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Klaus Kasper

200 lbs
5'10 ft
55 in
28 in
19 in
28 in
Klaus is one of the newest muscle hunks on the block. He’s just at the beginning of what promises to be an ambitious and award-winning bodybuilding career. You see, now that he’s become hooked on weight training, Klaus’s goal is to compete worldwide and win the most prestigious bodybuilding titles. Well, Klaus has definitely got the right set of assets to make that happen, including his boyish good looks with dark brown eyes and cheeky smile, and his sexy and youthful muscle stud body. He’s already got a big following of satisfied members, here on LMS. Maybe its Klaus’s own unique and flirty way of flexing his muscles and getting naked that keeps them coming back for more. Find out for yourself. Contact Klaus, now, only at

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  • BigMuscleGA Words cannot express how awesome this guy is. There is a reason I keep coming back to him His body is freaking amazing. Those wings (lats) of his are dammmm impressive His whole body is amazing. Plus he is ripped for his show soon GO SEE HIM!!!!!!!
  • Professional body of a king
  • Max89 Amazing show as usual
  • gottagetbigger91 Unreal, the guy is super nice and one of the biggest dudes on here. Loved every second
  • BigMuscleGA The man is a true muscle GOD. His muscle control on many parts of his body is amazing. LOVE his shows.
  • gottagetbigger91 Super nice guy, fantastic time
  • gotpex Klaus is just the best there is. You can't say any more than that about this man. Love him! Thank you, my friend!
  • bigdave1 great flex
  • gotpex Klaus is the MAN--beautiful, sexy, horny, muscles everywhere, and one of the best and kindest men on this site. I love this man!! Grazie, bello!
  • Trebron Amazing big man, grat voice, nice face and all big. In every part.
  • Trebron Amazing big muscles.
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 One of the best muscle fantasy men on this site!
  • woodysf GREAT SHOW
  • Trebron Amazing big muscles, great face and gives you what you need.
  • gotpex Klaus Kasper is unbelievable. Absolutely beautiful body--pecs, guns, and the lats fill the screen like a phoenix's wings! This man is awesome and a gentleman. Don't miss a chance to spend time with Klaus. Grazie, bello!
  • gotpex Klaus, you just keep getting bigger and bigger. I'll make sure to spend time with you when you're not in private!!
  • djohnston8581 Amazing
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Klaus is the perfect combination of muscle, sexiness and all around accommodating guy
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 This guy is the real deal. HUGE ripped muscle !!
  • littlefagg Total GQ Stud!
  • skip0416 amazing hot pumped ripped muscle and lats to die for
  • woodysf great time.... check out his lats
  • Trebron Amazing big muscled man. Really friendly and talking dirty if you wish. Will come back for sure.
  • ddddff perfect
  • blocker Klaus is just the best. He has a great body and he is so co-operative. He'll do what you ask and never wastes time. I love visiting him.
  • maghyu good
  • Tall4muscle :*
  • Neckguy He did what you asked for and tease you with his words and body
  • dw5150 Awesome muscle!
  • Francois13 Klaus is a great muscle model. He listens very well. Bottom line you will get what you pay for. He gives you a great time and makes you feel special. Ask him to speak to you...;) You wont regret it. He is so handsome and his body and bits are very stimulating to the eye. Love Klaus, I've had multiple shows with him and I always come back for more.
  • djohnston8581 A-MAZING
  • Trebron Amazing big muscle guy with a beautiful face. Looking forward to see him again.
  • curiousbob Great Show, his lats barely fit into the screen...have to see them!
  • bgbicep excellent
  • curiousbob You have to see this guy flex, great show, thank you!
  • curiousbob Amazing muscle guy, must see him spread his lats...WOW
  • skip0416 amazing ripped body lats to die for great show
  • daveboston this man is Super Hot and his Lat spread looks like a Cobra striking, HUGE
  • mrcmrcmr great
  • djohnston858 amazing
  • muscle.luvr great performer, top muscle control
  • lelyke Amazing!
  • stephenc best poser on the site.
  • hes420th Great service! I'll be back for sure.
  • matt22 GREAT GREAT show perfect man with the perfect body will make you blood boil
  • skip0416 amazing lat show
  • blocker Klaus is one of the BEST performers here. He will do whatever you ask. Is very handsome with the most beautiful body and cock. I will be back very soon.
