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Brice King

175 lbs
5'8 ft
45 in
29 in
17 in
25 in
Brice King is a muscle stud unlike any other. His perfectly peaked, vascular biceps and striated pecs are only the beginning of what this cocky alpha male has to offer. Brice's legendary abs stay ripped all year, and his massive lats combine with his small waist to create a V-taper that would make Superman jealous. Finally, his expert showmanship and years of experience on webcam make for unforgettable shows. What are you waiting for? Get to know Brice in private now!

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  • icbiceps BRICE is the best. He has the most amazing physique and the greatest muscles that spring to life when he flexes. Plus a fantastic personality. HE IS THE BEST!
  • icbiceps Brice is more than awesome his arms and lats are to die for WOW!!!
  • marcin200 beatifull monster legs
  • feluis Not bad, can improve a lot more.
  • alancraig Brice is so hot! What a hot man! Could watch him for hours
  • peters89 Brice King should be called King Brice! He rules! Better every time I see him! What a great guy!
  • peters89 Brice is phenomenal!!! Handsome, muscles, nice.....what more could you ask for? He is the best! Worth it all!
  • jayjay wonderful show!
  • icbiceps THE BEST BICEPS IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Brice is amazing - great lats too and so ripped WOW! I can't take it all in!!!
  • icbiceps Amazing muscles and the best personality - Brice is the coolest !
  • icbiceps Brice has the most amazing body here Go private with him you will be totally satisfied
  • icbiceps THE BEST
  • icbiceps The greatest muscles here - chat with Brice he is just the coolest!
  • jeeb the best
  • ronjak Very nice personality
  • icbiceps SIMPLY PERFECTION!!!
  • icbiceps Totally awesome!
  • maxmax432 very hot and attractive & kind !
  • icbiceps Brice has the best personality, the greatest muscles - GO PRIVATE WITH HIM YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!
  • icbiceps The best - his biceps are so huge such great peaks on those arms! WOW!!!
  • icbiceps SUPER AMAZING MUSCLE - plus a real nice guy - AMAZING FLEXING! WOW!!!
  • rland10 yummmm
  • Kingohearts Very nice physique, very handsome, and sweet
  • icbiceps He is amazing - he is so kind and his muscles are so huge - his flexing is beyond compare!
  • icbiceps fantastically huge muscles! Incredible flexing! THE BEST!!!
  • hugehotpecs Awesome!
  • rustrongasme what a great fun sexy show. brice is the king of seduction
  • wareagle Great body, Great show!
  • Trucker2013 He's a nice man. I appreciate being treated well. He's damn sexy, too.
  • mophil YOU JUST WOULD BE A FOOL NOT TAKING BRICE KING IN PRIVATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • djaam many thanks to You sir. love Your Ass in working : meant to be kissed with due respect.
  • auchiesmalls This man!! one his is the most handsome :) but then he has the BEST BODY!!!! his legs (pents) omg i love them..his back biceps triceps too i want it all lol i need it!!. He also know what he is talking about very smart he does a great job on here he knows how to make you happy and keep u happy
  • vabbva Brice gives a great private, He has the ripped muscle, and he knows how to talk the talk and make you enjoy it.
  • john21 Brice is built so incredibly. Thanks for sharing some time with me.
  • gregg2007 amazingly hot!
  • legluver Love this dude right here. Now HE has a all natural body and it shows. Love everything I saw
  • webruce awesome thanks
  • wkeith2 this is a black god
  • negreira GREAT PIECE OF ASS
  • MaxwellSr First time visiting Brice, he is very muscular and handsome, I will be back again,
  • wkout Amazing body! Amazing abs! Amazing show!
  • Fibers Nice show. Really knows how to flex those muscles and keep you intense and wanting more.
  • polohunt1 this man is unbelievable and hot
  • adamknj AMAZING MUSCLE!
  • ramfis69 didn't want to see back
  • markon Great show, i like your ripped muscles!!
  • stpeterson Awesome! Very easy going and did exactly what I needed! Nice guy!
  • lvmuscle OMG what a fucking ripped ass body, holy shit!
  • Marcus601 you're so hot
  • jaymuscle ripped jacked and gives it his all. definitely a sick physique !!!
  • wareagle Great Show!
  • jeffabs This man is absolutely fantastic! Incredibly accommodating and the perfect physique...a MUST SEE!! His strength and his cuts ripple all over with perfection.
  • frenchtriceps Just amazing! Most symmetrical dude i have ever seen! and fun!
  • tjohannson Hey Brice, thanks mate, nice work to you and your lady
  • trinity2355 very poor picture quality
  • inque88 He has a fantastic body and is a very pleasant guy
  • smoothkd AWESOME!
  • smoothkd AWESOME!
  • smoothkd THE BEST!!! DAMN HE'S HOT AS FUCK!