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Customer comments (36)

Musclefan83 12 February in 11:36

hot like always,made me cum

phy66 2 January in 06:06

He's so hot,I watch that video of him moaning and twiddling his ass every day,I'd like to see a video of him masturbating with his ass

sunandarrandy 10 December in 10:06

I wanna see again video right now

Musclefan83 4 December in 10:38

so hot,thick muscles and chest, anytime again

loserboy5891 25 November in 05:51

I am so glad hes's making videos again.. love a guys that loves that shows off

Baby69Vers 31 October in 05:41

Damn dude, i love ur body and ur ass.. always cum watching ur video..

that_guy 19 September in 08:34

he is so great but seems like not so talkative, but i luv him

lmao2004 11 May in 08:56

he is a sweetheart and big big big so biggg biceps and sexy as fuck

BradMar 27 March in 00:50

Best bodybuilder on here. Super nice and always willing to accommodate! Give him a try. Also, he's huge.

biceplover69 2 March in 04:16

He is amazing, is getting bigger

very sexy voice and massive muscles

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