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Marlon Hunter

235 lbs
6'3 ft
69 in
28 in
29 in
29 in
Marlon is a muscle god of Latin descent, and he’s here on LMS to satisfy your hedonistic cravings and urges for someone lean and solid, exotic and spicy, juicy and delicious. Marlon is ripped and statuesque, with smooth tanned skin that accentuates the shape of his rippling muscles. Picture yourself running your hands up Marlon’s thick and powerful thighs, and stroking Marlon with your fingers in various other sensual places as you move upward in the direction of Marlon’s washboard abs. Muscle Worship doesn't get any better than this! But don’t stop there. Once you gaze at his sexy face and his deep-set, chocolate brown eyes, the deal will be done, and you’ll be hooked on Marlon for good. Speaking of chocolate, we should let you know that despite being a tough and dominant guy, Marlon also just so happens to be very sweet, he loves to chat, and he has a big following of fans, here on LMS. Find out what all the buzz is about over this caliente and picante hombre named Marlon Hunter. Contact Marlon, now, exclusively at

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  • Neckguy Very Hot guy and will do what you want
  • gotpex Marlon Hunter is a beautiful man with an awesome body. Spend some time with him. You will love him!
  • Neckguy Very hot guy
  • dw5150 Pure power!
  • dw5150 Super hot and huge!
  • swallow Thank you so much I will see you again after I workout anomy body needs to see you
  • dw5150 Awesome show, very nice, always smiling with those huge muscles!
  • Sammy6677 excellent thank u
  • dw5150 Hot and horny!
  • muscles1 Very sexy and accommodating!!
  • xoxot56 great handsome!!!
  • SlavePercyForYou Hot guy, nice cock, English okay but not fluent, pleasant.
  • dandin nice and hot. SOMEONE should get him a HD cam.
  • franknor a real hunk!!!
  • qwyjibo thanks for the show!
  • skip0416 hot ripped muscled body the best
  • evilqueen beautiful man, is number one
  • ncbearlvr Hot man!
  • wareagle great show
  • ozmstud Awesome !!!
  • bigcraig1O8 very hot, sexy and handsome
  • skoll24 Perfect body, cuerpaso
  • buffbrad Great guy, beautiful bod, does what you ask
  • hugehotpecs Very sexy man!
  • max09 gives a great show needs new cam tho but otherwise was great !
  • webruce thanks awesome build buddy
  • free90 great show, but cam was not really good. always pixelated.
  • sebooky What a smile, what a body, what a man!
  • nicktaylor nice guy, hot as hell, an HDcam will be better
  • blackdiamond nice seeing you again!
  • blackdiamond great
  • cemcarr Marlon, thanks for a great session together. You are really hot and you have a sweet and generous spirit. Happy Holidays!
  • mlo_vah mmmmmmmmmmmm
  • musclefan22 huge and ripped... awesome show
  • bronxnyc very accomadating...really huge and ripped now
  • andariel Una maravilla de todos modos.
  • free90 Always great
  • vabbva Marlon looks better than ever, and he gives a great show ! Nice, friendly guy, too.
  • jeeb amazing huge built stud
  • parispex beautiful !
  • spank90 Marion is awesome!
  • icbiceps Incredible - his body is beyond perfection - huge muscles - great posing - cute face - so hot - so sexy - HE IS THE BEST!
  • ronjak Nice Guy!
  • MaxwellSr I have not been in Marlons room almost a year, a big misstake on my part, my how this sexy young man has become a Muscle God. Hot body and sweet personality who knows how to show all his stuff. Thanks Marlon!
  • qwyjibo Guapo!
  • Ando10 Wow - looking great at the moment - huge shoulders & chest and a tiny waist - awesome. One of my go to guys on here
  • Jonathan Great show from Marlon - and great body
  • joshmx Great show. Marlon is bigger than how he looks on his photos. I highly recommend him.
  • Ekmann Totally hot and i loved it
  • tokyofan1 nice
  • qwyjibo Perfect!! Marlon will do anything to please!
