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John Nolan

225 lbs
6'0 ft
54 in
31 in
18 in
28 in
It's often been said that it’s a ‘man's world’. John, our handsome and sexy young muscle guy, has all of the assets a man needs to seize the best the world has to offer, and make it his own. John is currently on a mission to discover himself, physically. On this journey, John has uncovered many special gifts that he would like to offer, because he is ready and willing to share his personal sexual discoveries with you. Contact John, a competitive natural bodybuilder with natural proportions, now, only at

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  • gotpex John Nolan is a rock star--BIG muscles, BIG cock, beautiful mouth and lips. I could spend hours with this man. Thanks, John!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 He is the perfect muscle fantasy
  • rolandw12 Another great show with John! He has no problem pleasing me!
  • rolandw12 John is hot as hell. I've seen his videos before, but never nude. What a surprise when he took off his pants! Very friendly, vocal and accommodating. Handsome face and gorgeous smile. Highly recommend.
  • gb542 :))))
  • hugebicepseeker very hot
  • 4mightymuscles Amazing as always
  • 4mightymuscles Amazing physique
  • stephenc the best
  • nursemaster mmmmmmmmmm
  • 4mightymuscles Big muscles and bigger smile. He's amazingly handsome and he's very well enowed. My favorite performer on here Thanks for the big load!
  • 4mightymuscles Amazing physique,very nice and talkative. Does the best to meet your wishes!
  • cesareborgia ALWAYS A GREAT SHOW
  • cesareborgia WONDERFUL SHOW
  • cesareborgia GREAT SHOW
  • 5150dw great show, really puts in his all!
  • tropicstud Very hot!!
  • mrbody1959 Wow. John is in amazing shape. You should take a look.Thanks for sharing John.
  • 5150dw Awesome!!!!!
  • lulomorris :)
  • 5150dw Great show and awesome chest!
  • 5150dw Great chest!
  • webruce awesome as usual
  • showANDjack He did everything I asked! Undies of different colors, length, style and even gender! Great body, good with instruction, and sexual. :)
  • aliamr dam hoooooooot
  • webruce awesome as usual thanks John
  • pec_fetish Big pumped pecs
  • mytrack the man is massive!
  • skip0416 very hot
  • lulomorris El mejor
  • avenueb6 Ausome show. He's able to fulfill many roles and is quite open to suggestions. Great review! Thanks
  • webruce awesome thanks buddy
  • krazykid great show! highly recommended
  • assana08 John is sexy as hell!
  • max09 awesome show knows how to deliver !
  • sexymalemuscle You are so sexy
  • mclous0 An Amazing show!! even in 5 minutes!!
  • mrbody1959 Great show by Mr N who is very very sexy and very much into this. Just a few technical problems with the connection (sigh)
  • mrbody1959 Nice very very nice and a lot of fun but had a little trouble with the connection which isn't of course John's fault
  • superdave a great show, unbelievable muscle, a must for everyone who loves muscle
  • jeeb MWAH
  • claudius Decent
  • bronxnyc he has gotten really ripped and veiny for his contest....he looks really good
  • webruce Looking awesome buddy,
  • max09 damn :( ran out of time awesome show tho
  • beppino he's 1 hot dude, wii be back for more.
  • max09 great body ! looked amazing !
  • webruce awesome as usual
  • webruce awesome thanks
  • emiranda1809 Sorry for leaving you! But you look great. I might get some money in a few weeks. Hope to see you soon! Eduardo, from Chile.
  • webruce Awesome thanks John
  • webruce thanks
  • bumper6 Will be back for more.....
  • scooby LOVE THE BIG ARMS!
  • mack lovely hot man thanks
  • spinoza Great poser, great body, just great.
  • dominicano90 damn he's perfect came for me and everything
  • dominicano90 so fuckin sexy, knows how to get dominated so well
  • Urmuscle amazing body and the hardest dick here
  • mtrygg Like no other man online. He can do waht most musclemen can't.
  • BrooklynBoy617 Awesome fun!
  • mlovah nice
  • tokyofan1 that was cool ! tx
  • larespo1 John is hot! He does a great show and he really enjoys what he's doing. Go for it!
  • gsplover takes a long time to do anything.... used up all my cash :(
  • bigguy John is the greatest. Great show. