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Pavel Nikolay

165 lbs
5'8 ft
41 in
33 in
18 in
24 in
Pavel Nikolay is back at Maybe it is his handsome face? Maybe it's his perfect body - growing and getting better every single day? Maybe it;s the fact that he is one of our most exhibitionistic, least inhibited men? There is nothing you can ask that will shock him - and almost nothing he won't do.... if he likes you. Seriously, you need to get to know this man - only at!

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  • shyguy Pavel really outdid himself with this show...he is in best condition yet and knows how to show it off!!!!!
  • shyguy Marvelous muscles for worship!
  • shyguy Most ripped I' ve seen Pavel yet!!!
  • muscle18 very hot !!!!!!
  • shyguy Caught Pavel right after the about perfect timing!!!!
  • shyguy after watching Pavel flex and pose I am cured from my cold Had been in bed sick, but Pavel is the cure for the common cold!!!
  • shyguy sculpted muscles better than ever!
  • shyguy perfect
  • armzpecstraps He may have the best proportioned, defined body here and loves to show it. Not much of a chatter though.
  • shyguy Pavel captivates with his musculariy vascularity and definition verrrrry rippped
  • shyguy going back for more muscles so full and pumpped now see more
  • shyguy I have not seen Pavel in a month This is the new and improved Pavel..more muscles and veins and bigger!! I can't wait to watch as he grows!
  • plogan50 Top shape!
  • gsplover incredible muscles for such a young guy... did just a show today.... must not have been too horny ;)
  • shyguy Pavel has such classic muscularity symmetry and proportion He could have modeled for the statue of David!!
  • shyguy I thought Pavel looked ripped and muscular before he started the show but after 30 minutes of pumpiing and flexing I could not believe my eyes. What a body beautiful!!!!
  • globealo sexy
  • mike_1985 Great body, would recommend
  • drewforyouu great show! always friendly.
  • max09 guy looks awesome !
  • jeeb hard bulging perfection
  • izomlaz does not listen
  • shyguy Pavel sent me off to dreamland after an exciting muscle show!
  • shyguy Pavel"s muscles are really if carved from marble!
  • charlouxs Nice body. Beautiful bicep.
  • laurentis He is perfect!!! God I love this definition, size and face
  • frskyfeler Pavel is a very nice guy and loves to show off that amazing ripped bod. Got a phone call but tried his best to keep the show going. Other than that, lots of fun.
  • shyguy what a great way to end the day!!!!!!!!!!! Pavel is super!
  • shyguy Pavel is sooo pumpped I am going back for more!
  • withcare posing ok, asked for ass show, got it through his undies. Not enough, sorry
  • l28791 Nice manner and very professional.
  • hugehotpecs pure ripped muscle HOT!
  • lutzie hot as hell
  • laurentis Great guy!!!
  • shyguy perfect muscle show
  • indy84 Very nice. Hot body, easy to talk to
  • ctaylor1816 THanks Pavel, you are great sexy bodybuilder. Yes you have fans from USA.
  • tropicstud Really hot guy! Great attitude
  • shyguy Pavel is the best poser and when his muscles are pumped, I am putty in his hands!
  • beboy96 Definitely an incredible body. I'd loved to have spent more time to let things get a little more intimate.
  • shyguy perfect way to spend the midnight hour in group show with Pavel!
  • wsh90 Great show!
  • MJNYC07 Great guy.
  • max09 this guy loves to just show off ! ripped and handsome !
  • frenchtriceps amazing development. just spectacular!
  • tropicstud Beautiful body! Great attitude! Video quality not so good though....
  • tlv1 HE IS THE BEST
  • musclelover1 you are so damn fucking sexy. loving all of you
  • arigeitsu159 Damn... this guy is sheer perfection...
  • marcuslittle2001 Perfect!
  • shyguy Another terrific muscle show lots of pumping flexing and posing and oil.////so much muscularity and vascularity/totally ahhsome!!!
  • mitho19 are my best.....5*****
  • loveallmuscle hot :-D
  • krysten This guy is hot as hell and knows how to show off his body. Always seer and polite and does exactly what you want.
