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Johnny Dirk

185 lbs
5'8 ft
55 in
28 in
18 in
27 in
Young and hung, blonde Johnny is the perfectly proportioned man. This is what a body looks like when everything works: broad shoulders, huge arms, protruding chest, and molded thighs. At first sight, you'll want to linger on Johnny’s washboard abs, and focus in on what can only be described as a very, very big and hard package that adorns this sexy gift box. Come and touch this handsome example of human perfection. You just know this is going to fun by taking one look at Johnny. Once he starts moving and the two of you get to know each other, you’ll achieve an entirely new level of pleasure. And when Johnny finally lets go, there’ll be a river of excitement. Contact Johnny, now, at or

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  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Johnny is the best muscle fantasy on this site and he is HUGE everywhere!!
  • skip0416 amazing ripped muscled body sexy hot
  • daveboston the ultimate muscle God
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 One of the most accommodating models on here and besides all that shredded muscle Johnny has a huge cock too
  • gotpex Johnny Dirk is the absolute best. A wonderful person, awesome body, huge cock. Who could ask for anything more? Kisses to you, Johnny!!
  • nastycummwhore1312 Brilliant performer. Willing to do everything for your fantasy
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Johnny is all muscle, huge cock and an all around nice guy who accommodates your every desire
  • AlessandroG nice guy
  • Urbainian so damn hot!
  • skip0416 amazing hot muscle show awesome body
  • BigMuscleGA Words cannot describe how amazing this man is. His biceps peaks are amazing. His pecs are freaking awesome. He loves to show off and knows how to do it well. If you haven't seen him you are missing out.
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Huge biceps. Huge cock. Great show!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Johnny has HUGE everything! Best show on this site!!
  • ICBiceps2 Awesome arms and chest totally super hot !!!
  • Neckguy The cutest guy here!
  • skip0416 hot sexy pumped muscle show
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Huge muscles, huge dick he's the best!!
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Nobody on this site is more accommodating than Johnny. Everything about him is HUGEEEEEE
  • skip0416 amazing show so intense as we both came together so hot and sexy the best body and cock
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Best model on here! HUGE everything!
  • skip0416 amazing hot sexy ripped body and a huge cock
  • Neckguy Johnny is probably the cutest guy here.He looks so hot wearing glasses
  • LoveMuscleandFeet OMG all muscle and a HUGE cock too MMMMMMMMMMMMM
  • moscu Big big biceps
  • skip0416 hot sexy muscle show
  • Neckguy The cutest guy here. Gorgeous face, beautiful body
  • bgbicep Top notch physique.
  • bgbicep Like no man before. Ripped to the max. Biceps with a peak like Mt. Everest. Insane. You will not go wroing with Johnny.
  • yasinx20 bad
  • pier77 Amazing biceps!!!!
  • alex_28 I think this was the hottest show ever, he will drive you crazy!!
  • icbiceps fabulous muscles great biceps amazing pecs WOW!!!
  • skip0416 amazing muscle show
  • dermo nice show
  • frskyfeler Johnny is so cute and that body. WOW!!!
  • skip0416 what a terrific show so ripped and massive a great guy all muscle
  • choupic AWESOME!!!!
  • daveboston Jonny is the best, hottest and nicest guy on this site
  • harey Great shape and very hot show.
  • buckeyebuilder Johnny is PURE PERFECTION! never disappoints. THE BEST!!
  • Musclepaddy PERFECT!!!!
  • TOMMY10 amazing muscle I will definatley return
  • shaina Excellent muscle man
  • ICYOU247 thick in every place
  • choupic TWO WORDS, THE BEST!!!
  • mytrack Great show!
  • truskater nice pecs and everything else
  • skip0416 The best guy the hottest sexiest body and huge cock
  • icbiceps amazing flexing super muscles and flexing WOW AWESOME!!!
  • luvpecsandarms another hot show.... this man can sure fill up a very long and expensive session, but so hot!
  • TruckerBeau I could easily fall in love with this man. So sexy and beautiful.
  • imamusclefan OMG!!! The best guy on this site by far. You owe it to yourself to take this man private. He is not only sexy as hell but also sweet as can be
  • icbiceps amazing muscles WOW!!!
  • sexygirl4ever superb muscles however is often slow to lose his shirt, once he does you are in for a real treat
  • nycewolf great guy, nice good poser
  • meatymike hot, as always
  • skip0416 the hottest sexiest guy
  • skip0416 the best sexiest body
  • lutzie Johnny is the hottest man ever - something really sexy about him.
  • skip0416 hot sexy body muscle to die for great guy
  • csb9273 total package, super hot!
  • Musclepaddy Christ this dude's bicep!! Worth it
  • skip0416 the best sexiest guy
  • mrbody1959 Wow Johnny is the real deal
  • joshmx Great definition and very nice guy!
