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Toby Walters

220 lbs
5'11 ft
45 in
29 in
18 in
27 in
It's a wonderful thing when a pup grows up - especially a hot young muscle pup like Toby Walters. We first shot Toby in 2005 for PowerMen - but you should see him now! In the few short years since we shot him, he has gone from boy to MAN - and what a MAN he turned out to be - a 4 x national champion! Check him out now on!

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  • gotpex Toby Walters is the absolute BEST. A beautiful man in every way possible. Huge muscle, huge everything. And Toby likes to play. Spend some time with him. You'll love this man. Grazie mille, Toby. A presto!
  • gotpex Toby Walters is the man. So hot, so horny, so sexual, and he loves to talk. His body is awesome. Everything about his body is awesome. Thank you, my friend, for a very hot time. Ciao, bello! See you soon!
  • littlefagg FANTASTIC! He has such a great butt!
  • TopVersLkng4Mscl you are awesome, i will be right back someone knocking at my door
  • stattick amazing!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Big muscles and big everything and gets right into your muscle fantasy. He's awesome!
  • ikesan thanks
  • Francois13 Handsome, great ass, pretty everything
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Huge EVERTHING
  • minky good show
  • gaymuscle44 excellent!!!! great body and great dick
  • LoveMuscleandFeet HUGE everything!!
  • muscle.luvr fantastic performer
  • wawa87 very sexy guy
  • hugehotpecs Perfect muscle and a great guy! Hot!
  • james1809 wow x
  • hugehotpecs Absolutely gorgeous!
  • hugehotpecs So sexy smooth and HOT!
  • tropicstud Simply AWESOME!
  • bigscoff Toby Walters is utterly amazing. He has the body of a God, He knows exactly how to make people love him. Utterly fantastic
  • Topher001350180 what a perfect body!
  • GayLover7577 Amazing Show. Toby is the nicest person on here. listens to you and actually engages in conversation. He is a must on this site.
  • dgaylove26 great show. great body just amazing
  • pitchboy Hard & sensual!!!
  • bigscoff This is one amazing hot guy. He has the body of a living God. His personality is incredible. I love this guy.
  • Meistergb Great - ran out of money!
  • velomec Very sexy man. Performed exactly as a requested, slow and sensual. Hot man.
  • Meistergb Nice show - great monster cock!
  • GayMale7577 Great show all i can say is wow
  • lelyke Hot guy!!!
  • exotic32 Amazing!!!
  • maxmax432 very good performer..........meets the client's needs !
  • pjerram Beautiful
  • mack Nice big well built man very hot
  • exotic32 AMAZING!!!
  • exotic32 great!
  • exotic32 Amazing Toby :)!!!
  • exotic32 Great as allways!
  • exotic32 excellent!
  • sideswipe Awesome shape. Great flexing show. The best for magazines covers. Friendly guy.
  • exotic32 Excellent show, excellent time, he is wonderful!
  • lefty121 YOu are that hottest man on this site with the hottest body who really knows how to show what you've got
  • lelyke Hot guy!!!
  • cistern ran out of minutes sorry
  • ddjock Hot show! Toby has a great that ass! and those pecs!
  • tropicstud Superb!
  • webruce your awesome
  • webruce thank you
  • webruce awesome thank you
  • MaxwellSr Awesome body and a sweet man!
  • webruce thanks awesome build buddy
  • mail2jatinkhurana a lovely performance... to keep on watching after recording...
  • mail2jatinkhurana wait i m coming back
  • buckeyebuilder Toby is one Handsome MAN! Love that chest
  • webruce Awesome build Toby. Love to get together when I have more time. Thanks
  • BenSteves36 super hot and super friendly. amazing ass
  • larespo1 Great muscle man!
  • larespo1 He's the best! Unparalleled show and generous without bounds. What are you waiting for? This guy is the real deal!
  • larespo1 Just terrific! As usual. He never disappoints.
  • larespo1 Again a great show and he has so much. A beautiful man.
  • joshmx By far one of the best shows I've had on this site! Thank you so much Toby!
  • larespo1 Just incredible again!
  • larespo1 He's great!
  • larespo1 Just wow! I would love it if Toby would do more videos for us to purchase. He is outstanding and he loves showing it off. And he is very nice!
  • wvtazman awesome
  • larespo1 Another great show from Toby. He is perfection. See his show. He is well worth it!!!!!
  • larespo1 Toby is the BEST! Good show and beautiful skin. Perfect man and so nice and hot!
  • larespo1 Another great show from the fabulous Toby! What a hot man and a hot hot body. I can never get enough of that man! Tasty and really beautiful!
