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Pepe Mendoza

220 lbs
5'7 ft
45 in
33 in
20 in
34 in
Fresh from vacation, Pepe Mendoza returns to where he has reclaimed his throne as the king of sexy muscle. Sporting an even bigger and tighter physique than when last we saw him, Pepe is now pushing his body to new heights of greatness. Pepe may just possibly be one of the most handsome men on earth, with his warm sexy eyes, and luscious lips. Those eyes project a deceptive innocence, but it’s for certain that Pepe’s muscles are real. When Pepe strips down and poses to show off his hard muscles, worshipers get to see his enormous chest, his big brown nipples, his expansive back, his great ass, and his huge legs. Pepe’s ready and willing to show off every bulging curve or crevice of his gorgeous body that his LMS fans might want to see. Contact Pepe, now, at or

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  • kraykid amazing
  • SergiBomer He's the best!
  • gotpex Pepe Mendoza is amazing. My plays hard, looks huge, and sounds great. LOVE this man! Muchas gracias, amigo!
  • Professional a performer
  • gotpex Pepe Mendoza is awesome. Huge muscles, great cock, awesome mouth and lips. Love this man, and he plays hard!! Besos, mi amigo!! Y gracias!!
  • Fibers Nice ass and a real friendly Dude!
  • dmaster great
  • dillow50 Sexy as always
  • minky looking good
  • BigMuscleGA Just WOW!!!!!!! this man is gorgeous and built. What a body and he can show it off very nicely....
  • Nasennopsi3 Great show ... always very handsome and sexy performing.
  • bobby3817 great guy. very friendly and accommodating
  • bobby3817 sexy
  • buffbrad So damn sexy!
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • Jackson2 Super caliente! Lovely
  • alexman995 OMG absolutely the greatest....
  • Nasennopsi1 Very charming and nice .... and a brillant and beautiful man.
  • BigMuscleGA WOW... what an amazing body and poses/shows off well !!!!!!!!
  • darwal amazing show, very accommodating
  • joshmx Aamzing physique!
  • Nasennopsi1 Thank you so much, cutie. Always a great show .... charming man.
  • Nasennopsi1 Really great show .... Pepe fulfills every wish you have ... and looks damn sexy and beautiful.
  • fruitang089 Great Guy
  • nakedmuscle25_ good show nice smooth naked body
  • alakazou amazing!!
  • nakedmuscle25_ enjoy posing naked show very good
  • hugehotpecs The best muscle stud alive!
  • hugehotpecs Muscle perfection as always!
  • hugehotpecs Stud!
  • nycewolf Great to see
  • muscles1 Amazingly sexy!
  • phaedrus528 Handsome and massive. But more than that, a charming gentleman!
  • neonquiz Beautiful body, and is a pleasure to watch!
  • hugehotpecs ABsolute perfection HOT!
  • nicktaylor hot as before and nice too
  • mikelongbeach A super stud ....
  • muslust68 awesome Dude - thanks !!!
  • loufise so good
  • charlouxs Pepe knows how to be sexy. I love the way he kisses his bicep and pecs. His ass is amazing too. He is very nice and generous. Very hot.
  • shorekid187 amazing!!!!
  • max09 damn this guy is huge ! needs a hd cam tho to see him better ;)
  • backlash Very sexy!!!!! Ill be back for more surely.
  • samson9 Friendly, big and HOT
  • lonelyboy Sexy, the ultimate fantasy....
  • cottovalentin AMAZING!!!!! HOTTER THAN EVER....
  • muscleper The best show ever
  • nursemaster The best titman on this site. WOW.
  • hugehotpecs Awesome hot man!
  • mikelongbeach Wow ... the BEST
  • laurentis GREAT GUY
  • skipper36 el mejor de todos
  • phaedrus528 Always a pleasure
  • hugehotpecs Man u r the best!
  • dietrich922000 Top hot horny show. Pepe rocks:)
  • amadeus27 Sorry - picture froze.
  • antonio9898 Pepe is so gorgeous...great chest,ass,big long thick cock! and gives a thorough show....strips down and pleases you in every way! very friendly!!! I love his shows!!!
  • dietrich922000 Great
  • dietrich922000 Pepe is a god!!!
  • dseag2 So incredibly hot. What a great looking man.
  • gonzonica7 Awesome guy love him very sexy and big ass big love him
  • rockurworld fantastic!
  • roco19 great as always!
  • gradythedogxxx wonderful show. Amazing man.
  • kylestone just....
  • happyfly Pepe is a great poser and does exactly what you want. Highly recomended. You wont regret it. Money well spent.
  • MaxwellSr Very nice, Pepe is very handsome and always pleasing.
  • dseag2 You are a beautiful man and I enjoy chatting with you.
  • carmen98 Warm brown eyes....fullest prettiest lips ever! hair....the most handsome beautiful face on earth! very sweet sexy man who poses and flexes his hot body for you......and will show you his most intimate parts.....lovely large big hard cock!...great ass! The best from South America!
  • hairypec beautiful!
  • carmen98 I think that this man is possibly the most handsome man in the world! his face is just amazingly beautiful ! he strips down and poses to show off his hard muscles.....his big chest and big brown nipples....his big wide back; he can shake and spread his sexy ass to show off his hot hole! and then jerk his long fat hard cock.....all the while being the sweet bad boy that he is!!!! luscious lips....warm sexy eyes.....just a slight smile to let you know he enjoys playing with you! terrific and sexy show!
