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Papi Palermo

215 lbs
5'4 ft
60 in
52 in
21 in
39 in
Those who are lucky enough to get this arrogant, intimidating muscle builder on Livemuscleshow will certainly be in for a bodybuilding treat. Papi Palermo is one of the world's most exhibitionist muscle hunks and he makes it his lifetime ambition to make everyone wish they were as strong and handsome as he is. You must remember to be penitent when you cross the path of Papi, he will humiliate you and dump you if you have a word out of line. This is pure muscle worship in its purest form, and the great Papi Palermo won't take anything less from those who visit him live. If you're good and you fully appreciate the rippling mass of muscle and flesh on your screen then you will be rewarded with a live muscle show that would rival any you've ever seen in the past. Just don't interrupt Papi too much, he doesn't like it! Know your place when it comes to this muscle bound alpha male, and you'll fit in just fine.

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  • johntlew’re my favorite. Great Butt. Love videos and pics...esp. wrestling. Gracias mi amigo.
  • skip0416 hot huge ripped muscle
  • BigMuscleGA This man is a muscle GOD!!!! What a show. He shows off his amazing body so well!!!!!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Massive everywhere!
  • stephenm wow, so hot
  • NEW2MUSCLE Large selection of sexy clothes and undies, even costumes! Muscles everywhere! Perfect in the nude from behind and the front! And a sexy, manly, naughty, welcoming personality! PERFECT!
  • minky wow as always
  • AlessandroG wonderfully sexy
  • kraykid amazing
  • Omegapussy Super hot
  • rfurrymen better live. Would love to live near you
  • minky as always amazing
  • Elroyjetson01 Super sweet and all around amazing. Very hot body and dick
  • FloG great time
  • minky fantastic
  • yasinx20 Amazing
  • tigerfan77 Awesome!
  • Sflo hot legs
  • peclover27 Really awesome stud, has very sexy moves. love his face and smile. will be back for more
  • dandin great show. he is much hotter than before.
  • MuscleHug Amazingly HUGE and Sexy man!!!! Wonderful show!!
  • carpark hes the best
  • calvin8 Always a great show, classically built and huge!
  • calvin8 Always amazing!
  • Nasennopsi1 Great big bubble ass!!!
  • Tiger41 Outstanding
  • Jmc_2309 Best show ever...
  • patcarr Wonderful show!
  • machobrace Papi was great! Nice body, very sexy. I just wish he would wear a g-string or thong and not posing trunks.
  • scootbigd mmmmmmmmm
  • shack____ Caliente!
  • dansneaker he is VERY hot....awesome body and he is in real great shape!!
  • shack____ Great Show!!
  • pitchboy Great show!
  • matieu Really terrific, definitely in shape.
  • cmooreh the screen was not clear and it was difficult seeing papi
  • JMARQUEZ What a fun guy!
  • blueyesonly great
  • mdc123 Hot and sexy man!
  • swimmerwrestler Nice body...
  • jonboy25 He's INCREDIBLE!!!
  • seanm amazing!
  • shack____ muy caliente!!!
  • bernus1900 hot and huge...awensome
  • oktabyo eres un dios papi
  • shack____ great muscular body!
  • andyz4u If you have never been with Papi, do yourself a favor and visit him. What a body of muscle. What a body of HUGE muscles! Papi also has a great personality which adds a lot to the show.
  • blueyesonly hot as hell
  • blueyesonly awesome
  • mitho19 wonderful massive body - nice man....
  • timuk amazing guy, amazing physique...go see!
  • shack____ great show, seductive!
  • rushbruno champion, fantastic, amazing, great, nice, wonderful model. I love Papi.Um big hug.
  • luvmuscle Nice body. Maybe I'll see more another time.
  • gatewayday 1

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