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Van Kato

230 lbs
6'4 ft
51 in
28 in
20 in
24 in
When it comes to some dudes, one look at them and you just know they were born to be bodybuilders. Van Kato is just that type of muscle dude, and if you don’t believe it then take one look at his bulging pecs… of course, that’s if you can look beyond Van’s extremely handsome face. As you continue to check him out, as your eyes are drawn downward to Van’s impeccable frame, you will stop short once you get a look at his much talked about set of assets below the waist. What are you waiting for? Begin your private session with Van Kato now, only at!

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  • westwest not so bad babe... thanks
  • hotfeet13 waste of time
  • Meistergb Ran out of money
  • EmilyBad Ahhh I wish you weren't gay... lol very nice and gorgeous though :)
  • dunder nice show friendly person
  • kyleliu566 Great!
  • mack loved man vewry hot
  • spinoza Very friendly guy -- seems to have a great personality. He has a great pec routine.
  • kidflash212 My favorite guy. Just so hot he makes me lose my mind
  • kidflash212 Best guy here
  • kidflash212 Great guy - Had lots of fun
  • kfunkmob86 good guy
  • Trucker2013 Not only is he sexy; he treated me like a person.
  • tboner a gentleman who knows how to show it.
  • stpeterson so sweet and nice and a smile to make you melt! great time!
  • tommyw so hot
  • jalonde super hot
  • muscletom Great body, lots of muscles, great show
  • muscletom Great looking muscles, very friendly, and have plenty of muscles.
  • talon1982 amazing
  • danhot89 amazing!!!!
  • ausbear Nice guy. Great show. Thanks!
  • alphalover EXCELLENT!!!!!!! GREAT FEET! :)
  • yuccanow Sincere, enthusiastic and handsome. Has potential for the site. But the smile! This one is cute. Make no mistake.
  • wesley1 Amazingly beautiful man with a sweet soul. Nice combo
  • iufratboy79 Very hot and accommodating. Gorgeous body and dick.
  • musclemad great show, thanks