  • dseag2 Such a hot guy with handsome face and sexy body.
  • carmen98 Pepe is one of the most handsome men in the world!!!! his face is incredible!!! those eyes are his very muscular body....big chest. huge legs.....he has an awesome ass spread!!! he was accomodating and fun! very sexy,hot ,beautiful! An Academy Award winning show! thanks Pepe! i'll be back!
  • phaedrus528 Amazing man. Handsome, built, kind!
  • APTitan93 Amazing! Great size all over!!
  • blondguy Amazing. Beautiful body, polite, chatted with me too. Lovely, hot guy.
  • nipple_sucker great set of pecs
  • mauricio great man.
  • roma delicious
  • skochan hot
  • kylestone very good
  • carmen98 nice guy who wanted to please.......toook a bit of coaxing but he started to come through for me.....will give him a B+ for effort.......ha! I will try him again soon. some of these guys need to prepare a " show"....!!!!!! he should get better w/some more coaxing!
  • scotty fantastic show
  • samson9 So warm and responsive, and such a fine body, all over! BIG all over, too!
  • jellerss perfect
  • buckeyebuilder One show is not enough!
  • buckeyebuilder Handsome, Huge ... great show!
  • richie123 He is very beautiful and sexy, and very sweet. Gorgeous pecs, especially. Great time!
  • mikelongbeach great pecs and nips
  • mento0riento PEPE is perfection!!!!
  • tropicstud Te busco de guia en mi proximo viaje a Bs As!
  • daveboston great guy, sexy body and smile,, he is Great company
  • inque88 Pepe is awesome and super sexy.
  • ronjak Nice and accommodating.
  • gonzonica7 awesome love this guy
  • kylestone ver great body and great guy
  • yanqui Great host, great body, does anything you ask.
  • thabomox great
  • adav90 He's so fucking hot!!
  • nijinski great guy , good show....
  • mm270 This man is simply AMAZING! Did everything I asked, friendly, and hot (everywhere!)
  • ponemu great show
  • yanqui Hunky and cute and accommodating, the best type of host!
  • yanqui Cute and built, very nice guy.
  • yanqui Great every time, one of the best bodies on the internet!
  • pritter So handsome and hot. Great dick
  • maancora perfecto
  • timuk Amazing, massive guy, gr8 personality, too!!!
  • lovermuscle005 amazing!!!!!!!
  • mmusclemm2 Very friendly and nice guy with a super hot and huge body.
  • yanqui Sexy hot Argentine!
  • yanqui What a HOT GUY!
  • bryce123 Pepe is a total showman! Nice session
  • chelm knows how to please, and has what it takes to do so
  • oktabyo so sexy!
  • yanqui Beautiful guy!
  • yanqui Nice hunk.
  • phaedrus528 Awesome
  • phaedrus528 Handsome, hot. . .
  • phaedrus528 Awesome!
  • gnvpumper Very hot show, will see again.
  • sno80 wow really nice...........
  • bdnapier AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!
  • yanqui Espectacular!
  • yanqui Hunky guy with a perfect body.
  • moosenose Outstanding. very fine body. great show. great build up. very very hot. JEN
  • felixthecat They don't come any hotter!!!
  • felixthecat Very sexy man. Perfect body. Great show!
  • phaedrus528 More cut up than ever!
  • oktabyo hot hot hot hot!!!!!!
  • caribdick great show really sexyyyyyyy
  • phaedrus528 Gorgeous and charming and HOT!
  • ponemu great show, huge quads and dick.
  • yanqui Great body, great chat! Thanks Pepe.
  • ponemu great show and with dirty talk too
  • musqlure Wow. This guy has a gorgeous chest, and some of the hottest nipples I've ever seen. Killer face too -- square jaw, deep set eyes. Very handsome. Nice big dick too. Prime Argentinian beef.
  • buffbrad Nice guy!
  • shack____ Muy Caliente!
  • daibule hot man
  • ponemu great show and dick
  • jjblumusiq Awesome show. Hot muscles, pleasing personality and sexy smile.
  • gatewayday cute
  • ponemu hard huge coclk
  • jesserma nice but a little too much talk tonight
  • cokko nice guy and good show!
  • harey Very hot, friendly guy.
  • speedorod Great show, worth seeing again!
  • yanqui Good
  • bluerob Really hot!!
  • ponemu excellent. worth every penny
  • bwinky2010 great show... he's sexy!
  • yanqui Great show, great dialogue, great body.
  • cokko great show gorgious body very kind model!!
  • klonje38 awesome
  • gatewayday cute
  • jesserma nice guy, great show!! doesn't speak much English...
  • yanqui Great body, great personality, great show!
  • negreira pepe is improving day after getting better and better you must see it yourself to evaluated
  • manner71 amazing body perfect performance
  • yanqui Best pecs and nipples on the site, well ... close to Tamer and Eduardo. Up there, if this is what you like, and a nice guy who'll do anything, WATCH.
  • houstontx1 Pepe is awesome. He has an amazing body!!!! :D
  • blueyesonly great
  • rushbruno like Pepe, very friendly and attentive.
  • XOTigre Que caliente!
  • XOTigre nice
  • felixthecat Pepe has the most incredible body on the MH site. Seems sweet on LMS. I will be back
  • bwinky2010 great body, handsome face, excellent show!
  • houstontx1 Amazing
  • deniosbarros good
  • rbenny1972 ok,
  • rushbruno great debut. Sensational model. Very polite and nice as all Argentines site. I recommend everyone to talk with this fantastic model.

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