  • 5150dw Ripped and sexy!
  • samson9 What a fabulous body! And he's so friendly and responsive! Beautiful ass!
  • gamartinezz he is amazing muscle GODDD
  • skip0416 what an amazing body the lats are incredible and what control he has over them the best
  • idkpod Went straight to work. Beautiful chest, lats, and ass.
  • pier77 insane shape!!!! contest ready
  • 5150dw Ripped and awesome!
  • pecssucker He is the beast
  • idkpod Awesome body! And he is very accommodating. Wastes no time, and I love it!
  • machobrace Klaus was pretty good. Nice bod, decent ass. I dig him.
  • calmuscle2000 beautiful hole
  • SlavePercyForYou Klaus is the hottest guy I've ever seen! His handsome face, magnificent build, seductive smile, and beautiful eyes all contribute to his being totally worthy of awe and worship!
  • peters89 The absolute BEST!!!! I don't even know where to begin......but I love how it ended! Amazing show that included everything i wanted and needed. Again, the BEST! Thanks Klaus!
  • pec_fetish He is such a tease
  • agent00zero That was great
  • spenny78 awesome show! very accommodating. loved it. recommend a long show with him!
  • kraykid yes
  • 5150dw Soooooooooooooo hot!
  • 5150dw Awesome as usual!
  • pec_fetish A performer
  • 5150dw Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sexy show and does he have the moves!
  • 5150dw Simply awesome!!!!! A real gentlemen that is just unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Looking4HULK ABSOLUTELY amazing, perfect body, was not disappointed. MUST see
  • 5150dw What an awesome chest! His voice and handsome looks make it all that much better!!!! Outstanding!!!!!
  • pec_fetish He is hotttt
  • skip0416 what an amazing ripped body
  • flicka WOW!
  • A2daX83 What a perfect muscular body! Totally liked it! And those abs!
  • mrcmrcmr INSANE
  • stephenc best poser on the site. so sexy. awesome muscles cute smile
  • seanster998 Definitely worth every second!!!
  • pier77 top shape!
  • wawa87 amazing guy
  • Musclepaddy love this guy! so gorgeous and he is getting so BIG
  • seanster998 Fantastic!!!!
  • stephenc the best guy on the site. awesome posing beautiful body. hot hot hot
  • lisa_4_u super sexy man!
  • Musclepaddy so huge
  • free90 amazing show! Did everything i asked. His back is so wide! It's unbelievable!
  • gaugehot great does what you want
  • sbiglds Very Hot Man!
  • purebred Looks like I decided to go voyeur at just the right time. Damn!
  • webruce wow awesome thanks I will be back soon
  • skip0416 awesome as ever
  • livewest his nipple makes me cum so hard
  • avenueb6 Ausome poser. Be sure to see him in the red ones. Wow, the video comes out quite strong with the red posers. He loves to pose which only makes him a wonderful experience. Many thanks Klaus.
  • skip0416 the best lats aroung and knows hot to make them work super ripped the best
  • dumbelle He is one super looking muscle hunk and a beautiful performer. So grateful for his presence here.
  • adambrid70 Wow those lats!
  • flicka The BEST-need I say more!
  • muscular520 oh no you are simply too sexy and hot!!!!!!!!! I have cum a lot man...
  • mrcmrcmr great
  • aaron1234 Awesome!
  • Jaggededge Confidence, kind and the body of an Adonis. What more could you ask for in a guy? Go pvt with him and ask him to spread his lats. You're welcome.
  • lmssenator123 briliant show best
  • icbiceps Klaus's muscles are beyond perfection. His posing is amazing and his flexing unbelievable You will love his show!
  • thongmandude Awesome
  • spenny78 Awesome show! so sexy. knows exactly what to do. highly recommend
  • mccrnes Fantastic
  • lvmuscle God of muscle!
  • pjminmia You cant do any better. Awesome
  • jimbocan Incredible V shape. WOW!
  • kidflash212 Incredible. Truly awe inspiring.
  • seanster998 Awesome!!!
  • bronxnyc really gotten more ripped and looks great great glutes and dick.....
  • bronxnyc super ripped and striated body....
  • inque88 Seriously awesome personality + shape
  • jalonde Perfection
  • globealo very sexy
  • piker An amazing man: beautiful face on a fantastic body.
  • drdg75 that was so hot!!
