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Kurt Beckmann

240 lbs
5'9 ft
48 in
39 in
21 in
33 in
An accomplished gymnast from an early age, Muscle Hunk Kurt Beckmann can literally do deep splits and handsprings. As he's landing, catch the Thor tattoo that covers Kurt’s back. The lightning and thunder bolts perfectly conform to the counters of his V-shaped muscle frame, and they end up pointing to two smooth mounds of ass muscle. It's unusual to see someone as big as Kurt so limber, but as you will notice when he performs, Kurt can twist his bulging body into all kinds of positions. He can even put his legs behind his head, which is something to imagine. To see for yourself, take Kurt private, now, only here at!

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  • idkpod Goes straight to work. I love it. Beautiful body and sexy feet!
  • stm1976 Once he gets going Kurt is awesome
  • gclark88 Beautiful, sexy man but also lovely!
  • twinky19 The hottest man ever he has the body of a muscle god!
  • woofwuf hot ass / hot man / worth it
  • idkpod Great body and awesome cock.
  • looker888 very hot and no game
  • Jackson2 still the one
  • BigblokeXXL AMAZING
  • harey Very smart and sweet guy. If you like handsome and huge, highly recommended.
  • spenny78 best on here! very hot. very accomidating
  • 5150dw Jumps right into flexing! Big guy, big muscles both on top and below!
  • calmuscle2000 very sexy
  • mrbody1959 Kurt is in amazing shape
  • roidman great condition and great muscles
  • little_b Wow. This guy has one crazy amazing build. Super nice, super handsome and super sexy. Will be back and oh did I mention those muscles are insane. :D
  • samson9 such a hot man!
  • roidman look great!
  • Evonshire He's stunning, hot, and powerfully built! Did everything I asked for, very exhibitionistic, knows English. Will visit him again and again!
  • simonmuscle the best big big cock
  • Jackson2 who chooses intermission?? me or Kurt? Anyway he is magnificent
  • dummyelf excellent....powerful....and HUGE~!
  • zami82 the best
  • Trucker2013 I am in love with this sexy man.
  • Jackson2 alwyas the best
  • mrbody1959 wow this guy is hung
  • mrbody1959 vava voom
  • samson9 Thanks for doing voyeur!
  • flaviob Kurt Is Huge! Great Show, a true musclegod!
  • marcinho awsome musclegod
  • mrbody1959 Thank you for sharing with us a private look at that magnificent body Kurt. You are a sex god man.
  • marcinho the true Champion here!!!!!!!!!!!! muscles and sex appeal!!!!!!!!!!
  • daveinweho You were great though. Amazing body!!!
  • lbljunior023 built tough!
  • Jeffmeck Kurt-.anytime! you are the best!
  • BigMuscleFan88 Really hot show!!!
  • leonal too sexy
  • shorekid187 awesome!
  • rocky87 Beautiful man and great personality.
  • bitterbl Amazing guy as always!
  • frskyfeler Kurt is not only a HUGE dude, but a very nice guy......WOW! Thanks man!
  • ncbearlvr hot as always .. love his thick foreskin and hot ass .. pecs are very tasty too .. mmmmm .. complete hot package!
  • brain4brawn Very hot man. Made to be worshipped. Face, body, dick - just awesome.
  • bluefoot311 He is amazing in private.
  • yasinx20 PERFECT THE BEST!!!!
  • beppino He's great. I'll be back for more.
  • bobby3817 georgeous biceps
  • zami82 love kurt pvt show amazing
  • simonmuscle the best
  • gonzalito7322 great body, great dick, great attitude, Kurt is a must!
  • l28791 great honest man.
  • mymuscle01 ,massive
  • Trucker2013 He is kind and sexy man - perfect combination. I love spending time with him.
  • free4me9541 amazing
  • Trucker2013 He is kind and sexy - the best I could hope for. I will look for him again.
  • mitho19 5*****. Best Body. Very friendly....
  • dirtypig Awesome!
  • 00muscle00 amazing! I'll be back!
  • roidman cool and perfect!
  • hairymusclefan What a guy! In contest shape right now and a perfect show again! 5 stars for this amazing german giant!
  • monabitmore DAMN HOT!!!
  • likestrongman amazing muscles, will be back
  • Buckster Great!
  • krissy85 Soo sexy
  • Saltimbanco just great
  • hairymusclefan WOW, what an amazing Show again! He is the perfect muscle man! And of course 5 stars for such a hunk! Thanks again!
  • rick654 great guy with great big guns!
  • alaterra great perfomer in private and genuine nice guy
  • hairymusclefan WOW, he is no doubt a huge german giant! Lovely voice, sexy face, huge muscles... He really deserves more than 5 stars! Definitely again!
  • glatze36muc very handsome - perfect body - great show - 5 stars
  • brain4brawn Awesome man - incredible thick inked muscle with a huge piece of uncut meat. Very friendly and a really nice guy.
  • demjlaw very hot and very open to roleplay, had a great time
  • prodigal_sonag He is the best here!
  • muscleup absolutely great!
  • ricardin not attractive
  • aaron1234 Bit of a time waster at the start, and not really as flexible as advertised. But handsome and nice muscles!
  • musclefan82288 He sure is one of the hottest guys I've ever seen on here!
  • boomersooner Bummer just when it was getting good
  • negreira BORING TODAY
  • shyguy Gave a great simulated arm workout and the muscle worship show!
  • leonal amazing bod amazing personality
  • cologneguy So hot...
  • youwantthis2 Not too bad, not too good.
  • scotty ok
  • jonboy25 sexy as hell!
  • jess8b Really nice, smart and genuine guy - very sexy!
  • shaun Kurt is one of the very best men around. Hot, smart, kind, funny - and very very very sexy. I am a Kurt Fan!
  • aaron1234 Great and HOT, but a times seemed distracted by something else on his computer. Good English, but not the most vocal.
  • buster Nice big quads and a nice little one too
  • jesserma great show with nice guy, great job!
  • mitho19 mega friendly men...and hot hot hot
  • captaindad2 Kurt is one hot man........will do it all and has the bod to get you off........I'm a regular now.....
  • plopes2012 great
  • ahannan hot guy...beautiful body...good english
  • monabitmore Totally HOT
  • servemuscle This man is a GOD :)
  • phaedrus528 Cool guy. Very hot body and amazing arms!
  • krysten not ripped enough
  • anton24 Amazing!!!!
  • csb9273 Awesome show! Amazing body. Nice guy!
  • timuk you gotta see this guy, Kurt is hot and beutiful.....gr8 muscles everywhere!!
  • joeyugi Very cute!!!!!!..... awesome muscles!!!!!!!!!
  • sean7 Very good looking and great to be with. Intelligent and sexy. Would like to see more!!!
  • ponemu Great performer, gorgeous body and big dick. Best asset: HUGE BICEPS.
  • gatewayday cute
  • klonje38 amazing
  • harrpott thanks... thats great... my email... come to cancun...
  • blueyesonly amazing
  • luvmuscle Huge all over. Maybe I'll see more another time ;)
  • jonboy25 Great
  • rushbruno Great guy. Very strong and nice. I liked to talk. Excellent model.

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