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Kane Griffin

220 lbs
5'11 ft
49 in
34 in
19 in
28 in
Kane Griffin is wider than most of us are tall. Kane attributes all his muscle building energies to the fact that he was bored when he was younger. He took it upon himself to start doing a few sit ups and press ups, and before too long his abdominal muscles started to look a little better. Well from then on he's dedicated his life to the development of his body and his muscles; and here at Livemuscleshow we think he's done a pretty damn good job so far! Kane is very pleased with his body so far, but he still considers it "work in process", to use his own words. He goes on to say, "although I'm happy with the size and shape of all my muscles, I don't think I'll ever be truly satisfied enough to just maintain my body. Bodybuilding is a way of life and I love the way my body keeps changing its shape dependent on the type of lifting I do." Well it looks as though Kane Griffin is going to be around for a long time yet, and we're very excited about that prospect.

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  • fitzguy wow man, so hot
  • machobrace LOVE HIM
  • machobrace Absolutely loved him!!!! He was incredible, what a striptease. The connection was a bit bad, but other than that he was amazing. Love you!!!!
  • pitchboy Hot & friendly
  • muscles1 So sexy and very friendly!
  • mrbody1959 Tis guy really knows what he is doing
  • Time9999 Awesome guy great body
  • Neckguy Gorgeous man! And will do what you want
  • geoduck_007 Nice
  • Nasennopsi3 Great show. Thx.
  • carpark hot guy!
  • cokko Gorgious show as always!
  • choupic A PLEASURE TO WATCH!!
  • kidflash212 Amazing. A dream come true
  • cokko gorgious horny show!!!!!
  • scottlayne nice boy
  • cokko love this gorgious show!
  • machobrace Kane is hot. He looks so good in a thong!! Ask for his thongs to be at arm's reach so you don't waste time.
  • cokko wonderful show by wonderful BB!
  • csb9273 Kane's body is ripped to shreds, as he is nearing a contest. His body is perfection, and he is super nice and accommodating!
  • machobrace That was his best performance yet! He wears g-strings extremely well. I was very turned on. :)
  • cokko kane is not a time waster! And what a show!!!
  • cokko splendid show by gorgious guy!!!!
  • timobrien HOT MAN...GREAT ENERGY
  • curiousbob Kane is simply the best guy on LMS
  • pier77 Very hot and top shape!!!!
  • maleart Gorgeous man!
  • cokko gorgious show by gorgious BB!
  • kidflash212 Perfect build and very sexy
  • nicefeet2015 Great guy, Great body, Great blonde ass. .
  • luvpecsandarms what a fun show!!!!!! and with such a hot man. What a body!!!
  • BigLukeII Just adorable
  • Ropdan he is the best
  • iloveboyss best muscle
  • charlouxs Kane is so nice and generous. It's a pleasure to be with him in private. He did what i want. Beautiful face, cute smile and sexy look. I love his bicep and pec. His body is very sexy and hot. 5 stars for me.
  • markroman thx
  • charlouxs Kane has a amazing shape. I love his bicep, pec and ass. He is so sexy. Very nice and generous guy. He knows how to turn me on. He is so hot hot hot.
  • charlouxs Very nice man. Kane has an impressive body. Very sexy, very muscular and very hard. Amazing show. Very hot.
  • kosmo Gorgeous, nice, VERY built.
  • plogan50 Top shape!!
  • valdo59 really hot greek god!
  • daytona307891 WOW
  • body_pr0 JUST PERFECT!!!
  • muscles1 so handsome and getting some great size. hot
  • webruce Thanks awesome body
  • nicktaylor so damn hot and so nice, take me to heaven
  • laurentis very good looking guy
  • nursemaster Great Nips
  • muscleworship5 U R the Best !!
  • dane77 Nice good looking guy
  • jalonde gorgeous
  • rland10 yum
  • cjab23 Very hott show!!!
  • talon1982 amazing never enough time
  • luvpecsandarms Another hot show and just what I had asked for. Can't want for too much more than that :) And he smiles so beautifully!
  • jalonde muscle god
  • mrcmrcmr amazing blond stud!!!!!!!!!
  • sweden52 awesome man and very HOT!
  • chereveur1 amazing
  • spinoza Great guy. Wonderful experience.
  • spinoza Great poser, beautiful body -- well worth a visit.
