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Customer comments (11)

Musclefan83 28 June in 17:51

really great,and huge muscles 鈾 love him :D

SergiBomer 22 January in 17:09

He鈥檚 very beautiful!

Diario76 28 December in 20:42


Musclefan83 28 September in 15:47

very good flexing

Darthvader666 2 July in 09:55

He fullfills your fantasies!!!

gonzonica7 15 April in 16:05

Amazing physic! Love to flex his whole body and knows how to work it. Amazing legs and nice dick too!

piscestud 8 April in 17:56

This guy has an amazing body! So much muscle and he knows how to show it.

Camilo19 26 March in 10:43

Hey one of the most sexiest hunks to muscle worship and he is so amazing

OU812 22 March in 10:20

2nd private today. This man is AHMAZING!!! He is contest ready and handsome as hell. Great Private, Highly recommended

OU812 22 March in 08:08

OMG!!!! This man is absolutely Amazing and Incredible. Superior physique looks like he just stepped off the stage. Well worth the money and I will definitely be a repeat supporter. This man deserves way more than just 5 stars. More like 100 stars.

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