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Markus Borgoff

210 lbs
6'0 ft
48 in
34 in
18 in
25 in
Just Try money you'll spend in a long time. Turn ons- real gentlemen, unselfish, polite men who know what they want and can make me want to work for it. don't like impoliteness, rudeness and disrespect. Neither do you. I'm a pretty good flex artist, you'll see.

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  • aaron1234 Just the best. His profile doesn't lie.
  • musclepleassse I love you
  • nodoubtfan Simply the best! A-number-1!
  • nodoubtfan Charming, muscular, devilish, with a certain je ne sais quoi -- no one does it like Markus!
  • crunch08 THIS GUY IS HOT AF!!!!!
  • eden64 Hot show
  • bobby3817 Sexy beast
  • skip0416 hot pumped muscle show
  • Neckguy Awesome as always. Gorgeous body
  • MuscleMike123 the best
  • tboner great fun and connection
  • MuscleMike123 Amazing
  • Peclover96 Best shows I’ve ever had Markus your amazing
  • headz what a showman. Love it.
  • eden64 great performer!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Simply the best
  • nodoubtfan Simply the best!
  • skip0416 incredible hot muscle show
  • nodoubtfan Simply the best!
  • skip0416 hot sexy ripped body amazing
  • LoveMuscleandFeet Fucking AMAZING biceps!
  • tikigod90069 ONE OF THE VERY HOTTEST
  • kidflash212 Huge, sexy man
  • nodoubtfan Markus continues to be the #1 best model on LMS -- handsome, friendly, and still devilishly sexy.
  • joshmx A true flex artist!
  • Neckguy Markus is sooooo hot! and he's very accommodating to your desires. Gorgeous body and what a hot beautiful neck
  • thebigguy simply the best
  • Hadrian1964 Perfection
  • joshmx One of the best physiques in this site!
  • agnfr2 Downright Sexy!
  • joshmx Without a doubt one of the best ones in this website!
  • agnfr2 Handsome, strong, and well, beautiful. More please, my friend!
  • eden64 Very hot! great performer..
  • agnfr2 Definitely the Best! Hands down! Yes!
  • eden64 Exciting show..very hot!
  • nodoubtfan There's a reason Markus is #1 on LMS -- aside from his rocking body, he has a great personality and really takes the time to know and appreciate his fans. Try him out today; you won't be disappointed!
  • sexygirl4ever This man is amazing, always in great shape and actually looks better than in the profile pictures. Shows are simply the best with Markus. Money well spent.
  • calmuscle2000 so hot
  • bravo_post This man is so sexy! The way he moves and his facial expressions! Turn on!
  • cokko gorgious show in voyeur mode!!!
  • ebben20 MARKUS is a true star, his physique is AWESOME in all areas. I vote him number 1.
  • djohn hot!
  • cokko very nice show in voyeur mode!
  • aaron1234 amazing!!!!
  • cokko wonderful horny show!!!!!!!!!
  • vegetaishott95 Very hot man!
  • nodoubtfan Simply the best! There's a reason he's #1 on here :-)
  • skinnyboi HANDSOME...rugged, witty, SEXY muscular man!
  • little_b Always the gentleman, the showman and the friend...I'm one lucky lil guy.
  • sexygirl4ever Quite simply the best man on the site, handsome, polite and always a pleasure
  • agnfr2 MMMMMmmmmmmm!
  • nodoubtfan Can't say enough positive things about Markus -- great body, fantastic personality, and just overall THE BEST on the site!
  • agnfr2 Your welcome! Yes, I think so!
  • agnfr2 Handsome and with a beautiful smile! Oooooo!
  • mark789 great
  • little_b THE BEST PERIOD....
  • harey very aesthetic and so handsome check him out
  • little_b Pure alpha!
  • choupic MARKUS IS ALL MAN!!! PERFECT!!!
  • cokko super show by gorgious BB!
  • Vincenthorny533 Sexy guy & very nice show. Take care bb.
  • 5150dw Very hot and sexy! He knows how to work a camera!
  • charlouxs Markus are so nice and so generous. Amazing sexy and muscular body. He knows to be sexy. Amazing show.
  • webruce wow awesome build buddy, I will be back for more
  • little_b This dude is Superman and f*^# I'm a lucky guy.
  • gorglup Awesome awesome awesome!!
  • mtrygg He's naturally sexy and he knows exactly how to use it to get a man excited. What a treat. You can't go wrong. And he's really nice too! Best guy on site in my opinion. Money WELL spent.
