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Sven Gronstrom

245 lbs
5'9 ft
45 in
31 in
21 in
33 in
Directly from the Nordic region of Europe, LMS brings you Sven Gronstrom, a powerful package of solidly built muscle with form and symmetry that’s guaranteed to impress even our most experienced muscle worshipers. With the face of an angel, and the body of a warrior, it doesn’t get much better than Sven. Also known for his friendly personality, when you go private with him, you will get to know Sven in no time… each and every delicious part of him! Indulge yourself in Sven now, only at

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  • lovemuscleandfeet3 Sven is fucking HUGE everywhere. Best muscle fantasy ever
  • Totalpackage1 Sven has to be the hottest muscle guy on earth, best show of my life
  • skip0416 another amazing hot pumped muscle show
  • skip0416 amazing pumped muscle god
  • skip0416 incredible hot pumped muscle show
  • skip0416 incredible massive muscle awesome show so hot
  • skinnyboi love love love
  • Ant_London great show. hot hot
  • Ant_London excellent stuff
  • Biceplicker1981 Best model on the site
  • skip0416 incredible muscular vascular body huge great show
  • mike_1985_29 Excellent show. Big muscles
  • hyugan84 huuuge
  • NEW2MUSCLE IMPRESSIVE shape and size! EVERY....WHERE! ;)
  • djohnston858 Awesome
  • mhorton Great show. I'll have good dreams tonight!
  • minky perfection
  • kevinb1 this man is awesome
  • cokko splendid guy and splendid show
  • dillow50 Huge and handsome
  • alex_28 this man is unreal! so huge and handsome, and very friendly too!
  • 5150dw Unreal muscularity and thick, deep veins all over!
  • skip0416 super massive ripped muscle awesome show the best
  • frskyfeler Simply amazing! And the nicest guy too. WOW
  • skip0416 awesome hot muscle show huge and pumped
  • pierre004 Incredible! Huge muscles and a nice guy
  • skip0416 so freaking huge awesome
  • 5150dw Unbelievable show! Huge and tan!
  • frskyfeler Always the best. Such a great guy and massive. Sven always shows me an excellent time!
  • skip0416 Hot massive muscle great poser the best
  • skip0416 Amazing huge body massive hot show
  • chelm glorious
  • mrcmrcmr fuclk!!!!
  • sexygirl4ever this guy is always inn gr8 shape
  • frskyfeler Sven is getting ripped! OMG. Dude is amazing!
  • 5150dw Unbelievable show! Loves to flex hard for the camera!!!!
  • 5150dw Unreal posing! A massive man of muscle!!!
  • FloG really hot
  • promu63 Thanks- it was awesome! My favorite muscle man
  • Jackson2 HOT AND HUGE and does it all
  • mitho19 great man. thx for your friendly posing....
  • nic1olas th e best there
  • floriangimbert good
  • dorphy absolutely gorgeous! great handsome smile too and what a bod!
  • assnmuscles HUUGE
  • alex_28 This is the biggest and hottest man ever! The best!
  • chelm fantastic in every way!!!
  • bravomuscle Not a let down at all!
  • bravomuscle One of the best shows on here! So beefy, muscular and sexy! An authentic total package.
  • bravomuscle So sexy and beefy!
  • alex_28 oh man...Sven is so huge, massive and handsome! And a very very nice guy! Loved it!
  • frskyfeler Sven is amazing, the biggest guy i have ever seen and so friendly! WOW
  • jamesgr You are a beautiful young man Sven. Thanks for the show, I know it was short but it was great. Jamie
  • bravomuscle Amazing! The best ever!
  • gamartinezz this guy is fantastic!!! go pvt and u will get hard!! :):)
  • jonboy25 Huge, hard, and very very very hot!!
  • skip0416 huge sven incredible
  • frskyfeler Sven is awesome! I have not seen a guy so big and also he is very friendly. Think i may have a hard time sleeping tonight. LOL
  • ICYOU247 See him for your self
  • promu63 The best arms ever.
  • yasinx20 Big muscle Monster!
  • bigmauri HE IS A BEST !! HOT !!
  • jonboy25 Amazing!!!!
