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Lex Attila

230 lbs
5'11 ft
63 in
36 in
20 in
29 in
Lex is one of the most popular guys on our sites, and once you see him in action, you'll know why. With his gorgeous face and his big angular muscled body, some of his fans even refer to Lex as a ‘super hero’, but without the cape and tights! With the backing of his eager fan base, Lex has come to realize just how arousing he truly is, and this is reflected in his performance repertoire. For example, when Lex turns around, shows you his luscious bodybuilder backside, and shoves his perfect glutes in your face, you'll get intoxicated by lust, and will beg for more. And he'll give it to you. When it's your turn to reciprocate, Lex loves it when you rub your hands around his chest, and up and down his arms, and several other erotic places. Feel the play of his back muscles. Grab his thighs. After that, Lex will let you know exactly what else he wants you to do. Remember, Lex is a super hero… he's a street-smart tough guy and he knows how to communicate with muscle worshipers like you! Contact Lex, now, at and

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  • micro_man He's HUGE and so HOT
  • stattick Super fun.
  • littlefagg FANTASTIC!
  • littlefagg WOW!
  • djohnston8581 I didnt have much time but it was oh so amazing!
  • skip0416 amazing pumped vascular body so ripped the best guy
  • micro_man Keep growing!
  • muscles1 Alex was amazing! So hot!
  • muscle79 Splendid !
  • 5150dw Loves to flex hard and jump right in!
  • gemini74 the best of them all. highly recommend.
  • micro_man Lex is as nice as he is HUGE!
  • thebigguy the best
  • headz Simply the best
  • 5150dw Great posing, awesome muscle!
  • 5150dw Sexy beast that definitely knows how to please!
  • promu63 So hot. I loved his cocky and arrogant personality
  • lelyke beautiful. I'm still in awe
  • 5150dw Great guy, nice muscles, awesome smile and sexy voice!
  • timobrien so easy to talk to...nice, sexy man.
  • blackstar9105 nice muscle show whatever just a fell minit..thankz lex...i will be back
  • TruckerBeau I am in love with this gorgeous stud.
  • TruckerBeau Very handsome and sexy.
  • aaron1234 great!
  • lhuse1577 Amazing body, great attitude, all perfect!
  • came82 Nice show!!
  • graduate25 Alex is so incredible. He really knows how to show off that body. loved every minute of the show. super handsome guy too.
  • MuscleGod34 Great show!
  • meatymike always gorgeous
  • pec_fetish Hot guy
  • jockdaddy Lex is the best! very sweet and super sexy smile. and he gets naked and plays with his beautiful muscle butt without giving any attitude like some of the other models on this site!
  • Newaza Was great meeting you... and I hope we can one day meet again
  • mrbody1959 Lex is very handsome with a great body.
  • mrbody1959 wow. Lex is the real deal.
  • skip0416 alex is aweome great body vascular friendly super hot show love this guy
  • brandonssmart Love him
  • skip0416 the best poser on the site awesome body
  • luvpecsandarms good show with a patented finish!!
  • mustang2012 Alex is the best and very accommodating not enough star to rate him
  • kidflash212 incredible show. best legs I've ever seem\n.
  • mustang2012 always a great show
  • mrbody1959 Go on. Why not? Lex is amazing, very handsome stunning body and incredibly sexy. I wish I lived next door to him so I could see him every day.
  • leejazz utterly beautiful sexy man
  • tropicstud Playful and hot!
  • flaviob Super Amazing ;)
  • flaviob Huge! Natural and amazing Show! Not to be missed! and Adorable person! U can easily get addicted to his smile and hansdome face!
  • tropicstud Amazing show!
  • rocky87 I only had a very short show, but it was great. Hot guy with a hot body!
  • blueyesonly hot
  • luvpecsandarms hot, hot hot
  • monter very sexy
  • mistervoyeur Definitely well worth the money.
  • mistervoyeur What a sexy fella!
  • shyguy Bravo Lex 2 finales in one show!
  • ozmstud Its been a year since I've seen Lex (mainly because I restricted myself) and he's bigger and more muscled than i remember ..... Awesome hhuuggee muscles!!!!
