of art and should be handled like any other work of art and viewed with awe in your eyes
  • chelm shape so symmetrical and pleasing - great attitude
  • chelm smart, receptive, easy manner, and body to die for
  • muscle_lvvr Awesome dude.
  • raph0659 GREAT
  • deniosbarros very strong and ripped guy.
  • musqlure Excellent body. Huge muscles. Very friendly and talkative, with a sexy Texas twang in his voice. Plus, he's got a really handsome, masculine face. Oh, and his double bi will knock you out. Recommended.
  • mamattarazzo Best-looking guy in the website!!!
  • dansneaker Great show!!!! Love him....his body is amazing!!!! I had to leave sooner, but I for sure next time will stay longer with him, he is totally worth it!!!!!
  • pitchboy Great stuff man! Much respect as always!
  • zeesterre Very friendly guy. Too bad he doesn't do nude...
  • musqlure Very, very handsome guy. Deep, masculine voice. Body is incredible. Huge arms. Incredible pecs, which he can really bounce. Worth your time.
  • jockdaddy nice body but not a whole lot of personality
  • pitchboy U know ur the man!
  • pitchboy Strong & likeable-Gr8 combo!
  • vrdoljak wow
  • smooth899 hot guy!
  • klonje38 nice
  • joeyugi AWESOME!!!!
  • seanm nice guy, very hot muscle body.
  • pitchboy Armon All the WAY!
  • jolam Thanks for the chat, A. Congrats on ur great physics and keep up the good work. J.
  • chadpian one of the biggest guys on this site....very articulate and well spoken!
  • ahannan nothing
  • deniosbarros huge muscles
  • harey Great show and really nice guy.
  • chadpian Massive guy with great attitude!
  • bernus1900 best muscle veins in the world
  • codyman Awesome man, awesome physique. Very nice.