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Ruben Valdez

205 lbs
5'9 ft
58 in
31 in
21 in
28 in
Looking for a tough guy who also happens to be incredibly handsome? Does the idea of a young dude with muscle that won't quit and with the face of a devilish angel turn you on? Well then, look no further than Ruben. Ruben is a bodybuilder and martial artist, just out of his teens and striding confidently into manhood with what a killer physique. Ruben’s ripped all over, with an amazing six-pack, magnificent arms, legs, and traps, and with endless horsepower to burn. The muscle voltage meter spins out of control as soon as it’s connected to any part of Mr. Valdez’s sexy body. Can you keep up with Ruben, one-on-one? Find out for yourself, by contacting him, now, only at

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  • blackhawk668 Great guy and is happy to interact. The amount of requests he gets for private shows should be an indicator of how good this guy is. Looking forward to the next time. =)
  • lisa_4_u he is so nice. just unbelievable.
  • charlouxs Ruben has a very sexy body. Very nice and generous guy. It's good in private. Amazing bicep, sexy pec and ass.
  • khf445 very friendly and accommodating. a great show
  • codyman Outstanding!
  • harey Great show. Very interactive and nice guy.
  • charlouxs Very nice man. I love his pec and bicep. Cute face. Nice laugh. I want to be with him more longer in private.
  • male3973 What a hot stud!
  • armwreslr awesome dude
  • pbjb So hot, what an amazing ass and a huge package!
  • akakpo92 unbelievable
  • Fibers HOT HOT HOT. A true Gentleman very nice personality. Likes to take it slow and easy as he takes you to your next adventure.You have to experience the adventure yourself. Ruben you are still #1 on this site. Love you Baby!!!!!!!!!!
  • SFRunner amazing!!!
  • sponsor4muscle amazing. one of the best models ever on LMS
  • lust4muscle An amazing guy with an amazing body! Definitely worth the show!
  • Swimmer96 Doesnt get better!
  • jepthat1 he was more than amazing
  • carmen98 pretty easy- going nice guy, but does not take the initiative to give a good show.......or i wasnt demanding enough!. too bad cause he's my ideal "hot guy".......he didnt put alot of effort into pleasing me......sat there and chatted . I wanted him to show me his ass and he didnt/wouldn't???? would barely touch himself....but i'll go back and be more demanding next time. gotta give him another chance..
  • jeanluc One Word - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • marcinho perfect,statuesque. take your breath away
  • forzudo great guy... and phisique.
  • vmscl the best! awesome! :)
  • shyguy Glad I could get a private ...had to wait in line and be quick on the button but well worth it for a muscle lover guy like me!
  • brian4398 thank you!
  • bigluigi4 Best model on here
  • grier86 Ruben is so nice..Hot and has a GREAT personality!!
  • gunner497 Hot man.
  • blueyesonly very nice guy with amazing body. Only 20 years old.
  • jesserma so very sweet
  • jesserma great guy, so very cute