  • dumbelle Klaus Kasper is a very fine figure of a man indeed, Very special and very welcoming.
  • rockyre4 Klaus is looking so awesome, he has grown !!! he make me groan too!!
  • misterbigboy123 wow
  • joshmx Simply amazing! He is in competition form and he loves posing! He doesn't lose time at all and starts flexing as soon as you are in PVT. Fantastic physique!
  • Topher001350180 That body is sheer perfection
  • valerio wonderful! Sexy, horny, kind. A god.
  • charlouxs Klaus has a amazing body (very muscular) and he knows how to show it. He has the sexy look and the sexy move. 5 stars. Very very hot. Nice and generous man. Amazing abs, biceps, pecs, ass and cute face. He is perfect.
  • globealo amazing
  • david8675 Awesome show. Klaus is a nice guy, beautiful body, and friendly.
  • charlouxs He has an amazing body. Very hot and very strong.
  • txula477 hottttttttttttttttttt
  • jalonde the best
  • exotic32 excellent, hot and wet :)
  • withcare nice body, great teaser
  • hugehotpecs Absolute SEX Muscle stud!
  • hugehotpecs Too hot man!
  • hugehotpecs Fucking gorgeous stud!
  • sexplease2 fuck yeah
  • markjohn thanks, nice, see you again!
  • icbiceps Beyond amazing his biceps and lats and everything are beyond compare WOW
  • jwillie95 perfect as always
  • milguy77 so gorgeous...always leave happier than before.
  • milguy77 What do I have to do to make you my husband? are sexy and will haunt my dreams.
  • ADOsborne23 It was amazing! Thanks!
  • hugehotpecs Awesome!
  • argos undoubtedly a great guy 100% recommeded
  • jalonde hot
  • icbiceps Klaus has the best body - amazing biceps - super wide lats - the greatest abs - and is the best muscle man here!
  • woofwuf sexy boy
  • gaugehot hot nice and dirt
  • isleboy437a Awesome guy, awesome body & awesome show!
  • offmynuts incredible show, very sexy
  • mrbody1959 This is one sexy dude.
  • ncbearlvr Hot man .. awesome feet and thick uncut cock .. total feast!!
  • timmy77 very sexy a hot guy
  • Meistergb great session hot dude!
  • bigmanar incredible
  • Max89 great show. Really handsome.
  • Engelbert Liked you. You are a good young man
  • amarantcgn WOW, sexy Man
  • Rob11 The ultimate muscle stud in every respect
  • spenny78 so adorable! so nice, cracking smile! love this guy. hes so good.
  • spenny78 another great show! always a pleasure ;)
  • superman39 I like it a lot thanks I hope to see you soon
  • xdvdx412 Amazing...Simply amazing.
  • jalonde One of the best bodies
  • spenny78 wicked show! very accomadating will be coming back again xx
  • spinoza Wonderful man. Great personality.
  • kidflash212 Very impressive body and a great guy
  • ingowi wow...he is the best....thanks ...
  • Colikemuscle very handsome muscle man, very accommodating.
  • muscledude59 Nice dude, like the guys in the gym locker room :D
  • Trucker2013 Sexy man. Somewhat reserved
  • fracchia sooooo huge and dominant *__* ... and thick cock toooo....great
  • jalonde Hot!!!!!
  • ottjock Holy WOW! 10 stars....dude you are all man...crazy show, so hot, well worth the money...will be back for more sometime!
  • ImaGayStud good show
  • bakore Nice talking to you.
  • sigma22 Best pecs EVER
  • poshi Soooo HOT!
  • mrbody1959 This is a dude with a great body and a dick like a donkey. This boy knows what you want and knows how to give it.
  • mustang2012 This one hot guy and gives it 100%
  • bluefoot311 make me a wild!
  • jjwatk2 HOT!!!!!!
  • APTitan93 simply amazing...can't get enough...
  • aaron1234 Awesome! Just awesome!
  • alphalover U are very HOT....but i could NOT hear U!!!! the sound was all messed up! it was very disappointing!!!!
  • mangkone Amazing show , amazing cock , amazing man , make me too hot and want to stay more time with ......
  • 020ramon great guy - good show !!!!
  • APTitan93 Absolutely one of the most fun guys!!!
  • ucl1964 thanx for a great show
  • ucl1964 wow great show thanks
  • clair Fantastic body and performer. Such a nice man.
