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jrw21221 15 January in 12:51

Always a gentleman and a great flirt. He makes me feel good every time we chat. AJ is everything that a man could want in another man. It's a dream to go beyond the virtual world of Live. Damn muscle god!

Wildo13 12 November in 12:23

Really rude I just asked a simple question and he went mad.
That's pity.

dimple69183 15 September in 01:18

Got to correct my last post. Poor boy was feeling down. Just did a show and it was amazing. His body, his flexing, his small. All perfect. Keep up the good work big guy. You got this.

Alex42 12 September in 00:22

This guy is cute and sweet and has amazing muscles and knows how to tease!!!

dimple69183 10 September in 00:41

Hate to write this about AJ, but my last experience was harsh. He is normally super nice, but he didn't want to go private (why are you even on) and then he kicks me out and calls me stupid when I try to apologize. Hopefully I can change this rating.

calrissian 20 July in 11:39

He's absolutely the greatest guy here and i really enjoyed working with him! Friendly, super hot, and i really can't resist that body. I definitely recommend him

little_b 19 July in 02:30

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with A.J. He has an amazing build and we just covered his arms. Excited to go further next time. He was also very friendly.

Darthvader666 26 June in 13:26

I've masturbated thinking about A.J. so many times i've lost count. Another level of hotness. I would totally recommend him.

PrivateSponsor 3 June in 22:52

I regret having to post this, but AJ's pics here are at least ten years old. He's done these camshows for so long that he seemed merely to be going through the motions; it was all very tired and mechanical and, frankly, boring.

OU812 21 February in 21:01

Simply amazing man herre

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