  • mrbody1959 Va va voooom. This guy is the real deal.
  • mrbody1959 Johnny has a great bod and the rest
  • velomec Really cut and showed me what I asked for. Impressive and sexy.
  • kylestone really good and big muscles
  • micahj Great muscles, killer smile, beautiful body.
  • Musclew0rshipper woof
  • wawa87 he is a charmer
  • webruce Thanks Johnny awesome build, you made my night
  • prp002 great
  • sexygirl4ever This man is amazing, just HOT beyond belief, always in shape. No clue how he does it year round and he's a charmer.
  • luvpecsandarms always a hot show and an incredible bod
  • lutzie Johnny is a work of art and super sexy - it sort of oozes from him.
  • skip0416 the best and most intense show around john is amazing
  • miabigboi Wow I love the the Voyeur option.
  • skip0416 the best ripped body
  • luvpecsandarms Nice, nice show. Performed like a champ and I loved it all
  • mark2104 very nice
  • buckeyebuilder PERFECT!
  • Trucker2013 Johnny is perfect. He needs to teach a class about sex appeal; we all could learn from him.
  • velomec Great show. Nice, sexy man who showed me what I wanted to see. Very hot.
  • roman2104 huge
  • Joak169man Great entertainer! Male perfection, a pleasure to be with!
  • Joak169man Very fetchingly gorgeous! Incredible shape!
  • 00muscle00 Amazing! Very sexy and a beautiful body. WOW!
  • shyguy ripped muscles
  • flavioba Great body! Great show! and amazing erection ;)
  • nycewolf great poser, nice a great shape
  • charlouxs Johnny is so amazing. He is the best on this website. His body is so big and muscular everywhere. Amazing work. He did everything what i want. Nice and generous guy. Real man! Perfection of muscle. Amazing bicep, pec, abs and tool. More five stars. Thanks for the hot show.
  • peters89 AWESOME! Did what I needed and more! So willing to please!
  • luvpecsandarms my gawd that was nice!
  • marcinho perfect muscles, hot guy!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Trucker2013 Absolutely beautiful!
  • charlouxs This time Johnny is so amazing! Very muscular. Very generous. So ripped. Muscle everywhere. I love his big bicep and his amazing abs. Thanks for all. Very good show. Very hot.
  • pier777 top shape, crazy arms!
  • timobrien hot fucker man!
  • rupert1980 didnt enjoy it, just sat there, and was quite dishonest
  • armzpecstraps I think he is the best host here - great to look at and an awesome performer.
  • armzpecstraps He is a ripped up superfreak!! Wow
  • thejash You are great, it's unfortunate that i can not enjoy long time with you i will be with you thank u again. can not estimate with 5 stars, more needed
  • Joak169man Handsome man and beautiful muscles so sexy too!
  • bobby3817 beautiful body
  • charlouxs It's long to start the show but nice guy. Nice body, very beautiful bicep.
  • jeroweed HOtttt
  • lutzie He's in better shape than ever and so much fun when he gets all hot.
  • lutzie gorgeous Johnny but the connection isn't working so well for me :(
  • britboy Polite and stacked. What more could you want?
  • txula477 amasing body
  • frskyfeler Johnny is a great guy, very friendly and oh, did I say.....what a bod!!!
  • meatymike so hot
  • luvpecsandarms always nice to watch JD. what a specimen in all ways!
  • shyguy awesome biceps
  • hotfeet13 beautiful man
  • lutzie stunning and huge
  • Trucker2013 He makes the statue of David look like Pee Wee Herman. What a man! He is much more open in private than in chat. He is worth my time and money.
  • joakman3 Lovely man and sexy moves!
  • lutzie see how smart Johnny is - hes hot AND intelligent
  • matieu Whoa, really really hot. beautiful torso. lovely man. what a stud. willing to show, too. very very nice
  • markon It was a great show with great muscles and a huge cock! Love it!
  • lutzie always the Star!
  • adambrid70 Always amazing
  • fitasfuck best on the site
  • chereveur1 great quads wow!! nice. but he is very slow
  • luvpecsandarms definitely expensive but nice show!
  • jackjock Johnny is awesome, best guy I’ve seen here I saw his MH videos and wanted to see him in person. Johnny is even better in RT he has a stunning body with great personality Johnny gave me EVERYTHING I asked for and then some. So sexy with his glasses on flexing and pumping his massive member his third eye wink made me light headed. Wish he had a HD webcam for super close ups.
  • adambrid70 Amazing show as always
  • lutzie Always super hot - he is a Star
  • jader magnificent guy total turn-on very open and easy to talk to
  • joshlovemuscle one of the best one here,great body sexy guy and hottttttt
  • Meistergb Ran out of money!
