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Manfredo Marino

240 lbs
6'0 ft
60 in
32 in
21 in
30 in
For when a six-pack just won’t do, here is Manfredo Marino, a strong and handsome, hot-bodied ‘Italian Stallion’, who wants to get to know you! As you can see, Manfredo takes pride in his ripped, rock-hard, sculpted body. One look and you can see from his triceps, big ball biceps, and bulging veins that this is a muscle stud built to make you feel his power. Just imagine how it would feel to run your hands over each and every inch of Manfredo, and to take your muscle worship experience over the edge. Do not hesitate… go private with Manfredo now, only here at!

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  • SubmissiveDude The absolut best
  • skip0416 Amazing muscle god great show awesome
  • daveboston AWESOME one of the best, biggest and sexiest guy
  • Mikeheavypecs My favorite on here so far! Hot muscle and good looking !
  • Nasennopsi3 Great show ... thx
  • Trebron Unreal big muscles, great face. Will definitely come back.
  • gotpex Manfredo is the hottest and biggest muscle man on LMS. Sexy as hell and a great guy. He can be a little shy, so you have to draw him out, but the muscles and the personality are awesome.
  • Wildo13 perfect he is very kind too :)
  • Omegapussy the best
  • skip0416 always a great show with a great guy
  • skip0416 another amazing pumped ripped muscle show incredible body
  • skip0416 what an amazing pumped ripped muscle body great show the best
  • gotpex Manfredo Marino without question has the biggest, sexiest and best muscles on this site. He is a total pleasure to spend time with and he likes to flex and pose hard. Spend some time with him. You will be happy you did.
  • ysx20 THE BEST!
  • dmuscle Hands down one of the top guys on the site. Well worth the time. Never disappointed
  • jonboy25 One of the biggest, beefiest, sexiest guys on the site. Incredible!
  • ysx20 AMAZING!!!!
  • minga very hot muscles
  • germanboy75 by far the best here!
  • alex_28 Ok, that was the best show I ever had! Manfredo is the KING of muscles! Love him!
  • Enello He has a dream of a huge body. He's always friendly. Always great show!
  • valdoaldo The best
  • joshmx Simply the biggest and best physique in here!
  • Enello wow. The best bodybuilder! Big champ with huge muscles! Gigant!
  • sexygirl4ever big
  • skip0416 wow amazing pumped ripped body so huge the best
  • alex_28 omg he is back! Hottest man on the planet! Beautiful muscles and so handsome!
  • Timotao amazing body.
  • Timotao I wish he would stand up. top notch body.
  • Wildo13 He is perfect, nice person, and very sexy, choose him ;) !
  • germanboy75 insane shape!
  • skinnyboi WOW!
  • Omegapussy I love him. THat body is out of space. That smile makes you fall in love. Absolutley amazing
  • Omegapussy WOW. Incredible Have never seen someone that hot. He flexes like a god, his veins are so sexy. Book him. He is worth it
  • skip0416 wow an incredible ripped body he is so huge great show the best guy
  • curiousbob No one else like him. Hugh muscles and a real nice guy,
  • alex_28 OUTSTANDING!! WOW!
  • tikigod90069 cant wait til i get him in private again
  • daveboston This guy is the ultimate in muscles, Great Show and super Hot guy
  • showoffpls he has a great physique
  • bigbeardad i want MORE!!!! SO HOT!
  • skip0416 amazing ripped body so huge hot show
  • TOsgl Incredible body. Very responsive and nice host. Definitely one of the best here!
  • alex_28 Big big muscles, so ripped and hot, the best!
  • dmuscle Muscle perfection
  • aaron1234 just amazing!
  • aaron1234 this guy is incredible!
  • alex_28 The best guy on this site! Damn so hot...
  • stephenc the best, awesome body, great poser
  • shyguy Manfredo is perfect as Conan the Barbarian Fantasy come true!
  • MaxiP265 All muscle! The biggest and best. No disappointment
  • maine0987 Incredible!!!!
  • curiousbob Manfredo is absolutely in the best shape ever...and so very nice too!
  • little_b Amazing crazy arms...but the hours I could spend watching that chest....
  • dmuscle One of the most physically perfect men on this site. Does not disappoint.
