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Karl Kasper

225 lbs
5'9 ft
58 in
35 in
20 in
36 in
With the face of a gorgeous ‘fallen angel’, Karl Kasper is a very sexy young muscle dude who is not at all shy when it comes to showing off every bulging part of his ripped muscular body. And, by that we do mean, every part of his Herculean body. This will be your experience with Karl, when you join him in a private session here on LMS, and he takes you to a whole new intoxicating level in the world of muscle worship and fantasy. With his perfect pecs, his rippling six-pack abs, his bubble butt and his arms and legs of steel, Karl’s definitely got what it takes to send you over the edge of muscle worship intensity. In fact, before your private session with this ‘fallen angel’ is over, you just might begin to believe that Karl has taken you to muscle heaven!!! One thing’s for certain, Karl will keep you cumming back for more and more. Contact Karl, now, at or

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  • SlavePercyForYou Fantastic show on Voyeur! Magnificent physique! Hope to catch you when you're totally available!
  • cesareborgia GREAT SHOW
  • curiousbob Kark is amazing, built, polite and will make you feel like a million dollars!
  • adrain64 Nice and responsive, not a time waster
  • musclelover96 Awesome great muscles
  • maplegap That was awesome. Very sexy, thanks Karl! It would be even hotter if you toned your ass just a little more. :)
  • TruckerBeau Beautiful man. Such a stud.
  • TonyNoretti Great guy. Amazingly handsome and beautiful body.
  • roidman Thanks so much for the great show! u deserve all money!
  • roidman Good session wth him
  • hugehotpecs He's awesome!
  • maplegap Hot, nice stripshow. It would be even hotter with a tighter string!
  • Musclepaddy OMG this guy is ridiculous - huge, ripped, so handsome and sweet!
  • hugehotpecs Awesome hot sexy man!
  • frskyfeler Wow....Karl is huge! A very nice guy loves to show off all that hard work! thanks bud!
  • TruckerBeau This is a great man. Sexy and friendly with the body of an Adonis. I am completely satisfied.
  • TruckerBeau Such a sexy man. I love spending time with him.
  • charlouxs Karl gives an amazing show. His body is a rock of muscle. So big and so hard. Very generous. I love his ass, pec, abs and beautiful big bicep. thanks for all.
  • ranchfun Totally Blown Away! A true Muscle God with the perfect cocky demanding attitude. Will be back x
  • roidman A real monster! great show and great act! he do what you want to see!
  • roidman Only perfect!!!!
  • skip0416 hjot massive contest ready body the best show
  • skip0416 hot ripped sexy body love it
  • bernus1900 the best...season shape or off always gorgeous
  • blocker Karl is the BEST. Magnificent body. Very accommodating. Very friendly. He's without doubt my fav. guy here.
  • roidman great, great show!
  • reyisking sexy. no other words.
  • djc91 amazing and a sweet guy
  • pec_fetish hot pecs and attitude
  • hugehotpecs HOT!
  • Trucker2013 I want to be his lover. So sexy.
  • djc91 Karl is the best stripper on this site! He takes off his clothes in such a sexy way. It is the best! He turns you on with his dancing and he has a huge body satisfies all your fantasies! Rare to see such a big guy move so well! Definitely the best guy on the site!
  • rocky87 One of the hottest guys on here for sure.
  • charlouxs He is very nice and very generous with me. Magnific body. I love his strong attitude in his face. Wonderful bicep, pec, ass etc. Karl offers a very good show. 5 stars Hot hot hot.
  • shyguy Enjoy watching Karl flex his mighty muscles!
  • dcucci Love his flexing and he is nice too, plus he knows how to move to make it hot.
  • GayLandes26 good show
  • cannook Great body and great poser
  • blocker Karl is a beautiful man. I loved being with him. If you like your men big and beefy and a bit nasty, Karl is the man for you.
  • lefty121 FUCKING AWESOME! THanks
  • muscleg Karl is so sexy and sweet! He is so accommodating and will show off so well......LOVE how huge this dude is!
  • nikko awesome... you are amazing.. great show always...
  • osmar61 REALLY HOT!