  • nycdawg amazing!
  • charlouxs Lex has a amazing body. Very muscular. Big bicep and amazing ass. He knows to show his muscle and to be sexy. He gives a very good show. Very hot.
  • Artist212 That was amazing thank you for fullfilling my muscle fantasy xoxoxo
  • tropicstud Quite nice!
  • meatymike hands-down, one of the most handsome men on this site!
  • subjan yes i will
  • Just_a_dude GREAT!!!!
  • gaugehot sexy as recommend to anyone
  • jonashlong YOU are THE Hottest hunk - TRULY a HUNK !!! and your smile and eyes and the entire package !!! Your my best fantasy who has come to life !!! I will be back again and again ! Your worth every moment ! Sadly ran through the cash but I will be back.. Where are you from stud ! I use to be a gymnast and love pumping at the gym but your my inspiration! !!! j AMAAAAZING !! xx
  • meatymike love your muscles, and your strikingly handsome face :)
  • adambrid70 Such a hard bod!
  • 00muscle00 amazing!
  • laurentis wow very hot and much bigger when he starts posing
  • mshands1959 I've never cum so hard. Watching Lex is AMAAAAZING.
  • Meistergb Great guy, ran out of money!
  • djc2014 Awesome muscleman! nice person and great body!
  • brandonssmart Love this guy. Amazing fun
  • Meistergb great personality sorry I ran out of $
  • Meistergb Beautiful but ran out of money
  • a_o_k knows how to use it.. and how to please... WOOF
  • pjerram Sorry had to cut the session short, but Lex is incredibly gorgeous
  • kyleliu566 Great!
  • kyleliu566 great
  • Mingle2 Beautiful man; great face, body and personality.very hot in all regards!!
  • lelyke Nice guy
  • MaxwellSr Sexy Lexy is awesome!
  • webruce awesome build
  • bumper6 Always sexy HOTTTTT!!! Gorgeous muscles...
  • muscletit very sexy guy
  • k4888quinine OMG. He is gorgeous!
  • microman This man is so HOT!
  • ausbear Lex was brilliant. His body and face are amazing. His dirty chat is great too. Hot body and huge piece of man meat. Thanks Lex! Will see you again.
  • luvpecsandarms nice guy... great arms. time ran out before the show was over....
  • Punky4011 So so so so so so so hoooooooooooooooot I'm in heaven now.....zzzz
  • Punky4011 Bye bb... everything OK with. Love you See you around
  • Punky4011 He¡s incredibly sweet...the best cum see it ever...MARVELLOUS
  • wvtazman extremely beautiful and hot
  • Metalsmith27 Amazing show and guy!! Very caring and entertaining!
  • phxguy1 very hot and sexy man and beautiful ass.
  • Devilpupjack Totally hot. Thank you so much. I enjoyed it.
  • Fibers Hot sexy nasty fine man. i love the way he moves his body.
  • microman This guy is so huge and handsome...not to be missed
  • bobby3817 love this guy
  • pipa Great guy..very handsome with an exquisite build and sense of humour. 5 STAR
  • scotty fantastic showman
  • alaterra Very sweet and handsome guy. Magnificent body
  • yuccanow Another gorgeous Romanian man! There are so many on this site. Lex is definitely a beauty. Take care, Lex. Thanks for the wonderful time.
  • shyguy Loved the group show.,,hope to see more of them! Lex was more muscular than Hunks show ever too...look forward to seeing him on Muscle Hunks this weekend!
  • tulfun1 What an amazing show!!!
  • mateo001 another killer show from lex attila! did everything i asked. he rocks!
  • Mikelange66 Great body and very nice guy! Great show!
  • a_o_k great body.
  • kevinb he is perfect and a gentleman
  • phil_a thank u very much
  • mdbound Very sexy guy, great show and great quality cam
  • j_baby_85 Damn you body is perfect, everything is big on you
  • sexyhunk39 awesome show
  • maancora very nice boy
  • Tony667 it was very hot!
  • bighairy sorry, bf came home, had to go. Beautiful backside
  • icesau gorgeous
  • bigboy yummy
  • 11bravo great show
  • veinybiceplover another outstanding vascularity show!