  • dmuscle A true muscle god!!!
  • joshmx One of the best physiques by far in this place!
  • codyman Magnificent physique, great poser, and a very nice man.
  • alex_28 WOW! He is the best! I can´t ask for more..
  • Timotao His body is amazing, and so handsome. Wish he was more responsive and stood up so I could see more. I want this man.
  • alex_28 Everything about this guy is just perfect!
  • chelm i consider myself lucky to have spent time with him here
  • ambrose The perfect man. Handsome with mountain bicep peaks. Hottest body on the web right now. Nice guy too.
  • FGpho best
  • wonder Fantastic body!! I Didn't go for full nudity. The best!!
  • joshmx The best physique in this site at the moment!
  • pier77 INSANE!!! top!
  • codyman The perfect male specimen. Simply spectacular physique, with the most perfect arms I have ever seen. Never tires of flexing and posing. A very nice gentleman too!
  • ICYOU247 Deep pecs, big arms, what more can you ask for
  • choupic Two words: THE BEST!
  • mr.steve Always perfection. Always pumped. Always makes me hard! Hard to beat!
  • curiousbob There is no guy on LMS that comes close to Manfredo's muscularity and generosity...he is one of a kind
  • curiousbob Manfredo is beyond expectation, a great show and a very nice guy.
  • joshmx Best posing routine ever!!!
  • muscleman007 Manfredo is a musclegod to end all musclegods. He will flex until you fall of off your chair. Total delight and so much muscle it will make your head spin. King Manfredo!
  • vichetforever The most amazing guy and physique ever.
  • daveboston the ultimate Muscle Nice guy
  • peters89 Always the best!!!!!!
  • pino I am so glad that Manfredo is back!
  • csb9273 One of the best shows on LMS!! Manfredo was in top shape and he enjoys flexing as much as I enjoyed seeing it. He is the Roman God stereo type: huge, well defined, vascular, great looks, handsome smile, and perfect hair. He was Awesome!
  • muscleman007 Magnificent Manfredo is back looking even better than ever! This guy knows how to pose and flex like non other. There are men and there are men! Thanks, Manfredo!
  • shyguy I have missed glad he is back for muscle worship!!!!
  • shyguy So glad to see Manfredo again after such a long time. Outstanding muscularity and vascularity, as always!
  • pino The BEST here!!
  • joshmx Amazing show. The best physique I have ever seen in this website by far!
  • codyman Outstanding physique! And Manfredo is very good at responding to requests. Highly recommended.
  • charlouxs Manfredo is perfect. All his body in perfect proportion. Big pec, big bicep and sexy ass. I love the way he kisses his bicep. 5 stars and more. Hot and sexy guy. Simply amazing guy
  • timobrien fucking hot man!
  • charlouxs OMG Amazing body of big muscle. Abs, bicep, pec and ass WOW. The body of perfection of muscle. So sexy. So hot. 5 stars
  • shyguy Muscle delicious!!!!!
  • frskyfeler Awesome man, did I say awesome?
  • muscleman007 Manfredo is 100 satisfaction. SUPER body and SUPER nice guy. Always pleases. Can never get enough!
  • mlo_vah So Hot!!! Always huge and ripped!!!
  • shyguy absolutely most muscular shape that I have eve ever seen him ....can not get enough!
  • shyguy extreme muscle coming back for more!
  • peters89 Manfredo is ALWAYS great! His muscles are amazing to watch as he bounces them! Never a bad show with's always perfect!
  • mlo_vah absolutely huge!!!
  • mlo_vah awesome! huge and ripped.
  • minga outstanding hot muscles, specially triceps
  • stevep89 Perfection....always!
  • lefty121 WOW Huge, thick muscles... great body!
  • vabbva great--usual ! When he flexes his arms for you, you'll go wild.
  • vabbva Nice guy with unbelievable arms ! Gives an enthusiastic show. In a word, "Awesome !"
  • codyman Amazing gun show!
  • chelm fantastic body and attitude
  • mlo_vah He is huge, ripped and awesome. Also, very nice. don't take my word for it, go pvt with him.
  • bernus1900 awesome...really great....round and full pecs....insane man
  • plogan50 top shape!