  • icbiceps AMAZING MUSCLE - HUGE and great flexing - Karl has an amazing body! UNREAL - THE BEST!
  • beppino i wish you were here in person, hummmm
  • muscledude59 Really nice dude. Great build, chatty and did all the muscle poses I asked for.
  • Francois13 Very handsome and sexy body
  • landes1326 good
  • nikko u r awesome... always the best ...
  • gaugehot my computer went out of private for some reason it was soo hot tho he is my master
  • muscleworship29 A beautiful man and a hot hot private!
  • sub4biceps karl is the most incredible man alive, amazing body, so huge where it counts too...he lasts all night long!
  • mysticred Great!
  • showgo0524 Highest!
  • rocky87 It was fantastic. Absolutely perfect man. Very accommodating. He is perfect.
  • icbiceps amazing flexing - huge and very awesome muscles !
  • reyisking :)
  • icbiceps WOW SO HOT - He is amazing - so great flexing - such huge muscles INCREDIBLE!!!! THE BEST!!!!
  • samson9 So friendly, such a great body, great skin -- very accommodating!
  • gabox69 loved thong police
  • DonSmit HOT Show. Karl shows everything. super hot show!
  • mangrove007 great smile, very pleasant, nice thick arms, hot!
  • APTitan93 Playful...was a fun show.
  • uncutron hot beautiful huge uncut cock! Thanks
  • icbiceps His muscles are so amazing - you will love every second with Karl
  • icbiceps His body is awesome his flexing is so hot. He is great!
  • ponemu great boy, very accomodating
  • shrtnbuff30 Sensational just begins to describe this god!
  • rackfan Sensational!!!
  • muscleg very sexy man......very cool, talkative, shows everything, and has a hot body!
  • roco19 great
  • musclefan82288 "AAA" Amazing As Always!!!
  • ricky33 Extremely verbal MUSCLE GOD. Needs to be WORSHIPPED.
  • musclefan82288 The greatest show in the world!!! THE muscle god!!!
  • musclefan82288 By far the best model ever! This website should be completely dedicated to him.
  • musclefan82288 Absolutely amazing! Worth ever penny! Puts on the best show I've ever seen!
  • WickedGay amazing show just wow
  • jjsteven awesom
  • jjsteven lots of fun
  • samson9 What a great body! And so accommodating and hot!
  • mateo001 great show by a wonderful performer. really nice form, and karl is very personable, friendly, and willing to do anything!
  • inque88 he is one HOT man. a great performer.
  • straydread1 This guy just keeps getting hotter
  • gaugehot does exactly what says will
  • woppit123 AMAZING
  • joakman1 FAntastic show and more sexy than you can imagine,
  • billybadass very hot!
  • bigluigi4 The best
  • tropicstud Nice body, great butt, but texts too much during show
  • jepthat1 This guy is ripped incredible! Incredible
  • dietrich922000 Fucking brilliant! Smart and great looking!!!
  • pauliep great...
  • reyisking one of the best pieces of ass on here.
  • speedorod good body, well balanced.
  • homer_08 Love this guy, hot body, cute and doesn't dissappoint!!
  • ponemu great show
  • miguelporn sexy boy its hard
  • ponemu great show
  • markon Great show, he looks so ripped and muscular. Thanks Karl!
  • heavyduty that was a very good show add me on facebook josh nowick
  • blueyesonly nice
  • markon Great show, he is so huge and ripped at this moment.
  • bwinky2010 pretty good show!!
  • ponemu big show
  • jesserma great show and nice guy
  • buffbrad Nice guy, hot, great bod!!
  • khanocopia He is rude and a liar. he told me he was naked when he was wearing shorts. think you should really take him off this site.
  • ponemu great show man, very accomodating muscled god
  • jesserma great show, nice guy!
  • TonyG44 Awesome body. Thick dick. Good attitude. Fun and horny bodybuilder.
  • ponemu great show,
  • Omar89 very nice
  • jefcir Great, cute and sweet guy.
  • chitown1 Thanks, hot guy!
  • danielesexx amazing man ;)
  • lvmuscle hot hot hot
  • leelee20 5 stars
  • timuk He is gr8 poser with awesome body!!! Thx
  • lvmuscle hot
  • lvmuscle HOT!!!
  • felixthecat not for me
  • bigjimmy Great
  • flexurpecs4me cs
  • flexurpecs4me xsx
  • gatewayday great
  • clayb864 Great!
  • gretalovisa tnxfor your show
  • rbenny1972 ok
  • phillip hott !!
  • phillip incredibly hot

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