  • veinybiceplover Great vascularity show I loved it
  • fancybro FUCK ME PLEASE!!!!!
  • phil_a thank perfect
  • APTitan93 Incredible definition...great body..easy to talk with too
  • jjsteven fun and awesome
  • phil_a perfect man
  • phil_a thank u thank u thank u
  • fancybro Dammit, ran out of time sorry Lex!! Love you though, awesome body, ill be back with more credits
  • mcksfo thanks Lex
  • Ando10 Lex is amazing....i'm in love :-)
  • maxxx7575 Awesome huge handsome massive muscle man...truly THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
  • coope great show
  • jugnooji it was great
  • Ando10 Great show - very friendly, beautiful smooth muscles, gorgeous cheeky smile. Thanks Alex :-)
  • mento0riento perfect show!!!!
  • adamski Lex is brilliant as always. Great body
  • telem wow.. when he decide to do show... YOU WILL APPRECIATE IT!
  • tboner very nice flex show. love the ass
  • marcuslittle2001 amazing
  • doved22 nice posing
  • brain4brawn Incredible body and friendly guy - hot vascularity.
  • sfmuscl Very charming
  • marcelo sweet
  • captaink A truly incredible man. Performed amazingly well. Beautiful body and beautiful personality. A class act Thank you so much Lex. AWESOME SHOW
  • joenyc Lex gives a great show, lots of muscle and more
  • marcaobrazil he is the sweetest guy i have ever met here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • romanv Lex is a hot lover!! I'm really pleased with him.
  • romanv Lex is the best! He is very charm and have a way that made me feel very pleased!!
  • jmead011 This is one hot stud. Looks like a real life superhero that takes off ALL of his costume/armor.
  • rob24 Lex is ALWAYS full of surprises! Just when you think his private chats can't get any hotter, he'll find a WHOLE NEW WAY to rock your world! Trust me, the only REAL way to appreciate this man is to see him on a regular basis. Once is just NOT enough!
  • cologneguy Top
  • cologneguy The best
  • muscle_up Lex is amazing, hot, and very sweet - well worth a live session!
  • musldad Everything about this stud is HOT
  • rob24 No matter how many times I visit Lex in private, he's always happy to see me and he treats me like a king! Who could ask for anything more from such a beautiful man?
  • free90 Always willing to please.
  • stpeterson Always the best!
  • sniper2006 not give what i want
  • wainwright beautiful kid--abit boring:}
  • shyguy Wonderful muscleshow..just was getting good when my credits ran out. Will have to see the ending another time.
  • musldad Fantastic Performance
  • rob24 I've been visiting Lex in private chat for over 2 years now, and he keeps getting better and better! He never fails to please! I can't wait to see what surprises he has for me in the years ahead! (Kiss u baby.....;))
  • musclexlstgt thx
  • joenyc great muscle show
  • slytopman OMG! Lex is always the best. I followed him to LMS from his MuscleHunks show ad got to spend some serious private time with him. He's the best, hot bosy, amazing butt, great dick and the very best: huis outgoing personality. I want to steal him and bring him home.
  • rob24 No matter how many new performers come to LMS, there's simply NO ONE better than Lex!!!
  • captaindad2 one of the greatest performers - very accomodating - handsome as hell and really built - huge cock too
  • maancora bellissimo
  • suckonyourpecs wish i could taste his pecs in person :-)
  • xbfader1 very hot
  • bbb90 Hes ok
  • cologneguy I think he is the best here, Friendly and highly professional.
  • scotty a real performer and such a charmer fantastic show
  • chrish1 Great guy and body!!
  • musqlure Lex gives a hot show. He's a very energetic poser. He also poses nude and jerks off. Sexy and a lot of fun.
  • flipit1 the very best.
  • musqlure Very hot body and a very good poser. Also very friendly. Seems like a nice guy . . . with very big muscles. ;-)
  • sideswipe Really the best. 5 stars is not enough.
  • shyguy I enjoyed the strip show so much I had to come back for an encore. Now I hope that Lex can be here for New Years as the 2012 new year baby!!!