  • lat_lover Really great show. All of the poses were well done and he always has a great attitude on camera.
  • shyguy Another terrific show with Pavel all that pumping first in the tight blue body shirt and then without shirt and with oil......then the display of muscle........ Will go to bed happy now!
  • floridian so great!
  • piperfivefive best body on your site
  • shyguy Perfect muscle worship these special group shows with Pavel!!!
  • luvpecsandarms another hot show and nice man. even remember something for me from our last show
  • lutzie sexy guy - great voice!
  • jader sexiest man online
  • lutzie sexy guy - great voice!
  • luvpecsandarms hot show as usual. Even stayed hard afterward. What a man!
  • shyguy Perfect ending ...beginning with Muscle Hunks feature show and culminating with LMS private!
  • mlo_vah He is awesome!!!
  • lutzie Always v hot man- sexy and full on show
  • flicka Amazing man.
  • cannook This guy is one of those perfectly proportioned physique. Great poser and he knows it. I highly recommend this guy!
  • lutzie very hot guy - willing and responsive and nice
  • BiHngGuy8 Great show, big Load, very nice!
  • flicka Perfect body-awesome.
  • bosbo fantastic body, very friendly :D
  • pecs123 thanks for the show
  • shyguy another sexy muscle show with Pavel...always have sweet dreams after seeing his shows!
  • popetristn EXCELLENT!!!!! Just loved Pavel! Wow.
  • shyguy Definitely one of the best performers on LMS! Always try to be at his shows! See you again on MH..thanks Pavel!
  • shyguy That was 30 minutes of muscle bliss...come back for more of those group chats!
  • timobrien body is sick...great performance
  • webruce awesome build buddy
  • spenny78 a brilliant show! just amazing such a hot guy x
  • peter_ awesome
  • flicka Awesome!
  • sebooky great show, beautiful body!
  • mitho19 you are my best....very friendly guy
  • globealo Amazing.
  • shyguy Always a pleasure to watch Pavel flex and show off his spectacular physique,,a real treat!
  • billyluvsmuscle great body.. sexy ripped muscles
  • pjerram The best
  • GayManLove26 great show amazing ass
  • shyguy that was a super muscle worship group chat...great posing flexing oil and veins exploding!
  • tyui great ripped bodybuilder
  • parispex very hot!
  • luvpecsandarms always a hot show and so accommodating of requests
  • kvad im so sorry internet messed up…..will try you again. You are my hero !!
  • hjppmei3 Gorgeous man.
  • pjerram Pavel you are a God
  • mitho19 nice guy.....very...
  • negreira VERY GOOD
  • samson9 what a beautiful defined body!!
  • dl2xar7m so cool
  • shyguy Thank you Pavel for a terrific 30 minutes of muscle!
  • pecasaurus Fantastic deltoids and triceps. Wonderfully ripped.
  • dl2xar7m nice as always
  • SeanJM great guy - amazing muscle and flexes so well.....
  • mitho19 so gooooooooood....nice....and more.....
  • amandam impressive man!! Beautiful muscle body!! Amazing!
  • muscleloverboy Pavel puts on an incredible show
  • lelyke Hot
  • luvpecsandarms another hot show! very accommodating to requests.
  • shyguy extraordinary muscles so ripped and hard
  • azibi06 ripped, handsome, hot and nice guy. what more could you ask for.
  • musclesplz Amazing body and nice guy
  • corypdx So incredibly hot. What a stud.
  • jalonde amazing body
  • billyluvsmuscle so sexy. hot body
  • globealo hawt
  • musclemen123 such power
  • phillymuscle hot
  • chelm great shape, great attitude
  • darthdarth thank you very much!
  • milker really hot Pavel, great, how much money to get you to squirt?
  • sponsor4muscle fantastic performer. Amazing body. A++
  • spinoza Great body -- elegant and powerful, beautifully cut. Well worth seeing again ... and again. (He might have better lighting in the room. He's someone you want to get a good, long look at. in strong light.)
