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Customer comments (32)

Twtop1 17 March in 00:08

Hey sexy fucker

Musclefan83 2 February in 17:46

what a great show,he shows everything you like and want,i love you daddy ♥ greetings from germany :)

PecLover35 16 January in 11:44

Easy going Muscle Daddy and funny
Nice face and these bouncing pecs are just delicious! Great alpha, major fantasy Fuckgod....and he knows that! Thanks tyron to put yourself outthere. Adore him..He will deliver!

Sometimes the Sound is not great

Lfleur 16 January in 09:01

I can’t help but keep coming back for more. The size on him is incredible and you can’t help but feel put in your place when he speaks. Sexy and dominate. And the PECS. Best I’ve ever seen and he loves when you adore them. A true muscle god.

Lfleur 15 January in 05:43

This guy is the best of the best. He makes it really easy and simple. You tell him what you like and he follows through. Always dominating and ready to let you serve him. I’ve tried to resist but i always come back for more of this perfect muscle man

danny22 28 December in 23:10

He is the best Master ever. I’m obedient and in awe of him. His muscles are perfection!

aaron1234 25 November in 16:02

He's amazing!!

jackmen 12 October in 16:39

Amazing! He is perfection! Great attitude and he knows how to please his customers. A real Alpha muscle man! The BEST!

camdenccc 21 September in 23:30

Great show!

Gaber20 30 August in 21:32

Amazing muscles, the best pecs ever!

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