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255 lbs
5'9 ft
62 in
31 in
21 in
29 in
Bodybuilder and Strongman Champion !

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  • grond7777 Hot
  • fitzguy so huge and sexy xxx
  • Neckguy What a BEEF! and showed me what I like and acting out my fetish without me asking. great guy and willing to do what you want. loved it
  • fitzguy so sexy, but i need to see that handsome face too xx
  • micro_man So HUGE and so nice to chat with.
  • ebben20 YUMMI is a great person with an great build all over!!
  • swidler15 AMAZING
  • expoguy great
  • straydread1 Yummi is huge and very sexy and very nice
  • amzapelea best guy
  • flavioba Yummi is simply HUGE! Enojyed every single moment of the show!
  • testify Yummi is hot .. love those biceps
  • koppie nice
  • lbljunior023 Massive!!!
  • dermo fantastic show no messing about
  • hunkydory174 amazing!
  • laxman9448 so hot
  • Frade the best arms
  • yasinx20 THE BEST #1
  • rackfan Dull, doesn't engage with you. Not worth it.
  • xyzzy2 That was awesome, thanks
  • jalonde big beefy
  • laurentis the best of the best
  • Colder Hot as always
  • peckisser1 amazing body and nice guy!
  • laxman9448 AMAZING
  • chbarak strong guy and awesome cock
  • Marvin39 Unbelievable! Great muscle show!
  • jonh1962 the best, big body
  • mack Love that man he is so hot
  • ipterra great man, I would fuck with him for hours
  • chiboi21 gives an amazing show ! ran out of time tho :(
  • Ryden81 big man
  • jalexander769 Great show! Thanks again.
  • lsgnobody Yummi is the biggest guy around! Really nice guy and amazing show!!!
  • showgo0524 perfct!!!!
  • microman This man is MASSIVE and enjoys it.
  • gavin1992 hot, friendly guy. Macho and nice all at once, perfect guy to worship!
  • microman A very HUGE man
  • MaxwellSr Always an awesome flexing show Yummi is masive!
  • gaston Huge as ever. Yummi doesn't disappoint!
  • lsgnobody Yummi is always really REALLY nice. He's in the best mood at all times and willing to show off what he's got. And man, he's got it all! HUGE amazing arms, double door sized back, pecs so big i bet most bodybuilders wish they could come close. Thanks again for an amazing show, man!
  • microman Not very interactive
  • Buckster Great!
  • icbiceps Amazing flexing and super huge arms WOW
  • lsgnobody He's the best. There's nothing else to it. He likes showing off and is a very nice guy as well.
  • alaterra wow what a superb specimen. Huge muscle everywhere and very friendly. Knows how to put on a great show!
  • mitho19 5*****
  • mangrove007 doesn't like to do nude....only shows big arms and face and sort of fat chest
  • MaxwellSr Always a good visit.
  • talent Doesnt follow customer's basic wishes
  • MaxwellSr yummi is a huge muscle man who likes to please, he is great!
  • buster nice massive legs
  • aaron1234 great!
  • bryce123 Nice poser!
  • sleev great guy! i hope to see more.
  • musc2day Yummi put on a great Show!! Very nice body. Looking great in those black skimpy briefs. Nice ass!! And very nice uh... well you know what. A good nice person!!
  • billyluvsmuscle HUGE arms and back
  • sweden52 Awesome man, huge biceps, pecs, lats, & delts. Gives a great show so don't miss him! Thanks Yummi!
  • mitho19 5*****
  • t37444mn Yummi is huge. Check him out.
  • muscleseek fantastic muscle-show, really great - I enjoyed it very much!
  • mslnla always great!
  • philpedro i found him a little bit fat,i am a bit disappointed
  • aaron1234 good!
  • reyisking he's awesome :)
  • mitho19 5*****
  • free90 He's looking better. Good show.
  • davygolieth MmmmmmYummi
  • 56billyboy HUGE
  • mitho19 top five....*****
  • rick654 Great show, did all that was asked.
  • timuk yummi is awesome
  • denlive A really big man...Ipressive, a gentlemen...EAST-EUROPEANS ARE THE BEST!!!
  • oktabyo good
  • l28791 not bad.
  • jackson8924 The biggest
  • jackson8924 Awesome muscles and a very long dick, flexes so slowly it is too hot!
  • jackson8924 Great show, slow sexy flex, big dick too! Huge arms!
  • hog4musl Big boy into showing you what he has...proud of it, and wants to show it off.
  • jackson8924 Excellent! The slow flexing is terrific! A gent and a prince of muscles!
  • guapeton1 wait a lot to show you what you want
  • manner71 promised more than delivered
  • khanocopia thanks, was good
  • cokko Nice show! Good model with lot of muscles!
  • timuk yummi is huge and amazing
  • manner71 ok
  • donnie82 short show but he fucking rocks. so huge.
  • lvmuscle huge
  • mikelgag excellent even if was very short
  • bigguy He is absolutely fantastic. He is so muscular and loves to be worshiped. Wow!
  • MaxwellSr Yummi is so muscular and hot.
  • rushbruno without comments
  • l4bigg increadibly BIG!
  • lvmuscle hot
  • anton24 Amazing
  • sharpei1 none
  • dude35 great
  • dude35 ok
  • sharpei1 none
  • sharpei1 none
  • sharpei1 none
  • dude35 great
  • dude35 great
  • dude35 great
  • rbenny1972 hottt
  • rbenny1972 hott
  • mitho19 the best
  • mitho19 the great man, the best of....all
  • mitho19 ...nice

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