  • sexygirl4ever this man is the real deal, huge handsome and strong
  • hanned nipple show, i came hard
  • AtlPup WOW!!!!!!!!!! what a gorgeous man with an outstanding body !!!!!!!!!
  • 5150dw Unbelievable size, ripped muscle, and handsome good looks! You have to take into private!!
  • matrixxx gosh i came hard
  • 5150dw Hot, sexy and loves to pose!!!! Great show!!!!!!!
  • tampagecko Incredible show. He is so handsome. Big muscles and ripped too!
  • wawa87 one of the best on here
  • bernus1900 always the best
  • skip0416 the best awesome huge ripped muscle incredible
  • maxwell300 Stunning & Massive....A must for Pvt
  • roidman AWESOME!!!!!!!!! GREAT SHOW!!!
  • jonboy25 Unbelievably huge and sexy!
  • stephenc the best body on the site, awesome muscles. great definition and huge size. a real muscle god. the best, the very best.
  • wawa87 the best :D
  • pec_fetish hot guy
  • pauldal HOT DUDE...BIGTIME...
  • gioweb21 I wiil return soon ok? youre awesome!!!
  • yasinx20 f*k big arms the only best!
  • skip0416 the best around
  • skip0416 the best most muscular guy on here incredible body
  • laurentis wow there is nobody better than Sven!!!!!!!!!
  • lovemuscle38 so hot body like it very much thx for the show
  • armwreslr Awesome!
  • mlo_vah awesome
  • thicknick awesome!!
  • kylestone near to the perfection:)
  • charlouxs OMG Sven is bigger than the last time. More muscular. Body always amazing. So nice and generous. Amazing big bicep and abs. His ass is so sexy. Body of perfection of muscle. 5 stars. So hot.
  • max09 god damn this guy is beautiful !!!
  • little_b Sven is just awesome. He's handsome, friendly and oh yes...massive AND ripped. I could watch him bounce his pecs and biceps all day sexy and amazing.
  • charlouxs Sven has an impressive body. His abs is wow. I love his bicep. He is very sexy. Amazing ass too. Five star. Very hot.
  • joshmx The best muscle show ever! Sven gets right into flexing and does not waste time setting himself up as others. He loves flexing and he really makes sure you are having a good time. His body is huge and just fantastic. Strongly recommended!
  • mateo001 no less than 5 stars. very entertaining show! took a little bit to get going, but he was very much on point. don't miss Sven!
  • muscletom great performance. Great body, with muscles galore...Has huge everything
  • mlo_vah hot surprise here...
  • bakore Great performance.
  • vienna25j always great to chat with him
  • bakore Great show again.
  • Trucker2013 Sven is personable and very sexy. I recommend him highly. Just don't hog all the time; others want to spend time with him too.
  • chris_1 Huge guy, very friendly.. highly recommended
  • jgatsby32 Wow!!!!
  • lovelyemma Talk too damn much for me
  • bakore Another great performance.
  • bakore That was awesome - thanks!
  • badubadu wtf - he didn't even flex
  • little_b 10 stars out of 5. Amazing.
  • Swimmer96 HUGE and knows what to do with it
  • jepthat1 huge dick and great muscles
  • fyuval amazing size and very sexy
  • gaugehot hot show
  • fyuval very hot and very sweet
  • cokko nice show with Kevin!
  • letele Amazing
  • joe83ie Was lucky enough to get Sven and Kevin Konrad together- 2 big boys having fun together- great show
  • inque88 damn he is huge and will do whatever you like...just great!
  • little_b Great show. Huge guy!
  • Ryden81 big big
  • monabitmore WOW!!!! What a turn on - hot show
  • lovemuscle38 you have a great body to watch, shame i didnt have more credits
  • dzulboy No doubt one of the hottest muscle men on this site. Amazing body and handsome face. He knows what he's doing. Thanks
  • idantelaviv nice
  • dzulboy The best newcomer.
  • topny time waster
  • musclemad nice show and did what I wanted to see. Maybe sound/audio would be better next time though, as I like to hear things too keep up the great work!
  • fyuval excellent
  • fyuval so sexy it is painful
  • fyuval very hot and sexy
  • fyuval very hot