  • shyguy I only wish I knew a Santa with that much muscle!!! HO HO HO !!!!
  • slytopman and ANOTHER good time with Lex. What a hot man!!!
  • slytopman ANOTHER great time with Lex. He never fails to please. Lex is the reason I visit LMS.
  • markjohn Hey, great looks... Guido
  • sdm55 He was great! Super hot. Loved to flex. Friendly too.
  • shyguy Liked the muscle worship part of show the best
  • sideswipe Lex is the best. Awesome guy, great performer.
  • slytopman Always a GREAT show. Lex is amazing.
  • rob24 I dare you NOT to fall a little bit in love with this man! He's in a class by himself.
  • alex8881 really good show!
  • adamski really good show
  • kcaj00 Alex is amazing , friendly , huge muscles and down to earth ,if you like a guy with glasses Alex is your man, worth every moment, i will be friends with Alex for a long time to come he would be one very wild boy in the sack that's for sure
  • sideswipe It's the best
  • blueyesonly nice
  • mustangx always a great entertainer....the best
  • louisdeB Damn!!!! Most gorgeous man in Earth!! and such a nice guy!!! I caution you he is VERY DANGEROUS!!! He is highly ADDICTIVE!!! I give him 10 stars **********. Massive,super handsome and sexy as all hells!!! A "must have a PRIVATE."
  • adamski Great performance as always - Lex is a great man
  • rob24 What could I possibly say that I haven't said before? Lex is simply THE BEST!!! Take him private and you'll see for yourself!
  • adamski Great show but my internet connection was having a bad day - i'll need to come back for more
  • glatze36muc One of the best in here! He knows how to get you crazy!
  • shaun Lex Attila is always a charmer. Love this guy to death!
  • rob24 Lex is an amazing performer!!! He always gives 100% of himself in private chat, and I've never been disappointed....EVER! Spend some time with him if you can; you won't regret it.
  • dstars he is absolutely incredible. caters to your every need and blows an unbelievable load, i will be back!
  • hotcockboy1 so hot definitely worth your money!!!
  • callumsx Awesome body and very kissable
  • william2bethe1 AMAZING! This man is everything you could dream of! Massive body, great personality and service like no one else!
  • goofy75 Sexy cute muscle hunk.
  • leonal hot n nice
  • dynamic1 Nice glasses and always willing to please the
  • captaindad2 one of the greatest - hugh hot smile and me off too quick.......definitely back again soon
  • AlkarPL Simply the best!
  • raph0659 GREAT SHOW
  • peakster Great performer, kind person, easy to chat with, does everything you ask and more!!!
  • boyo Top man. Eager to please. Thanks.
  • jackson8924 Still the one!
  • klonje38 wow amazing!
  • dwood37 Lex is HOT!!! BIG DICK, BIG ASS, great show!!!!!
  • felixthecat Perfect!!
  • sammael Super!
  • jackson8924 Breathtaking!
  • jackson8924 The best guy ever! Beautiful man!
  • jackson8924 So hot, so willing!
  • rob24 Always a pleasure to be with Lex.......he will melt your heart and raise your blood pressure all at the same time! :)
  • peterm Hot body and performance.
  • felixthecat beautiful man. Ready to please.
  • rob24 Lex Attila is the man of my dreams!!!!!!
  • jockdaddy very hot show and very willing to please!
  • slytopman He's amazing. Just a great performance and a super friendly guy.
  • klonje38 the best on this site!
  • takko LEX IS SO HOT !!!!!
  • slytopman Friendly, HOT, built. What more can you ask for. Great show.
  • yaounex the best
  • krysten aswome man, he will please the hell out of you with his muscles
  • danielesexx the best man here
  • felixthecat Great looking body. Hot Show. looks bigger than when I checked him out in the spring.
  • takko The hottest showman of LMS !!!!!
  • rumplenrr Fantastic - amazingly good looking.
  • buddy1 very nicely done...what a gentleman and a stud!
  • bigguy absolutely fantastic. Lex is so great to play with here. Do not miss him.
