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Lucas Diangelo

225 lbs
5'11 ft
54 in
32 in
20 in
31 in
This young buck named Lucas is a dirty, nasty boy who loves to play. Lucas likes nothing better than to sic the other guys he plays with on each other, and he gets away with it. The other guys always forgive him, because all that this grinning troublemaker has to do is part his full lips, and betray just a hint of a smile. It's that sense of pure fun that Lucas brings to his private shows. Lucas will tease you, and then he'll turn around and let you play with him. He’s that special kind of guy who’s full of life, and with a great sense of humor. So, just go private with Lucas, and let go. You'll be having fun in no time, right along with Lucas. It's a wild ride, and it’s a trip to remember! Contact Lucas now, only at

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  • skip0416 Incredible muscle show
  • Professional Chest is insane, also a super kind guy. will be back
  • gotpex Lucas, I will catch you in private. You're looking hot as fuck! Thanks
  • Trebron Amazing. So big and beautiful.
  • mrbody1959 oh my goodness. do a private session with this guy
  • gotpex Lucas is a total man in every way. Incredible body, incredible everything. Grazie mille, amico. Muchas gracias, amigo!
  • machobrace Not too bad! He is sexy and a good stripper. Just wish the camera angle was a bit better.
  • Ant_London Excellent. Amazing
  • cesareborgia HE IS SO HOT.....HIS LEGS ARE TO DYE FOR
  • joshmx Amazing body!
  • fitzguy lovely guy
  • grond7777 Sexy!
  • cokko nice show in voyeur mode!
  • fitzguy i love this guy xxx
  • fitzguy wow, wow,wow..he has the sexiest voice and cums like a real man
  • fitzguy i love this guy, hes so sexy
  • fitzguy simply the best
  • fitzguy wow,so sexy and nice xxxx
  • prp002 This older gentleman does quite a good muscle show
  • minky rocking out of this world
  • fitzguy wow, what can i say, hes so sexy and so horney..i love him xxx
  • fitzguy hes so sexy the best here xx
  • minky fabulous
  • fitzguy he is so sexy
  • minky first class one of the best
  • Neckguy Very accommodating to my desires
  • alex_28 wow incredible!
  • Ant_London Excellent stuff.
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Hot guy
  • djohnston858 Amazing Muscle BEAST
  • fitzguy amazing!!!!!
  • mrbody1959 Lucas is amazing handsome and very very sexy. If you want the real deal someone who will go all the way, then go with Lucas.
  • cesareborgia GREAT BODYBUILDER
  • maine0987 Incredible!!!!
  • Ant_London This guy is amazing.Truly wonderful and polite. Great muscle body 100% will recommend him to anyone
  • andii55 Wow so hot fingering his hole
  • bellaragazza Try to resist . . . you won't
  • alex_28 wow so damn hot!
  • jonboy25 Always gives a great show. Very responsive and knows EXACTLY what he's doing!
  • skip0416 hot pumped ripped body
  • alex_28 Really hot and handsome man, so perfect and muscular! Great show!
  • jonboy25 Amazing every time! So good!
  • bravomuscle Perfection! Im addicted!!!
  • bravomuscle I love this man!!! Perfection!!
  • bravomuscle Ask him to do a strip tease and good luck not coming back for more. wonderful.
  • nyc.abs1234 Simply gorgeous
  • fruitang089 lovely guy so friendly
  • choupic GREAT SHOW!!
  • headz Such a nice guy, with a beautifully sculptured physique. You can tell he's worked hard.
  • Merzspezial You are a very kind and handsome man.
  • nicktaylor so nice so fit
  • nicktaylor do all I ask, so so satisfied.
  • 5150dw This time was awesome! Great job!
  • 5150dw Very hot! Less typing, more talking and flexing!!!
  • daniel14 very hot!
  • timobrien Hot as fuck
  • jonboy25 So hot and dominant!
  • johnwest so damn sexy, im cuming hard
  • ventnor This Muscle Beast is going into new Muscle Growth Territory, now. Hot Transformation.
  • dumbelle Magnificent. Really handsome and screaming huge sex appeal
  • quentin7545 very very nice muscle and horny
  • refrat66 I really Like Lucas he look buff as hell would scare me in a good way if I was to see him anywhere ,thanks for all the hard work it pays off in you physique
  • luvpecsandarms nice show with very nice, big finish
  • refrat66 man I do enjoy this show not are you only a muscle god but it seems to make my body move better too thanks buddy!
  • refrat66 This was my first time in a PVT chat and he delivered the goods,I would love to get together again in the future
  • mike_1985_29 Great body!! Nice
  • jalonde Huge muscle hot man
  • shyguy Ripped Muscleman
  • chelm f'in glorious!
  • thicknick I want to go private with you
  • Origamigui85 He knows how to treat a true muscleworshipper. Huge EVERYWHERE, hard pecs, awesome abs. truly YUMMY!!!!
  • plogan50 top shape!!
  • gsplover Nice show. incredible body and ultimately delivered on everything I asked him too.
  • charlouxs Lucas has so sexy. Perfection. He is very muscular. Big bicep, big pec, amazing abs and cute ass. He has a body to dream for. Very hot hot hot 5 stars.
  • icedog20008 Amazing guy. Handsome. Incredibly built. In contest shape! Amazing cock too!
  • SynapseSchism Oh no! we got disconnected!! (again)
  • SynapseSchism Wonderful man.
  • plogan50 top shape!
  • 00muscle00 Amazing! very hot/sexy! YUM!
  • sbiglds This Man is HOT! He loves to show off and he's great at it. He is very handsome and has an amazing body!
  • plogan50 top ripped!
  • blueyesonly hot
  • mustang2012 IF you want muscle Lucas is your guy AMAZING
  • markon He is a great musclegod, with a beautiful cock i love it when he shows off his muscles!
