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Musclefan83 29 May in 12:40

very nice,cute face and damn sexy

MusclePatron 19 May in 22:10

I gave him a "5" on Aug. 26. But this time he held the keyboard and seemed to be typing to someone else, though I'd asked him to flex.
He stopped the show. I returned. He still held the keyboard and then suddenly left the site with no explanation.

Musclebeast123 8 April in 12:40

Best looking guy on this website

Musclebeast123 8 April in 12:29

Such a handsome bodybuilder. Very responsive and has such a nice body

Loyal_998 17 February in 11:16

This Guy doesn't even respond here with clearity,I try to communicate something to him but ignores me.
I know he has other account on flirt4free website. I used that website before and spotted him there.

Sponsor4Muscles 9 February in 22:16

Unfriendly or rude or arrogant. I messaged him three brief compliments. He was whistling, not typing, and couldn't bother to respond.

Juni0r_07 25 October in 02:40

hot and handsome. he's really charming and has a crazy physique!

MusclePatron 26 August in 13:40

In my experience, Mike Evans is by far the hottest model on thia site, with a perfect physique, a gorgeous face, the sexiest moves, a charming smile, a pleasant personality, and a naturally Alpha self-confidence! One wants to worship him for days!

Muscle Worshiper 4 May in 01:06

Mike is so naturally hot! His magnificent physique is flawless, and he's so handsome and masculine. He just DRIPS sex appeal, and he's very honest and upfront. I'm hoping to sponsor him, since he has what it takes to be a champion!

PrivateSponsor 27 March in 13:17

I was in private with him, but he didn't do what in Spanish we'd agreed on, yet I said nothing. Then he stopped, and I saw he'd gone to ANOTHER private. Not a great loss, since his hair was stringy & greasy, he looked sad, and he wore thick glasses.

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