  • pjerram Great looking guy, beautiful muscles
  • kosmo Manfredo is magnificent, nice, and accommodating! WIsh he was in Southern California!
  • kentstaff Absolutely Amazing!
  • jimbocan Extremely handsome with a top-notch physique. Very nice guy also. Enjoyed the show very much.
  • jonboy25 Incredible pecs!
  • joakman1 One word: GORGEOUS!
  • yanqui He doesn't say a lot, but is responsive to every suggestion, and the man has a hot, built body!
  • alex8881 Great guy, I will miss him
  • alex8881 Great show love this guy!
  • jonboy25 Amazing pecs, very hot!
  • shyguy What a great muscle reason I keep cumming back to LMS,,,,,shows like this!!!
  • joakman1 Thanks for the show of your workmanship. You are a great inspiration for male perfection. Incredible..
  • joakman1 Over the top posing and muscular development, need I say more? Enjoy him, he loves it too!
  • jgatsby32 Manfredo's arms are like cannons...big cannons. Great show!
  • gotpex Awesome muscles! Fuck yeah!!!
  • joakman1 To continue the alliteration, Manfredo's mountainous muscles are simply "marvelous." He's kind of nice,too!
  • joakman1 Another great time with dreamy Manfredo, he has a way about him you won't forget or regret.
  • Trucker2013 He did what he wanted; I was gipped.
  • glatze36muc perfect shape - love him
  • bluefoot311 take forever ...... so not worth it
  • joakman1 Perfect showmanship and what you dream about but have it here! Fantastic!
  • luvsbiceps Awesome body!!
  • lovelyemma He talks way too much
  • mlovah Wow!!! He is so awesome!!! So huge and young. Will continue to see him!!! Awesome show!!!
  • bigdicklover Was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stpeterson Bigger and better than ever! Always easy to work with and a great guy! Perfection!
  • joakman1 What perfect evening it is with Manfredo. Enjoy his awesome work!
  • Ando10 Fucking amazing! The most beautiful guy I have seen - huge muscles, gorgeous cock, very handsome with an awesome smile. Unbelievable biceps. WOW!!!!
  • shyguy what a champ...great muscularity and knows how to show it off!!!!
  • joakman1 Marvelous show and great time with Manfredo What a rush and so friendly, too. He deserves our praise and respect for his hard work! Enjoy his experience!
  • joakman1 Now that's a champion, he is super friendly and happy to show you his efforts. So easy for him ,too.
  • vabbva Manfredo gives a great show. His arms are fantastic !
  • alex8881 great body... totally worth the money
  • bodybrazil Perfect body!!! Nothing else to say!!!!!
  • joakman1 Holy cow what a display of masculine perfection and so happy to be there with you!
  • vabbva Great arms, etc. but the show was too slow !
  • mtrygg WOW is all I can say. He's got it all, a muscular body, handsome face and a great personality. Private him now!
  • daveboston outstanding young man, friendly, nice and built
  • floridian he is a money user. promised nude and did not deliver. beware this guy.
  • bigluigi4 Best guy on here.
  • thot1970 very nice and responsive man. Beautiful body. I will have to come back for more time :-)
  • aguy Did deliver, however seemed 'uninterested' throughout the whole show.
  • todd954 Hot!
  • markon What a musclehunk and a great muscle show. He likes to show off his muscles for you. Thank you for your great show!!
  • muscleman007 It doesn't get better than Manfredo. What a performer! Totally accommodating. Highest rating!
  • muscleman007 Manfredo delivers 125%. Absolutely GREAT show....warm, friendly, great showman and a STELLAR body. Don't miss time with him!
  • stpeterson Always pleasing to eye and has a personality to match his perfect body. Never a disappointment! Manfredo is the MAN!
  • nycewolf great
  • markjohn great, thank you!
  • TonyG44 Nice body; just into lots of chit-chat.
  • reyisking Wow!
  • alex8881 good
  • caribdick the best want more
  • jimbocan Incredibly handsome. Muscular but still athletic physique.
  • stpeterson Mandfredo is AWESOME! Perfect in every way and so friendly and willing to do what you want. Great body and a nice smile too! Highly recommended!
  • aaron1234 awesome! shame he has no sound...
  • jess8b incredible physique - soooooo hot