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Benjamin Jackson

210 lbs
5'8 ft
48 in
39 in
18 in
31 in
Amerigo Jackson's little brother Ben is a sight to behold. Benjamin’s got big bulging muscles, and an ass that makes you want to touch it all over. And then there are his thick and juicy kissable lips, and a set of eyes that make you want to get lost inside of him... touch him, feel him, talk to him, and get to know him. This is the young muscle man of your dreams! now, only at! :)

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  • SlavePercyForYou Benjamin is very handsome and charming. He looks somewhat like his older brother Amerigo. His English is not the best, but he is very sweet and obliging. I recommend him highly!
  • gotpex Benjamin Jackson is the most awesome man on this site. He is a real person, genuine, beautiful, and a gentleman. There is not one better on LMS. Muchas gracias, Ben.
  • gotpex Benjamin Jackson is an awesome man in every way--sexy, respectful, considerate, a total muscle fantasy and a gentleman as well. There aren't many people like Benjamin. Check him out. Besos y abrazos, amigo!
  • stattick Awesome
  • minky great but internet not to good
  • pecs101 great
  • athletehot Incredibly caliente !
  • lhuse1577 great guy! Super show.
  • ICBiceps2 great guy amazing muscles really sweet and super sexy
  • majikock great
  • Nasennopsi3 Thank you soooo much
  • LivemuscleS63 You’re great. Hope I can see you next time soon! :)
  • Neckguy Hot body! Really nice guy
  • Billy348 sexy body
  • 11dlandes Very nice. Sexy body. Sexy voice. And Huge cock. Best model on here.
  • zami82 hot show
  • Wildo13 this guy is so perfect,kind and very sexy, just go ! :)
  • zami82 hot show
  • dw5150 Very hot and sexual posing!
  • dw5150 Huge and handsome!
  • majikock amazing
  • majikock just amazing
  • cesareborgia THE SEXIEST BOY HERE
  • peaking Such a wonderful man.
  • kraykid amazing
  • nycewolf Very sexy awsome guy. gentlemen. great body. thank for this special moment.
  • samson9 He enjoys his ass and so do I!
  • MzDotz absolute perfection
  • Nasennopsi1 Really great show ... fulfills every wish .... a great man!!!
  • carpark HE S THE BEST!!!!
  • kay_e118 The best on this site
  • beef4me Benjamin is just incredible ... what a hot private
  • Daydreamer Such a nice guy! And perfect body!
  • Nasennopsi1 Very very kind .... a sweetheart at LMS.
  • muscleworship33 great ass!!!
  • nikko wow...
  • micahj GREAT ASS
  • kaye0439 Awesome Awesome Awesome
  • mitho19 nice and friendly guy
  • feluis He is the cutest and hottest. Love more of him
  • claudius Most amazing guy A++++
  • offmynuts very sexy! sorry i ran out of time
  • reebok77 nice show, great ass!
  • sugardaddy1a hi sexy had fun, only so short
  • assana08 damn he is a fine piece of pepper
  • webruce awesome build thanks
  • ncbearlvr awesome stud .. hope to go pvt with him again soon!
  • tropicstud Sensual y caliente!
  • jjsteven lots of fun. enjoys it
  • mitho19 the best man to this LMS.....
  • lovemuscle38 love you big nice body, and keep smiling it makes you hot thx ralph
  • ctaylor1816 Thanks, Benjamin You are the best sexy stud. great cum shot!!!!
  • jasonlo95 Cool! I wish I could see him in person!
  • angel48 Wouldlike to do this again Thanks
  • angel48 What happened??
  • tropicstud Excellent body! Great attitude!
  • chereveur1 wow surprisingly good, i enter with a relax mood but went out with my cock extremely hard with this performance. mmm thumbs up for him
  • mitho19 nice and the best man
  • negreira GREAT KID TO LOVE
  • mason86 Benjamin is one of the sexiest guys on this site. He aims to please and leaves you wanting more.
  • scotty cant get enough
  • scotty whata guy
  • Fibers Huge Smile with lots of ass to go with it
  • asd12 el hombre perfecto
  • tropicstud Muy caliente!
  • zambini great show benji te veo pronto
  • gladjohn2001 so beautiful, so nice, so hot!
  • gladjohn2001 Great as always!
  • gladjohn2001 Great as always!
  • gladjohn2001 so beautiful and so nice!
  • gladjohn2001 so handsome, so nice, so hot!
  • scotty fab fab fab
  • gaymuscle44 Great. Big muscles and a BIG you know what
  • dane77 He did not show me what I was promissed :-(
  • molson99 mmm,.... so Sexy, Sensual & Seductive!
  • erosdan Very HOT performer.
  • scotty what a lovely person
  • yanqui Wonderful hunk go see him!
  • jjwatk2 THIS WAS THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! 10 STARS!!!!!!!
  • yanqui Sweet and hot!
  • cp17mf AMAZING
  • yanqui Such a handsome guy!
  • kleinco Excellent!
  • ponemu great show
  • yanqui He's so handsome, hunky, friendly, sexy, and accommodating. Have fun with him!
  • irishtwink Hot but goes into stripper mode, which not good when ur low on creds
  • yanqui Cute, friendly, sexy guy.
  • davygolieth MmmmmmMade my NITE
  • roco19 great guy
  • yanqui He's a sweetheart.
  • yanqui Great guy always, handsome and nice and sexy and smart.
  • l28791 pleasant personality.
  • yanqui Great guy, so handsome, lot of fun!
  • blueyesonly hot
  • loveu ben was awesome so big and strong can really move his asss hmmm
  • misterbigboy123 WOW
  • yanqui Well spoken, handsome, great body, great chat, great show!
  • peaking Beautiful human being
  • apelles A+++++++++
  • shack____ great even now!
  • apelles est, est, est !!!
  • khanocopia thanks, very good
  • jesserma sweet as always!!
  • rockyre4 awesome, so handsome, mmmmmmm
  • yanqui Great!!
  • jesserma always sweet and always a great smile - the very BEST!!!
  • jesserma the greatest face and smile ever - awesome guy!!!!
  • jesserma very, very sweet person. very sincere and great, great smile and personality
  • luvmuscle Thanks!
  • yanqui He's great every time. A nice, beautiful guy.
  • ahannan awesome guy...really awesome
  • chitown1 Incredible, very hot and a nice person
  • deniosbarros exceptional
  • deniosbarros great
  • deniosbarros great shape... great talking...
  • shack____ if i had the $ i'd stay all day with him
  • shack____ great show Benjamin!!!!!
  • gatewayday very cute
  • gretalovisa sexy show
  • deniosbarros PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • deniosbarros PERFECT MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!! Strong, beautiful, seductive, lovely!
  • deniosbarros EXCELLENT

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