  • bodybrazil Great show! Worth it!
  • misterbigboy123 wow
  • luvpecsandarms First show without technical problems.... MAN WAS IT HOT!
  • lutzie He takes a while to get going but he's a total star. big all over.
  • pec_lover Hottest guy ever!!!
  • mlo_vah mmmmmmmmmm
  • pjerram great hard bi's
  • bigchuc the best
  • HOTGUYINUK no attention.. just pretended not to be there.
  • xdvdx412 i loved it! Coming back for
  • joakman1 Superb posing and attention, couldn't ask for more but certainly can use more.
  • Trucker2013 I think I'm in love. Johnny makes me want to get on the first plane and fly to meet him.
  • alex8881 great show
  • alex8881 great guy excellent physique
  • yanqui Simply beautiful!
  • yanqui He's a sexy beast!
  • bluefoot311 finally! I know what does looks like ! he is good with muscle tone!
  • icbiceps fantastic muscle -amazing flexing WOW
  • markon Great show, he is in a very good shape. He knows how to show of his muscles.
  • sean7 Perfect!
  • gianfranco great thank so beautiful
  • mlovah Awesome body!!! I will come back later!!!
  • msclelover Amazing!
  • sexy20132014 thank you hun.
  • yanqui Johnny is wonderful, beautiful, great show!
  • plogan50 Top shape!!!!
  • joakman1 He did it again. Took control and gave his all. Beauty in body and demeanor. He is the best...of course!
  • alex8881 awesome guy
  • alex8881 hot
  • muscles1 Totally ripped, so hot, and such a great guy!
  • Jamiezx Johnny has a great body
  • joakman1 What a fine man and so into his posing for his fans. Fantastic perfection!
  • plogan50 wowww!!
  • kenstaff As always, a hot show from an incredible muscle stud. Thanks Johnny D.!!
  • krysten simply the best
  • tennisgeek One word: amazing
  • coope The best show on the net.
  • foster the best!
  • icbiceps Great muscles - incredible flexing - great show
  • yanqui Hot muscular guy who's also engaging, friendly, and eager to please!
  • kenstaff Johnny is amazing - sexy smart looking stud and WOW those pecs! those legs! those abs! such a stud. thanks Johnny fantastic show!
  • kenstaff SUPER SUPER SUPER MAN - HOT!!! takes his time a bit but he's soooo worth it
  • chereveur1 sexy home fatal....bastard hot
  • jowe793 Just sat there did nothing for the show at all
  • markon Great show and huge bi's. Pecs are hairy but i prefere smooth pecs.
  • tennisgeek Simply amazing
  • dwufei Awesome.
  • APTitan93 Incredible, what more can I say.
  • stpeterson Amazing muscles! Great guy and did just what i wanted and needed!
  • dseag2 Excellent body! So hot.
  • yanqui Beautiful, well-built guy, so eager to please his members.
  • joakman1 Precise posing and great shape; what better combination. So sexy and friendly and treats his fans with respect!
  • neverendingquest Enjoyed every minute - what a body~!
  • smoore20 Great guy beautil poser. Friendly smile and glasses are sexy on a muscle man.
  • coope The best muscle god on here.
  • daveboston Awesome, Jonny is one of a kind
  • pier666 Spend more time to do something else than to do the show! disapointing!
  • joakman1 You are so incredible thanks for the great time. WOW!!
  • yanqui Beautiful guy!
  • icbiceps He is incredible. I had to come back because of his excellent muscles! SO HUGE WOW!!!
  • icbiceps the best ever - he has the perfect body - incredible muscles amazing
  • plogan50 Realy hot and ripped!
  • blocker what happened at the end?
  • wadegh Gives a super show and is a sweet man!!!
  • joshlovemuscle he is the best on this website great body and hot
  • joshlovemuscle great show very nice guy so hot
  • yanqui So handsome, and a superb, ripped body.
  • codyman Astounding conditioning and vascularity. The most amazing arms!
  • markon What a hot show!! Johnny knows exactly how to show of his muscles. Great show i like his show so much and he looks very ripped and muscular at this moment.
  • yanqui He's so gorgeous.
  • markon Johnny look very ripped and he likes to show off his muscles. Great show thanks!!
  • inque88 Once again, he outdoes himself. HE IS SUPER SHREDDED AND EAGER TO PLEASE. 5 stars!
  • inque88 He is SUPER SHREDDED and very accomodating. Well worth it.
  • rick654 Big. Sexy. Stud!
  • steverappleton awesome show
  • adamski Very nice body
  • nycewolf Must be seen. Amazing, big and very sweet.
  • nycewolf amazing
  • billyluvsmuscle big lean and hard
  • caribdick always the best
  • caribdick more and more
  • caribdick thebest show,nice body,johnny is hot and sexy
  • sniper2006 waste time on taking sth else!