  • nodoubtfah Markus is hands down the sexiest, most handsome, and most down-to-earth guy on LMS. Great conversationalist AND smoking hot. WHEW!
  • sexygirl4ever simply amazing time after time
  • 00muscle00 Markus is one of the most beautiful (and sexy) men I have met here. He knows how to work the camera and deliver! Well done!
  • milguy77 hot stud....great sexy entertainer!!
  • TruckerBeau I am in awe of Markus. He knows how to heat things up.
  • eden64 Hot man!
  • vabbva Beautiful physique and so playful, masculine and fun !
  • buster Straight to the point and very very impressive
  • contram Looking great Markus, symmetry looking good. If I was a rich boy I'd give you 5 multiplied by 10,000. ;)
  • little_b Drop dead good looks, body of a god, mind of a genius, heart of a lion = Mr. Borgoff. Once again Markus, thank you from the bottom of my little heart.
  • Trucker2013 He is the sexiest man alive.
  • pec_fetish This man is hot!
  • luvpecsandarms Damn hot show.... nice imagination
  • skip0416 hot sexy guy does whatever you ask great performer the best
  • in2bigguys Best MuscleGod here
  • muscleworship5 Amazing perfomer !!
  • Just_a_dude GREAT
  • nicktaylor Markus gave me a very hot private show, I could not tell you guys the details because I'm still in heaven:)
  • mistervoyeur Markus is one sexy fella who definitely knows how to show off!!
  • little_b Words don't exist for how awesome this guy is...or how blessed I feel to get to chat with him. I'm definitely the lucky one here. Thanks M.
  • cokko super show by super man!!!!
  • fitnvers Markus was my dream and fantasy who was more than I could imagine. A 10 star rating out of the maximum of only 5 stars allowed here. I am speechless and all numb and tingly thinking about his gorgeous body and hard cock. Will you marry me Markus? :)
  • eden64 Hot man!
  • mfhnd I believe Markus is on a personal Odyssey. May he always have the sun behind him and his goals set before him. I must say, his handsomeness is only surpassed by his congenial nature. He has qualities, that he simply never hints at acknowledging. I find myself doing it for him, without hesitation. Bravo, Markus. Until next time. Take care
  • little_b Trouble's back in town...and I'm dead meat...the man is perfection.
  • charlouxs OMG Markus is always sexy. It's perfection of muscle. His shape is amazing. Very nice guy. Very hot bicep, abs and ass. He is so hot. He is a real showman. It's a pleasure to admire his amazing body. 5 stars.
  • aaron1234 Incredible! What a showman! Only downside was no sound, and it was still awesome!
  • little_b It's quite easy....if you want the best time...go to Markus....treat him like a gentleman and he'll fly you to another world...plain and simple
  • backlash very hot
  • charlouxs He offers a good show. Very sexy. Nice abs, ass, and shape. Thanks.
  • little_b He is perfection every single time...the epitome of a gentleman. The ultimate bad ass. Good to see you buddy.
  • pjminmia very hot is all i can say. wastes no time getting down to action
  • brandonssmart The guy is so bloody charming it should be against the law!
  • flicka Markus is a true musclegod! WOW!
  • tboner great flexing artist
  • muslit this guy is super handsome, with muscles. he knows how to move. he's sexy as hell. Markus is awesome!
  • discodan7 a true gentleman. and DAMN what a stud ;)
  • brandonssmart Absolutely insane. But fucking worth it. Very cool fella From Brandon and Ticia
  • kosmo Ridiculously handsome guy, very nice, gorgeous body!
  • basalt great show Markus thank you for being such a sexy fun performer
  • mfhnd Markus is diverse. I had 3 sessions with him. All different. He is handsome, bright, charming, and funny. Follows your lead. Too bad we are 8 time zones apart. The more you see him, the more you come to appreciate him! Take care my young, handsome friend.
  • studioj Thank you sir!
  • funkisser Simply the hottest and best!!
  • cokko wonderful show!
  • aaron1234 Incredible show - smokin' hot body, and a guy who knows how to show it off like it's no-one's business!
  • azstar OMG, what a sexy stud. His biceps are amazing and he just makes you want more and more. Be careful, he might be addtictive, but worth it!
  • jonboy25 Sexy as hell!
  • funkisser AMAZING body and a great show - he's the real deal!!!
  • leviguy Markus is pretty amazing- incredibly handsome and the body of a god
  • Ando10 Had the privilege of Markus' 1st LMS show - holy crap - what a body! Amazing biceps and abs and great posing - some of the best I have seen. Check out this new guy - you'll be glad you did!