  • gaugehot hottttt
  • muscles1 very sexy man
  • luvpecsandarms Hot show.... a must see
  • wkeith2 amazing body
  • jeeb incredible!
  • joenyc fantastic looking guy, great body and gives a wonderful show!
  • inque88 He is the sweetest guy ever and ripped to shreds right now. Just awesome.
  • kyle2012 hot as hell
  • codyman Simply tremendous. So ripped and shredded.
  • muscletom Great muscles, great show, Kane is in perfect shape. He is a muscle god, with great looks.
  • mustang2012 Great performer and worth the money
  • muscletom Kane is a one heck of a magnificent bodybuilder. Handseome in every way, with muscles everywhere to be admired.
  • maxxmus A true MUSCLE GOD!!!
  • gizmojizz Kane is hot in all aspects, really nice and way cuter in real person. I recommend going in private with this hottie!
  • poshi This man gives some of the best private chats I've ever had! Totally worth it.
  • aussie04 nummy!!!
  • mikeltxu very good
  • buckles Wow ...You have a great dick and you use it so well. Thank you
  • muscletom Kane always puts on a great show. Enjoy!
  • muscletom Kane put on a great performance! Muscles and more muscles! Great time, great muscleman!
  • maxxmus Kane's the total packaage..body keeps getting bigger and better and he's great at showing it off
  • muscletom Kane is just spectacular. superb good looks, muscles and more muscles to enjoy. One heck of a great body!
  • bigdave108 great
  • ozmstud Looking massive and vascular!!!! a TRUE MUSCLE GOD!!!!
  • adamski Very impressive body and nice smile
  • 1brian you are soooo sexy
  • sextilis Cant say enough great things about Kane. and Fuckin hot is NOT enough. he really enjoyed playing and I enjoyed watching.
  • pitchboy SO much fun to chat with! Amazing!
  • maxxmus Scorching hot man..face, body. butt, cock.. he's got it all!!
  • donnie82 Amazing show, really responsive and knows how to please!
  • ahannan he is the best looking, performing, sexy guy, pecs, ass, legs, DICK...excellent cumming experience. bud
  • maxxmus WOW!..Beautiful sexy show!
  • markon Great show, nice huge muscles, i like it!
  • EDDD2008 HOT!
  • fantasyfinal great performer
  • oktabyo the best porn muscle show!!!! 10 stars!!!!
  • donnie82 HUGE LOAD
  • zungazul Grat professional
  • oktabyo great! amazing!
  • manner71 wow he's so hot great performer so sexy
  • jimbocan excellent physique, very exciting show - kane gets right down to business
  • sweetbear Puts on a terrific show. Very sexy, and a great personality.
  • mucrush Really hot and great :D
  • manner71 OMG such an amazing and willing performer. really gets into the show
  • andyz4u I had my first private show with Kane today. Unbelievable! The best word to desribe him is MASSIVE ! He has a great personality and is a super performer! I will be back many, many times!
  • manner71 wow Kane is amazing great body and excellent performer. So sexy and hot show. Looks way better than his pics. really hot guy. simply amazing will definitely be back for more
  • yaounex You ask him for sthg he does it . . . .Real nice man . . . And hotter than on pics
  • archangel1975 a very hot performer!
  • muscletom Very fun. Great show. Fun personality. Magnificent body with tons of muscles. He is more than handsome!
  • jesserma great, nice guy!!
  • krysten good
  • krysten good
  • cajunsdguy Man this guy is awesome. I would recommend him to anyone. Personable and gives a great show! You won't be disappointed!
  • jake37 awesome
  • jake37 awesome!!
  • jimmysheenfirst NICEE CUM NICE SHOW
  • Rik1981 He is just great!
  • mateo001 VERY hot performer! Sexy body, nice glutes, put on quite a show. The only let down....not being able to experience it twice!
  • musldad THE HOTTEST!!!!!
  • cokko great horny show! goods abs and pecs! gorgious arms! tx
  • jboss22 thanks buddy- see u again- Gio
  • luvmuscle Very nice and he knows how to please.
  • deniosbarros perfect
  • bigjimmy Very nice...dude is built and hot!
  • luvmuscle Amazing!
  • alex83 awesome
  • deniosbarros nice face, pretty body
  • rohrlegger Great body, personality, and show.
  • smbd Great physique and very accomodating. Good man

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