  • gsplover nice bod.... rather expensive thought. good show but I ran out of funds before he finished the show :(
  • larespo1 Terrific!
  • larespo1 Toby is superb. The best. My favorite. He does know how to give a great show. Hands down the best and all man! So sexy and always accommodating and willing and it appears that he likes it so much too! Enjoy Toby! I have on more than one occasion! Superb specimen of a man!
  • larespo1 I think Toby is just the greatest thing on LMS. I hope he is always on the show!
  • larespo1 Toby is great as always! He is, in my estimation, the best, nicest, hottest model you got! Hope that he keeps it going for a long time! Tremendous!
  • larespo1 What more can I say? Toby is just fantastic. He really gets into it and you won't regret it. He is one hot man and you won't ever be disappointed!!!
  • larespo1 I think that Toby is without a doubt the best model on the site. He is very accomodating and just really hot. He loves to do the show and he has a perfect body. Just perfect. Would love to see more videos of this stunning man.
  • tropicstud Extremely hot!
  • larespo1 Toby is so hot and just so nice. An incredible body and he is just so well built. He is all pleasure and delicious. Everybody --- check out this hot stud. He is superb.
  • larespo1 Toby is great! He has a perfect body and he is really pleasant and easy to talk to and what's more, he's my favorite model ever. Check him out! You will not be dissatisfied. Thanks Toby!!!!! 10 stars!
  • larespo1 Toby is excellent! Wonderful body and just really very hot! Don't miss this really hot dude. He is just spectacular!
  • mail2jatinkhurana ah credit finished ... wonder show ...
  • eddieg Great guy, and so generous. Definitely worth your time. A total sweetheart.
  • buckeyebuilder Toby is HOT and HANDSOME! Always a great show!
  • amadeus27 Awesome!!!
  • eddieg Toby is the best. There isn't a nicer model on this site. Please visit him. You won't be disappointed.
  • libraarbil sexy..
  • hugehotpecs Beautiful, hot sexy man!
  • nick_12 Thanks heaps, Toby. Nice to meet you. A great guy who gets down to business quickly.
  • floridian great hot show.
  • gymjocksports THANKS! GREAT SHOW
  • vabbva One of the best ! gorgeous body and such a nice guy.
  • vabbva nice guy, beautiful physique, great show !
  • mitho19 thank you for all......
  • floridian gave me a HUGE present! he really gave it his all.
  • marcialistas ufffffff you are amazing¡¡¡¡¡ you are my favorite¡¡¡¡¡
  • marcialistas amazing i like him too much
  • yanqui He shows you what you want to see, your every desire fulfilled instantly. He strips quickly, shows off that hot body and immediately joins the fantasy you describe. Toby's a great performer, the best there is here.
  • rocky55 Awesome! There just isn't any other words to describe you!
  • amadeus27 So hot! Love you, bb!!!
  • tropicstud Amazingly good!
  • floridian very muscular
  • amadeus27 Love your hot body, delicious nipples and sexy, awesome face & muscles!!
  • anthony98pt This guy is phenominal!!!!! I get so rock hard and cum so hard from his shows!!!! Toby cant please enough ---he has nevere refused to do anything i have asked him to do! I LOVE his perfect THICK mostrous pecs...super large nipples he loves to play with! He gets naked right away and shows off his perfectly sculptured body---does not hesitate!!! What a Gorgeous physical specimen of the muscled male !!!!! Round smooth ass, big sack balls---and 2 big balls in that sack! and of, course, a perfect thick long fat cock that starts precumming quickly! His explosian of thick white cum is unreal! all over his six-pack and pecs! I love this guy!!!!!!!! He is also the nicest model on this site! Polite,friendly and has class! Terrific!
  • coreyt thankyou i enjoyed you
  • Fibers Hot number with an Awesome body and ass. Toby I will be back for more!!! and more and more!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cokko very hard show. wonderful abs!
  • carmen98 I keep returning to Toby privately because he gives 110% in his shows! He has gotten so muscled up lately...added lots of thick gorgeous muscle to show off....and he shows it ALL!!!! and more..!!!!! beautiful ass, big horse balls and nice fat thick cock!!!! he cums hard .....and so do I when i watch him!!!! The ultimate muscle show from this very hot ,nice ,sexy man!!!!!
  • captaindad2 Fantastic show......goes all the way to please his customer.....totally built and in great shape....HUGE - muscles of the best
  • carmen98 Wow! this is one hot sexy mans'man!!! handsome as hell! beautiful physique! huge chest and arms! he loves to please and did everything i asked w/ much enthusiasm! He is not shy!!!! :) Toby is super nice,friendly...unlike many of the other arrogant modesl on here!!!! he has a beautiful muscles round ass...big fat cock and balls....loves to show his body off. He wants to please! I plan on many return trips to Toby's private room! What a muscle God!
