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Henri34 10 December in 20:09

I Love you

jhon5 3 November in 10:51

love you daddy馃槏馃槏馃槏馃グ

MakeThatPutt 7 September in 10:34

; ; ; ; ;

Are you GoDaddy - that Parsons Guy from Arizona?


Are you Natalie Gulbis' father who caddied for her?

; ; ; ; ;

horikouji2740@au.com 29 June in 14:54


heater11 19 February in 11:24

Tried to give him another chance but I wasted my time. He kept talking and stalling to drain my money. To add, not organized and set up took way too long. Did not do what I wanted. Rude behaviour above all.

osmar61 16 December in 06:12

it adores, it has since March, 2013, over 8 years of addiction & submission, He owns it, it is His slave, His property!馃槏馃槏馃槏

Musclefan83 27 September in 12:07

a very hot and handsome daddy,i like him really,:)

Joeanz1234 9 August in 22:13

huge muscle dam thick arms n chest nice biceps and pits

heater11 9 June in 21:03

Bait and switch. I wanted a service, he agreed, he lied where he tried to compensate -- that's not how it works. That's not how I'm dropping my coin on him.

PrinceAdrien27 3 June in 20:23

An amazing performance I am definitely coming back

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