  • Peterzee He is very good
  • qwyjibo WOW - so amazing. Marlon is the best ever!!
  • qwyjibo WOW - he'll do anything to please and boy does he please!!!
  • chris_1 Very friendly guy. Huge muscles and first class performer. Highly recommended!
  • phxguy1 very sexy show! does as promised!
  • abuaissa55 Marlon is so sweet and that makes him so, so sexy. He's got a beautiful body, nice ass, and just so beautiful all over. My dream man.
  • ImaGayStud good show
  • spank90 He is just so hot, and very nice!
  • lsgnobody Amazing guy, won me over on how nice he is. Plus, he's got muscle enough to throw at our faces and will do it gladly. =)
  • spank90 So hot!
  • blocker Malon is great. He's polite and co-operative. Has a great body and a beautiful cock. He does tend to interrupt his jerking off with a lot of chatter but he is a beautiful man!
  • cemcarr Marlon is really hot!
  • sexyhunk39 very good show, so sexy and polite!!
  • dbreyne Very hot - does what you ask for!
  • Fibers Nice Guy with a nice body. No complaints. HOT HOT very HOT Manly Man!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jasonlo95 Nice show buddy!
  • adambrid70 great
  • kai444 Great time for my first private. He is fantastic.
  • bronxnyc very accommodating....
  • pbirch Extremely friendly, lean body
  • captaindad2 always found Marlon to be absolutely perfect - body is always big and cut....great show...does whatever you ask......goes to whatever length to make me happy.......he's so handsome and friendly........will be back many times again
  • carmen98 HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!! a hundred times HOT! show! Marlon has a beautiful tall body of tanned muscle ! nice pecs with hard brown nipples! a tight round ass and tight hole he loves to show! He is incredibly handsome and very very friendly! More of the models on here need to be like him!!!! He ames to please!!!! Visit'll find out what i mean! he is not a shy guy! :)
  • roco19 GREAT!
  • ramfis69 u r my man . hope to see u son
  • carmen98 This incredibly handsome tall muscular warrior gave me an incredibly HOT HOT HOT show......he is very willing to perform as you ask him !!!! He have a smooth tanned body w/ big muscles and great definition! an ass that wont quit!!!! nice big balls and cock! he is a terrific performer and talks w/ you throughout the show to make sure that you are satisfied. He is super friendly and has a smile that makes you feel as if you know him! I'm going back for ore and more!!! GOOD JOB MARLIN !
  • phaedrus528 Handsome, hot, pleasant--
  • Ando10 OMG...that was awesome...the best show yet. Amazing physique and very eager to please
  • mason86 Marlon is always so sweet. He's always worth your time.
  • qwyjibo a real stud through and through!
  • ricolo wonderful ass
  • rtpp123 cam angles suck,,, but a cutey and nice guy and great muscles
  • samson9 So friendly and what a body!! And that ass!
  • musc_frea Wow, amazing!!!!!!!!!!
  • qwyjibo super hot and eager to please! What a man!
  • rodrigo ricooooooooooooooooo
  • nightfall987 Me Encanto papi!...eres lo maximo!
  • bigmrpc This man is the best MUSCLE GOD....he gave me everything I asked and more.....
  • maancora bellissimo
  • guest34 Marlon is one hot, extremely handsome bodybuilder, very pleasing physiek.
  • marcinho awsome guy
  • mikelongbeach wow .... un hombre perfecto
  • ricky33 extremely pleasing, agressive, and dominant, loved him.
  • SlavePercyForYou Marlon is stunning! I would have stayed on longer if he'd replied to my question.
  • straydread1 hottest guy on here
  • anchorman a real great guy, hot body, extremely handsome, super nice and willing to do some chat.
  • bloomberg Great performer!
  • marcinho awsome guy, sexy as hell
  • gaymuscle44 great shows
  • inque88 He is awesome and a sweet guy. Super shredded!