  • cb1959 Lex is incredibly beautiful inside and out... and a great (and funny) guy on top of it all!
  • manner71 good show but cam/connection freezing. great guy will do almost anything. really hot body too
  • cokko hot show and nice body!
  • takko Soooo HOT ... !!!
  • robustate88 The best performer on here bar none!!
  • stumps x
  • felix01 Again and again ... the perfect man !!!
  • agendapusha He is just the best!!!!
  • chadpian Incredible poser and personality! massive and very personable
  • luvmuscle He gives you want you want to see. Thanks baby.
  • cb1959 An amazingly beautiful man - inside and out.
  • danielesexx the best man
  • joeyugi the Best!!!!!!!!!
  • luvmuscle He aims to please :)
  • cb1959 A great man all around... handsome, funny, sweet all wrapped inside an incredibly beautiful body. You can enjoy the muscles on this man, but you're missing out if you don't get to know him a bit -- he's a terrific guy. Be good to him! ;-)
  • bernus1900 soo horny...beautiful man and great person
  • manner71 Lex is the ultimate performer nothing is too kinky, great guy great body very obliging. Wow absolutely fantastic
  • chitown1 FANTASTIC
  • SwimGuy Sexy Man
  • chitown1 Wonderful performer and person
  • felixthecat Lex is the Best!!!
  • shaun Great Show!
  • phil_a top
  • muscle79 super
  • nhmtnman wow
  • rushbruno great model, very nice and attentive, nice body and very intelligent.
  • luvmuscle Great show Lex, thanks.
  • muscle79 he is very friendly and perfect guy !
  • jamesjr9 he is sexy
  • davyconstantine Wow - He is just sooo sweet and Hott that is for sure. Wish I could see more
  • lvmuscle hot pecs
  • algure Great show the best
  • felix01 The perfect man ...
  • danw Amazing show!
  • danw What a muscle god! This guy is great
  • somepig hot hot hot!
  • cjhtdm10 So hot! You won't be disappointed, believe me ;) I would give 6 stars if I could.
  • cjhtdm10 :)
  • cjhtdm10 So hot!!! And friendly, too :)
  • bigjimmy Worth every penny
  • bigjimmy Amazing
  • chitown1 Incredible
  • jake37 hot
  • sharpei1 Thank you bb
  • AlkarPL Just the most sexy smile and body here.
  • sideswipe He's the best. Got an awesome muscled body. Look like a Greek god. But he's more than that... He's very friendly and nice. And he's a lot funny, too. We can talk of everything with him. See you soon, buddy...
  • muscleadmire very sexy!! HOT!!!!
  • rob24 Sexy, funny, and what a build! Who could ask for anything more??????
  • chitown1 Incredible guy, very funny and hot, thanks
  • felixthecat Lex is the sexiest man on this site. No question.
  • klonje38 he is god
  • klonje38 Best looking guy on the site!
  • felix01 He is the perfect combination of a friendly attentive guy and a very hot performer with a perfect body and big muscles. My dreams comes true in his private chat. Thanks a lot, Lex. I will be back soon!
  • chitown1 Incredible man and body, thanks for the fun!
  • felix01 Lex is the perfect combination of a friendly attentive guy and a very hot and exciting performer who made my dreams real. He has a sensational body and his muscles are huge. Hot, hot, hot ... I enjoy every minute in his private chat. Thanks a lot, Lex. Ill be back soon.
  • jbuck3 super hot thanks!
  • varens1 great !
  • rob24 Lex is an incredibly sexy performer! I've had many private sessions with this terrific guy, and he always gives me 100% satisfaction! See you again soon, Lex!!!
  • etb2064 always like seeing him!!
  • rushbruno Very nice and friendly. A strong guy and attentive.big hug Alex.
  • jbuck3 Thank man you're great!
  • etb2064 LEX is the best...LOVE HIM!
  • manner71 awsome performer
  • jake37 best one out of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jake37 excellent hot mother fucker
  • shaun Lex is an amazing perfomer, a terrific guy - and my all time go-to-guy when I am feeling all hot and sweaty,
  • joeyugi AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so hot!!!!!!

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