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Leo Sabatini

225 lbs
5'10 ft
52 in
31 in
20 in
32 in
Leo is known to his friends as ""El Gato"" - ""The Cat"" - and a cool cat he is. Look at those sleek lines, the sinuous movement of his hard muscles underneath silky skins. Look at the appraising arrogance of his gaze - cool green eyes, with a combination of stony dismissal and hidden curiosity. Like any good cat, if you stroke him, just right, he'll relax and purr... but watch out - this cat has sharp teeth. Give Leo a try, and just see if maybe you can tame him.

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  • gaymuscle44 words cant describe how good he is. just speechless at his skill
  • assnmuscles SUCH a sexy, compliant, fun guy! I love when you can tell a guy is enjoying what he does!
  • shopgood awesome!
  • Enello One of the best performer here!
  • Enello Every show a dream. Huge man with great biceps!
  • gamartinezz i always come to have fun with this guy.. he makes me feel horny and he loooves to show his hot muscles.. the best!
  • gamartinezz this guy is really hot and kind.. i will come back for sure... really sexy!! :)
  • Enello Wow. A great bodybuilder with great huge veiny muscles!
  • seanster998 Breathtaking contest shape!!
  • leinola hot
  • woofwuf my god the most amazing ass
  • alexman995 incredible huge power muscle god with beautiful eyes and lips and so hot so sexy..
  • promu63 So hot. Loves to show off. He did exactly what I was fantasizing to see!!
  • mike_1985_29 This guy is truly amazing. He does 100% to please you. Great guy, hot body.
  • mike_1985_29 amazing body, nice dick. hot hot hot. highly recommend
  • bravomuscle Best strip tease!!!
  • bosbo This guy is so perfect. He is full of muscle and a very good performer. Would definitely do a show again
  • alexman995 total complete specimen...super cool...beautiful body...great attitude...will have you begging for of the best in shape here. handsome, big, ripped, loves to show. and full package physique. legs are thick,defined and ripped.
  • grassone fantastic hunk, big all over. So strong! He can do easily a full planche!
  • skip0416 wow incredible ripped vascular body great show twice
  • Peclover96 Perfect body handsome face really big and ripped
  • bravomuscle Amazing man! Body! Moves! Poses! Amazing all over! The real total package! Most amazing eyes too!
  • mradonis He is so hot! His body, his lips, his eyes! He puts on a great show! He really knows how to flex! I'm in love!
  • ONLYHUGEGUYS I find this man to be perfection, from head to toe, front to back, ALL organs included. :)
  • nycewolf great poser and gentlemen
  • seanster998 Excellent!!!
  • vabbva Leo has a great body, and he gave me a wonderful show. Nice guy, too
  • hugehotpecs HOT!
  • harey Awesome physique and great posing.
  • gtorelli BEST ASS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • seanster998 Excellent!!
  • molson99 Leo is amazing; a real Latin Muscle Dream come true!
  • lvmuscle hot young muscle
  • mike_1985 Excellent show but video quality not the best
  • blueyesonly great
  • dietrich922000 HOTT!!!
  • mike_1985 Great show, excellent model & great body. Don't chat much which is good but all action in private. would recommend!!!!!!!! A+++++++++
  • molson99 Super hot guy. He did a show with cream!!!
  • shack____ great performer
  • mitho19 the best muscle star.....
  • seanm very hot man!!
  • pawdude hot stud here - niiice arms
  • shack____ great showman!!
  • manner71 This guy is beautiful a good performer very laid back and easy to talk to. will be popular performer