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Lev Danovitz

205 lbs
5'8 ft
51 in
30 in
19 in
27 in
Lev is a bodybuilder who started his career at the tender age of 16. This young muscle hunk has trained very hard and continues to build on the foundations of his youth. Now 19 years old, Lev is keen to grow his muscular temple of a body even more, and for life! For Lev, bodybuilding is a way of life. He loves to work out on a daily basis and takes care to ensure he is always at his peak in physical fitness. Such dedication has certainly drawn the attention of his fans here on LMS, many of whom are gay muscle fans. Whenever he logs onto the site, Lev instantly gets lots of private chat requests. Not surprisingly, Lev is beginning to love all of this attention, just as he is turning into a truly magnificent muscle hunk. See for yourself by contacting Lev, now, only at or

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  • Wildo13 kind,very impressive and really sexy
  • ltsmemario huge and handsome fellow. Great chest!
  • jonboy25 Huge, ripped. AMAZING muscle!
  • skip0416 amazing body
  • Omegapussy Most amazing!
  • Omegapussy sexy
  • alex_28 Wooow! This man is huge!! Never seen a bigger and more massive guy before. Plus he is very nice to talk to and handsom.. Great guy!
  • skip0416 amazing huge muscle. glad to see him back. he is huge now. great show!!
  • bigmauri simply the best!!
  • AtlPup BIG MUSCLE man... but wasn't flexing what I asked him to do Kinda boring in his routine But VERY muscular
  • skip0416 the best so massive and the pecs to die for amazing body
  • bobby3817 beautiful body
  • TruckerBeau Lev is a great man. Strong, sexy and accommodating. I will be back
  • musclefan22 Truly huge muscle, great posing.
  • skip0416 the best on here
  • nicktaylor run out of credits.I end the show at last to give him a 5 stars!!! hot show, hot talking
  • 465JMAN Big luscious muscles perfectly posed mmmm what else could you ask for?
  • skip0416 hottest guy on here so massive
  • bobby3817 awesome show.. Beautiful body
  • velomec Only had a short amount of time. This guy is HUGE and got right to it. I will be back.
  • roidman Only one word: PERFECTION!
  • roidman PERFECT! the best beast here!
  • roidman Great beast!!!
  • jule2244 is very sex
  • Frank56 I Love you
  • armwreslr Amazing man!
  • skip0416 amazing perfection the body of a god the best
  • pec_fetish his pecs go wild
  • little_b What an alpha!
  • jpe2016 vey handsome and great body all over...stunning pecs and biceps...real turn on.
  • joshmx Amazing show. Your most muscular pose is something to really be seen and motivating! thanks so much!
  • mymuscle01 massive
  • reebok77 was ok
  • negreira THANKS VIRGEN
  • xdvdx412 Amazing...So amazing.
  • danw What an excellent show :D
  • henkefin thank You Sir:)
  • sub4biceps the most incredible athlete on here!
  • tomc1989 lev is a beast - great show!
  • monabitmore WOW!!! AMAZING :P
  • ford2 Awesome job!!!! He's amazing!
  • shyguy What a treat! A muscle worship show with Lev...a real Hercules! Thanks for the show, man.
  • ll1234 Amazing pecs
  • big_sabotage really amazing body. really huge muscles. but it seemed he wasn't in a good flexing mood.
  • jymbod8 Lev is so muscular and makes me cum each time.
  • dbreyne HOT muscle stud! recommended!!!!
  • vabbva Nice show. I thank him, too
  • mitho19 my best..... 5******
  • jjsteven whooooo
  • skinnyboi wow
  • jjsteven woof
  • alan I worship you.
  • icbiceps Awesome muscles - cute face too
  • jepthat1 amazing young muscle god
  • tropicstud Amazing guy! Doesn´t waste time! Beautiful body!
  • mcl1123 Great show and an awesome body!
  • jesserma nice guy, very good show!!
  • msclelover Amazing.
  • lovemuscle38 not nice to play with telephone in private i don;t like
  • teddy83 Crazy hot show!! Lev is THE best.
  • satchivi JUST ADORABLE! GORGEOUS!!!!!
  • SeanJM amazing muscle man
  • daydream 10 out of 10
  • smw6591 really hot guy and great body
  • cumonurpecs you are amazing
  • aaron1234 Pretty awesome and HUGE!
  • slam_addict I couldn't stop salivating. I'd look at him all day if I could.
  • teddy83 Dreamy.
  • old muscle Damn good!!!
  • monabitmore WOW WOW WOW!! Best body, so sexy - YUM
  • straydread1 hot body, but kept freezing
  • monabitmore OMG HEAVEN - WHAT A MAN
  • aaron1234 Awesome!!!
  • alex8881 very sexy
  • markon Wow Lev Danovitz is in a good shape. He has great muscles and likes to show off his muscles for cam. I like to worship his muscles. Great job Lev!! I like to see more next time.
  • dansneaker A short but nice show!! Very sexy!!!
  • markon This guy is so muscular for his age, i like it. Nice posings! Great show!
  • raph0659 very good
  • miamijock2 HOOOOOTTT!!!!!
  • lvmuscle huge for so young
  • lvmuscle big
  • rushbruno I love this kid. Smart and very strong. A great champion.
  • sean7 Excellent time with lev. So nice to be with and awesome physique.
  • sean7 Absolutely great time with Lev - looking great and loves to show off his beautiful body. I want more!!!!!!
  • danw What a great muscle show!!
  • rushbruno wonderful model, I believe it is still very famous. very nice talking to someone so young and smart.100000 stars
  • rushbruno big kid, a true champion. I strongly believe in his potential.

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