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SergiBomer 27 August in 20:20

He’s amazing!

ShadowMuscle 3 May in 19:07

You are so so so gorgeous. Litteraly the body dream. I hope that one day I'm gonna have a bg with the same body so he can dominate me.
Have a good good day and week and thanks for showing your body. Xoxo

Guy2912 10 January in 18:45

Take his instagram as a gift: https://www.instagram.com/rodr igocavalcanti06/

dandin 8 January in 17:22

Nice man, you are so good to me. Love you so much.

IndianaMuscleBull 5 November in 23:23

Akron Muscle is an amazing person with an equally amazing body. He is so sweet and caring in that massive frame. He accommodated everything I asked of him and wanted to know if there was more he could do. He made me feel relaxed as I watched him.

nicolassam 12 October in 00:33

Amazing model with pleasant attitude. Love spending time with this big, ripped muscle handsome boy!

ICBiceps2 2 September in 21:43

Airon is the best! His body is beyond compare. He is so sweet and so strong. And flexes amazingly He is the best THE GREATEST!!!

plugnplay76 28 August in 09:51

Damn hot 100% pure beef sweetheart.

Musclefan83 27 August in 20:49

damn hot,he do what i want 100% on point.♥love him

dandin 2 June in 16:09

Very hot show. I enjoy every minute with him.

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