  • romanv Nice guy! Very handsome and cute.
  • adamski Great body
  • roco19 Great show!
  • maancora ciao bacio
  • babe A great body and a great show!
  • old muscle Great performance. I have no regrets!
  • wainwright There are som many other guys to see why do i keep coming back-- because the guy is HOT caliente picante!-
  • thabomox good
  • maancora ciao
  • dane77 Top nice guy. Does what ever it takes.... It is so Good :-)
  • sniper2006 he is really nice!!!!!!!!!!!! not waste time! but i have to go first coz my roommate !
  • ruffbear7 picture a bit unclear but he's a sweetheart. beautiful cock and awesome arms and chest.
  • david20 mu wenooooooo very very goood
  • cologneguy Hot show
  • sakusen Very nice! Very sweet guy and very easy going.
  • ditcali HOT!
  • yanqui A charming, handsome guy!
  • missionx Very hot and horny man!,-)
  • scotty excellent
  • aaron1234 Handsome!
  • worshiper so hot and beautiful
  • hvdm Excellent
  • babe The Best!
  • pierre004 ok - but not that special
  • mrcmrcmr hot
  • rubberluc very very sexy bb
  • ponemu great show
  • sean7 Wow what a sexy young man! Horny and beautifully strong body. Very friendly and made me feel so welcome. Highly recommended in every possible way.
  • dynamic1 good show and good guy...GREAT
  • ponemu great show
  • icbiceps Marion is the best. The others pale in comparison. There is no one better. Everything about him. His looks, his body, his sweetness. He is the best!
  • peebslc The # 1 on site. Handsome, built and VERY cooperative. Wish he would marry me!
  • normalmuscle INCREDIBLE!!!!
  • phaedrus528 Really sweet guy who enjoys pleasing his guests
  • icbiceps He is the best of all the muscle studs on here. Take him private. You will love every second. His muscles are incredible, and every thing else is just as good. You will love every second of private with him. He is outstanding! OUTSTANDING!!!!
  • samson9 So friendly and hot!
  • icbiceps This guy has the greatest muscle ever! Fantastic Lats, great biceps, cute face, and the most amazingly muscular body! He is fantastic! You will love going private with him!!!
  • caribdick always good
  • phaedrus528 Wonderful!
  • matieu not very muscular, not in shape
  • muscleseek Fantastic performance, great body, wonderful muscles
  • iufratboy79 Great ass!!!
  • mu5cl3l0v3r amazing such a beautiful big sexy muscular masculine mmmmm muscle amazing guys!!!!!!! bello molto sexxxxayyy!
  • orthodox123 SO BEAUTIFUL ...LAT A MILE WIDE .... LOVE HIM!!
  • phaedrus528 Love this man!
  • ponemu great show
  • ponemu great show
  • buzcut Very hot show, sensual guy n not inhibited at all. Hot body and great smile
  • nijinski Wonderful latino guy... Open minded,charming... A lot of fun wiyh a great real body... Muchas gracias
  • ponemu great show
  • manner71 super hot as always
  • danielesexx The best boy here! Very correct, and very hot... he do everything you ask... he don't stolen your money as many other performes here! You have to visit Marlon ;) is a very great and hot boy!
  • musqlure Very, very hot Latin muscleman. BIG dick. Puts on a good show.
  • ilovemuscle0318 Marlon is rated as the 12th most popular model on LMS. To me, he is #1 ! If you have never spent time with Marlon, do so. You won't regret it. He is a great performer that really knows how to use his muscular body! WOW!
  • apelles wow!!!
  • buffbrad Nce Hot Guy!!
  • ilovemuscle0318 Had another five star award winning performance with Marlon tonight! Can't say enough about his muscles, his personality, and his other attributes !!!!! Simply the BEST! Love him!
  • gatewayday ?
  • esperancamor nice man...very hot....nice butthole...and prick.!!!
  • shack____ great show!