  • muscleman007 Johnny pleases like no one else! Very accommodating, sensual and always makes you want to come back for more. His muscular body is always jacked. It's great. Thanks Johnny Dirk!
  • muslbear very, very accommodating, and what a body!!
  • rackfan Utterly rubbish, don't waste ur money!!!
  • yanqui Sweet and hot as ever.
  • muscleman007 Johnny Dirk is a legend. Big powerful biceps and chest. Then amazing quads -- all put together in a show you will never forget -- a total pleasure.
  • yanqui Such a beautiful man.
  • daveboston the Ultimate best body. man and gentleman
  • daveboston one of the best
  • arioch Great show.
  • markon Johnny looks great! He is a good preformer. I like to worship his muscles. I am ready for more. Thank you for this great show.
  • yanqui I'll be back for more of Johnny Dirk!
  • yanqui Hotter every time I take him in private.
  • chrish1 Hi, great body, text me on 0771 4229869 Chris X
  • yanqui Always great to see Johnny Dirk.
  • danielesexx amazing guy!!!
  • yanqui Wonderful show and chat.
  • yanqui Great guy!
  • plogan50 very hot guy!!!
  • thejash Great show , nice body
  • yanqui Super hot guy!
  • adamski Johnny has a great body
  • markon What a great preformer, he is looking ripped and very friendly. Great muscle show!!
  • ricardin DAMN - probably the best I've had. Awesome ripped body, and amazing dancing cock
  • yanqui What a hunk.
  • jpeters THSX SO MUCH
  • yanqui One of the best looking guys here, handsome face and killer body. Very fun show!
  • yanqui Very handsome man!
  • yanqui Great, handsome man.
  • ponemu great body
  • zuni325 AMAZING, SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, WOW! I luv him!
  • Mhacmike He doesn't do as much as some other men on here
  • yanqui Nice hunk.
  • l28791 love the show.
  • kajove hi johnny sorry to break off my wife came home, but u were awesom and very wiling. thax a lot
  • yanqui Great looking man!
  • yanqui Gorgeous, sensuous guy.
  • yanqui Fantastic!
  • yanqui Sweet hunk of man.
  • yanqui A beautiful man!
  • yanqui He's a beautiful man, 100%
  • l28791 is ok
  • yanqui 100% nice.
  • normalmuscle handsome, hot, and willing. great show.
  • yanqui What a beauty!
  • johnblond79 AWESOME!!!
  • muscle_lvvr Dude is huge; and looks amazing!!
  • caribdick always hot and sexy
  • yanqui Sexy beyond belief!
  • yanqui Fantastic body, want to be with him.
  • yanqui Hot guy!
  • TonyG44 He did nothing, just chatted and I wanted a show. I don't recommend.
  • yanqui He's in perfect shape, and beautiful, hot show, no inhibitions.
  • l28791 Model apologized for being rude to me. Good job Johny. You are forgiven.
  • l28791 very rude...immature.
  • vaguy6 Good show a real stud
  • slytopman Just amazing!! Watched Johnny on Muscle Hunks then got a great show here. Super performer and truly nice guy. Fun to talk a little and get the chance to know a guy while he's showing off an AMAZING body. I'll see him again.
  • sean7 What can I say - I will be back for more alright. He is sexy and great to speak to also.
  • krysten k
  • jimbocan perfect shape, excellent condition and nice smile, a very hot guy
  • gatewayday hot
  • fc64 Nice guy -- beautiful to look at, but was wasting my time with idle chit-chat. At 5 bucks an hour, dispense with the useless banter, take your shirt off and go to work. I've got plenty of money, but I don't waste it.
  • sean7 In great shape - fabulous hard sexy muscle - and always great to be with.
  • jake37 hot!!
  • jake37 dude is hot
  • manner71 oh yeah
  • gotpex Johnny is the best! Hands down! What a great guy, great time, great body! Best to you, Johnny!
  • actorman58 I you want a good old fashioned over the knee spanking, Johnny will do it!
  • southboy69 simply the SEXIEST guy on here! great show and very VERY erotic
  • actorman58 he is the best!!!!!
  • actorman58 He was great!!!
  • flexurpecs4me hot chest
  • joakman1 Ultmately fantastic time with a hot guy that loves your company. He enjoys it as much as you do!
  • joakman1 Wow!!
  • frescofiq nice and perfect
  • deniosbarros excellent
  • jake37 cute
  • rbenny1972 hottttt
  • rbenny1972 hottt
  • nycewolf beautiful, very nice and must be seen.
  • deniosbarros excellent
  • deniosbarros Excellent
  • deniosbarros great
  • deniosbarros good

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