  • pjminmia The hottest! Man is simply awesome.
  • vabbva I think he is looking the best he's ever looked ! Too bad he doesn't like lamb.
  • ncbearlvr Hot man .. loves to tease .. what a body!
  • dfyats Excellent and handsome. Thanks, Lucas!
  • dfyats Bigger, and more of him! Nothing like a good looking man at his best. Lucas, unitil next time. Take care!
  • ventnor This man is so Hot and getting Hotter by the hour.
  • dfyats Always, my special friend. Take care. You will, I know, succeed in what you put your mind to! Sarut!
  • dfyats Thumbs up! Always, my Romanian friend.
  • dfyats Perfection, always perfection again! Thanks Lucas! I will never forget you!
  • dfyats Thumbs up!
  • dfyats Yes dedicated and brilliant in his own way with bodybuilding! Thanks for sharing my friend!
  • phxguy1 Very HOT and sexy show! He really delivers!
  • dfyats Always the best! Minimum of 5 stars. Lucas...forever!
  • mustang2012 AMAZING show, if could give him 10 stars always there to please. Always come back to him one of the best on here
  • mustang2012 Great performer
  • dfyats Perfection....Just Perfection!
  • dfyats I can get all satisfaction! Didn't even try. I got lots of satisfaction! Yes, Satisfaction! Don't care what the Stones say! are the man!
  • buckeyebuilder AWESOME, great body!
  • dfyats Simply the best! Lucas is pleasant, thoughful, quick-witted and kind! There is nothing I wouldn't give him. Thanks Lucas, always
  • dfyats The stars speak for themselves! Take care my friend. The best to you!
  • dfyats This man is pleasing and very creative! I am still astounded! Take care my friend........
  • dfyats Lucas....WOW! That was something really nice! You are something! Take care...
  • xprojock Lucas is awesome. Great body and very willing to please. Really likes showing off that big muscle body of his.
  • csb9273 Thanks for the great show!
  • sideswipe One of the best... Nice guy. Great shape.
  • jjsteven he was alot of fun. good looking and seemed like he was having fun
  • jared Fucking hot show!
  • musclefansf WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • APTitan93 totally worth my time
  • tap10 so incredible! i loved his deep manly voice! also loved his huuuuuge muscles! mmmm loved his pecs! thank you baby ;)!
  • mustang2012 That what you call muscle and he gives a great performance and listen to the client
  • jared Very hot ;)
  • maxxx7575 nice hot man
  • amalissaa not good
  • XEXEX great show, super nice guy...loved it
  • eden64!
  • carmen98 Lucas is a super nice guy.....his show was sensual and arousing.....perfect body....great chest,big sexy nips that he plays with....stripped down nude for me to see that glorious ass and big manly cock! Wow! great! highly recommend.... he's very.very friendly ---which makes sets him apart from many of the other arrogant models!
  • mitho19 sexy and friendly man....
  • jmead011 Awesome show. All business, no BS.
  • dillon250 He is as HOT as they come. Really goes all out for his fans!!!!
  • chrismuscle wow! so much bigger than i remembered! i love his massive pecs! could lay on them all day :) great performer and does what you like! my new secret b/f xD! love you lucas!
  • todd954 Very Very hot ripped muscle
  • kyle2012 you are hot as hell thank you ill be back again sexxxy
  • aaron1234 he's good!
  • mustang2012 This is one of the great guys on here really listen to his customer and gives great private. If you are not going into a private you don't know what you are missing
  • oktabyo talk, talk, talk, poor show,
  • readynow Fantastic! You will not be disappointed!
  • ruffbear7 Very sexy, raw with beautiful, strong arms and great beard.
  • danielesexx amazing amazing show! Wow!!! ;)
  • maancora bellissimo
  • icbiceps HE IS SUPER HUGE - SUPER NICE AND A FANTASTIC POSER!! His lats explode when he flexes - his biceps are thick and hard - his chest is unbelievable. You will love every minute with him!
  • icbiceps Awesome flexer - fantastic arms and super chest and amazing Lats. great smile - it was the best!!
  • doe82343 amazing...what a sweet guy. :]
  • maancora bello, corpo perfetto palestrato
  • babe Great Time with a really great guy!
  • sean7 Great muscles and very friendly guy. Really worth it.
  • musqlure HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rkzg24 good show!!!!!!!`
  • tropicstud Good poser and great attitude!
  • deano great show
  • musqlure AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bears7 Love that bod man. Luca's amazing
  • mitho19 super star
  • buffbrad Lucas has become awesome, HUGE. He's so nice, gives it all in his show. This guy is much bigger than his photos. THE BEST.
  • musqlure Even better. Now with audio.
  • musqlure Great body. Hot, masculine, muscular. Amazing pec bounce. Drool . . .
  • gatewayday Whoa!!!! so f'n hot!!
  • musqlure Amazing show. Great performer.
  • musqlure Awesome
  • musqlure !!!!!
  • musqlure This site really needs to post new pics of this guy. He's MUCH, MUCH bigger now than he is in the pics they have here. In addition to being bigger, Angelo is handsome and has a great attitude. Highly recommended.
  • musqlure Fantastic. Much bigger than in his photos. He's put on a lot of size since those were taken.
  • denlive THE BEST!!!
  • musqlure Very sexy, masculine young man. Hot body. Love the tats. Gives a really good show.
  • jackson8924 Bigger than ever
  • klonje38 amazing
  • jake37 new
  • bigjimmy Awesome performer...loved it
  • deniosbarros incridible
  • deniosbarros good
  • deniosbarros good

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