  • manner71 so hot
  • manner71 fan fucking tastic
  • ilovemuscle0318 What can I say....Marlon is the best! He absolutely knows how to perform and please! WOW! Muscles....Muscles....Muscles!!!
  • ilovemuscle0318 Just finished my nightly show with Marlon, and as usual he was hot as ever! Please take my advise and see him in private if you never have. You won't regret it. He is a great performer and will do whatever you want. Marlon aims to please. His body is so perfectly proportioned with MUSCLES. I love his teasng smile.
  • ilovemuscle0318 I am addicted to Marlon. Take him private and you will see why! Great looks, great muscles, great personality, and sexy beyond words. Oh, what a man, what a man. 15 stars for tonights show!
  • ilovemuscle0318 Absolutely amazing! Marlon is solid muscle from top to bottom. My favorite are his biceps. Perfectly proportioned. Marlon gives the hottest and sexiest show and really pleases his client, which he treat more like a friend. One of the best on LMS....go see him.
  • ilovemuscle0318 Marlon is my new favorite star on LMS. He has such a great personality to go along with ALL those terrific muscles. He has another rather large part of himself that he shares also! WOW! Marlon has a killer smile that will make you melt. Spend some time with him. You won't regret it. Ten stars!
  • babe Thanks for your wonderful show!!!
  • samson9 Marlon is HOT! Check him out! Warm and friendly and hot and fine!
  • jboss22 Beautiful Friendly Sexy Man!
  • jjblumusiq mucho caliente
  • phaedrus528 Amazing!
  • jesserma nice guy, sweet
  • jjblumusiq awesome show!!!!
  • manner71 WOW so hot
  • manner71 OMG so fucking hot those abs that ass he is abosutley amazing. Very obliging performer. Very keen to please
  • gatewayday hot!!!!!!!!
  • krewdude me like
  • pierre004 ok..
  • deniosbarros great
  • shack____ great show!
  • jessejames this guy got a very nice package, I wish I was there to open it personally.
  • jesserma great show, nice guy and great attitude!
  • jesserma great show, nice guy - very agreeable and pleasant
  • phaedrus528 A beautiful, sexy, kind, gorgeous man!
  • fusto very pleasant and fulfilling... nice young man highly recommendable
  • BigMuscleRenter WOW--Incredible body and great smile. Got hard and came for me. Very amazing show.
  • jake37 ok!!
  • rockyre4 man those lats make me so hot, super cute and super sexy
  • cokko good show and nice body but problem with understanding english!
  • manner71 OMG so fucking hot
  • ponemu great guy, great body i dont gave him 5stars because of his on line connection....too bad.
  • gatewayday cute
  • texasboy120 Muy encantador...... mas de 10 estellas.... buena persona.....
  • bluerob Gorgeous guy, eager to please. 5 Stars!
  • yanqui Nice guy, great body and face, great demeanor, will do what you ask. Check him out now!
  • manner71 great body nice ass really good perfermance eager to please
  • blueyesonly great show
  • junior5 amazing
  • junior5 great
  • junior5 He was amazing
  • bwinky2010 GREAT!
  • yanqui Very cute guy!
  • gatewayday hot
  • MaxwellSr Great show!!!
  • shack____ great show great body
  • shack____ great body
  • felixthecat beautiful
  • sean7 Very sexy and handsome and great body - and also a nice guy. Hot show!
  • sean7 great show!!!!!!
  • daibule Amazing guy
  • deniosbarros more or less
  • deniosbarros .
  • deniosbarros good
  • flexurpecs4me ok
  • klonje38 great show
  • satseryc its a hot body
  • joakman1 He was everything you would expect and more! From beginning to end so attentive to your worship needs.
  • mitho19 nice
  • ponemu he told me he was hard to getme to pvt, but he wasnt
  • tedward75 SuperHOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! latin super stud!!!!!!!!
  • bwinky2010 handsome! nice bod!
  • rushbruno Great guy. Friendly and polite. Has a future on the site.
  • XOTigre Hottie!