  • gabox69 the BIG head mmmmm is amaizing :9
  • jepthat1 wow - he was incredible and huge!!
  • gymjocksports Thanks - that was a fun first time checking this out
  • APTitan93 big guy, fun to talk with even
  • icesau gorgeous
  • jasonlo95 Definitely would like to have him with me.
  • Ryden81 Klaus is hooottttttt
  • kentstaff super stud sexy and worth it
  • funkisser AWESOME
  • tropicstud Very friendly and playful! Amazing V!
  • ricky33 so AMAZING!!!
  • marcuslittle2001 amazing biceps.....
  • mateo001 that was great. he has such a huge arms and nice pecs and a real cute ass. Definitely worth every penny!
  • slam_addict oh wow...that's all I can
  • joenyc very good show, great body
  • A2daX83 Great body! Like it! :)
  • ricky33 AMAZING PERFORMER!!!!
  • housso His body is really hot and handsome, I suggest him <3
  • joakman1 Great lats and well everything!
  • guest34 not only is Klaus incredibly handsome, loves to show off his hot muscles, he has real bodybuilding potential. Wonderful split in biceps, like Ronnie Coleman, a v-taper iwith a tiny waist i've not seen before and a sexy posing style, that will revolutionize bodybuilding shows, when he enters in the near future hopefully the Mr Olympia stage. Love him. .
  • aaron1234 crazy, crazy good!! His pic doesn't do him justice - he's incredible!
  • slave4hunks Amazing performance - just the best! :) He really does have it all and wow if I could I'd go private 24 hours a day!
  • joenyc great show. so cute and hot at the same time. beautiful muscled body!
  • vanilla91 very hot
  • scotty system faulty tonight
  • markon His chest was smooth and i like that. Klaus looks huge and likes to show off his muscles for you. Nice pecs and bi's bouncing. His lats are amazing like wings. This was a great show, thanks Klaus.
  • mwkh9 Beautiful boy with awesome v-taper. Very enthusiastic.
  • tropicstud Very handsome man! Complete!
  • ponemu very accomodating and great size
  • stpeterson great show as always...ready to please!
  • mustangx great show. friendly and awesome body
  • mustangx great performner, unbelievable lats!!!!!!
  • pauliep sooo
  • alex8881 good
  • scotty fantastic show marvellous guy
  • negreira OK
  • jesserma nice guy and great show, great smile too!
  • miamijock2 SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!
  • sean7 Wonderful strong muscular body and great communicator. Loved it!!
  • pistolp Hot but took a long time to give me what I want.
  • adamski Great show
  • musclequads nice, he has improved very much bigger chest and arms and gives 100% satisfication
  • stpeterson Klaus is awesome...very cute and will do exactly what you want or ask...I will be back for more!
  • jesserma great show, nice guy!!
  • pierre004 Fantastic body and always very nice
  • raph0659 exeptionnal
  • sean7 Another HOT show with Klaus! I have my fix for the day. Just incredible
  • sean7 Klaus is just awesome. 5 stars and more! Awesome lean and hard muscular body, and very sexy. I love him.
  • icbiceps Incredible body - his lats his biceps his legs his pecs are all unreal they are so huge!!! He's a great poser and fun in private. You will not be disappointed!
  • sean7 Wow!!!!!!
  • sean7 Ecstatic!!!!!! That's all i can say; mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • sean7 I want more!!!!!! I wish i could worship all night long. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!
  • sean7 What a fabulous performance - I am so hot now!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome stud. Coming back for more after this! Yeah
  • jesserma great show, great attitude, sexy
  • sean7 Klaus is a dream - turns me on big time. Excellent balance between muscular and sexy. MMMMMMMMM
  • pjaecfof a fantasy; awesome physique; a dream
  • pjaecfof awesome body!
  • shack____ great performer!
  • shack____ Amazing!!
  • shack____ Very charming and sexy!
  • delboy the most amazing body oi have ever seen on a cam.
  • free90 Awesome body!
  • guillaume1973 Not bad Poor quality webcam...
  • muscleride Thanks Klaus you were great....great body and a nice guy
  • lvmuscle hot
  • pierre004 Awsome!!!
  • Rob11 He's amazing
  • sharpei1 none
  • jbuck3 thanks
  • deniosbarros great