  • amadeus27 You are so hot bb! I can't wait to give you so much pleasure!!! amadeus
  • mitho19 he is great......
  • yanqui Toby is beautiful!
  • ddjock Toby put on one hot show! He does not disappoint!
  • buckeyebuilder BEAUTIFUL! Toby is GREAT
  • mascfl Thanks for the brief chat - JD
  • clueless888 excellent
  • clueless888 Great ass. Did everything I wanted
  • amadeus27 Love your naked body!
  • eddieg Toby's the greatest. Great attitude, a sweetheart, and great body. Very inventive!
  • amadeus27 Sorry Toby - I am mad because I paid for more time on my credit card and site did not give me time!
  • inque88 He is a huge sweetheart, as always. Always same awesome shape too.
  • libraarbil really hot..
  • llc101 Very sensual and sexy worth all the money!!!
  • clueless888 Very nice. did everything i wanted.
  • gaymuscle44 perfect and sexy
  • timobrien great body and fun to chat with
  • romanv Toby is a charm! He is always in a good mood, he's super sexy and does everything you ask from showing his impressive chest to having an erotic dance. I love him!
  • romanv Toby is always ready to please, which is appreciated. It is also super sexy and attentive. I really liked to go private with him because it was a totally intimate show. He is very friendly and warm.
  • gaymuscle44 amazing. great body and great you know what
  • robertson I love this man.
  • joenyc great show.Toby is the best!
  • yanqui Very hot show. What a hot body!
  • yanqui Toby has a lush, muscular body and will fulfill your fantasies. He's PERFECT.
  • mitho19 thank you, you are really...the best guy....bye bye
  • inque88 He is the best, very accomodating and knows how to talk dirty.
  • james1809 fantastic xx
  • rob24 Very friendly guy, and he sure knows how to show off those great PECS of his! Wow, I loved it!
  • yanqui Great looks, great body, great attitude, and great fun!
  • sweden52 Awesome bodybuilder, who's perseverence has paid off with huge pecs, biceps & quads. Good luck Toby in this year's competition!
  • straydread1 great body, video freezes
  • yanqui What a hot guy!
  • yanqui Sexy as hell!
  • yanqui Sexy as hell!
  • arioch Great show vwry outgoing
  • muscletom Huge muscles, beautiful body, handsome muscleman. Awesome muscles everywhere.
  • yanqui Very sexy guy with a fantastic physique. Nice big pecs!
  • muscletom Best show around. Huge muscles and nipples. Knows how to perform.
  • bluerob Really hot guy and great show. Hot pecs and abs!
  • gaymuscle44 Great show. really sexy. good at just talkin too
  • yanqui Such an accommodating hunk!
  • gaymuscle44 great showw
  • markon Toby is so hot i like it when he shows off his muscles!!
  • shyguy Came back for more muscle...literally!
  • markon What a great group chat!! Toby like to show of his hard muscles. Super preformer!
  • shyguy Loved the pumping and flexing and muscle worship ...thanks Toby for a great show!
  • martinp13 Great flexing!
  • tropicstud An incredible body! good attitude also!
  • nycewolf great... do what you ask for.. very nice
  • aaron1234 Great!!
  • daveboston love toby
  • cokko very nice show and super abs. recommended!
  • yanqui Cute pup!
  • markon So hot, so muscular, great show!!
  • markon Great follow up of the show, i will be back for more!!
  • shyguy That was some show...liked the group rate so I was able to spend more time with Toby. Had plenty opportinity to worship his muscles and.....!
  • markon Wow what a hot show, Toby is a musclegod. He like's showing off his muscles and be worshiped. I like to worhip his huge muscles. Great show, thank you!!
  • osmar61 Master Toby Walters is so hot...He is one of my favorites....I can't resist him...In less than 2 weeks I have spent $100 on him....He is Sexy....I am addicted to him!!!!
  • markon Wow it was a short but great show! He is very muscles and very friendly. Thanks for showing.
  • Duke77 Great horny sexy guy from Romania... Enjoy it a lot!
  • aguy Great performer and really hot body
  • mitho19 hot and nice, strong man
  • shyguy Toby has an impressive physique and loves to show off his muscles....pleasure watching him!
  • mustangx great biceps nice bodt
  • alex8881 great physique...... awesome abs
  • daveboston awesome, great guy
  • osmar61 Toby is a real Muscle God...Made me cum with a huge load....
  • pitchboy Very nice addition to LMS!
  • liveitup awsome

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