  • bodybuilderasu amazing show great performer
  • luvpecsandarms good with great ending. very accommodating. cute guy....:-)
  • mcrazykr Simply the best.. he will do anything for you. could not ask for more
  • mrcmrcmr awesoime
  • corypdx He is soooooooooooooooo hot! SO RIPPED!!
  • RONWILL1 really nice and sexy guy, great body and bares all andwow does he look good
  • jeffinnyc super hot body nice guy
  • pistolp Simply amazing. Does exactly what you want him to do.
  • BiHngGuy8 Totally ripped, posed while my wife was sleeping...then she woke up...
  • hotpecs perfect body! perfect face!
  • alex8881 man this guy is the best
  • globealo Amazing
  • codyman Astounding. So ripped and shredded. Responded to my every request for some amazing flexing.
  • babe Great show, great body - PERFECT! 5 stars!
  • mrcmrcmr amazing!!! that is all i can say
  • ioptex df
  • inque88 He has a very tight physique and is an all-around nice guy.
  • mlovah Thank you bb. You were awesome!!!
  • jimbocan Top notch physique - very muscular yet still agile and athletic. Very comfortable posing on cam. Excellent show.
  • george00 had to go right back to Pasha! couldnt get enough of him tonite!!!! what a sexy hot guy....he's getting bigger by the week! loved when he came on the table and then smeared it all over his pecs! this guy is too HOT!
  • george00 Sexiest hottest young guy on this site! ripped w/ supple defined thick young muscle! big cock and balls. Uninhibited! does everything u ask! hot hot hot show! i always go back for more of Pasha!
  • swisspower perfect show - perfect body - nice person :-)
  • PJames Amazing body and person!
  • basildog Great show. Pavel just might be one of my favorites on here. Hot body and nice guy.
  • bakore That was nice.
  • icbiceps fantastic muscles so sexy and beautiful WOW
  • marcinho hot guy!!!!!!
  • imamusclefan Absolutely incredibly sexy!
  • 00muscle00 amazing!
  • alex8881 great physique. the best.
  • gb1986 He di an excellent show!
  • readynow Hot!
  • bakore Nice chat.
  • george00 this is a young sexy as hell little stud!!!! sexy as they come! very hot hot show! willing to do ALL you want! i always cum so hard watching him! great ass!!! beautiful spread! nice big balls/cock....perfect little muscled body and very polite, accommodating!!!! he is a super friendly and will please you!
  • BiHngGuy8 Very hot wish he would smile, but everything else HOT
  • jimbocan top notch condition and even better with the new cam (very clear now)
  • alex8881 perfect body.
  • jimbocan poses very well, showing his many assets. excellent condition.
  • jimbocan very hot posing - amazing muscles and moves with agility
  • muscleman007 Pavel is a TOTAL package...great body and great heart and soul. Could watch him flex and pose for hours. Quite a man.
  • globealo Amazing
  • bigchuc you are soo sexy
  • avenueb6 Wow, an very good show. Like his poser routine. He's definitely in top form. I enjoy his gear side and will return to see him in his kit. Great tease with the underwear. Yes, he's a very good show, indeed.
  • krissy85 Amazing, hot and sexy
  • vabbva Great, beautifully defined, body. A muscle worshippers dream, really !
  • sexykyou Great show. Pavel is ripped. Love the body.
  • antonio9898 super sexy hot guy!!!! perfect sexy hot little muscle guy! such a tight muscled body....ripped! beautiful cock and ass. he likes to please his customers! has never refused to do anything i asked of him......big cock and balls! very nice guy
  • urbanboy hot flexing
  • Ando10 very nice defined body - great arms and abs
  • dl2xar7m always good
  • shyguy Ripped muscle the way I like !
  • dl2xar7m friendly
  • tropicstud Beautiful body! great definition and wonderful attitude!
  • dl2xar7m Excellent!
  • dl2xar7m highly recommended
  • dl2xar7m very exciting
  • dl2xar7m beautiful
  • dl2xar7m nice show
  • dl2xar7m great
  • dl2xar7m nice
  • PJames Great definition!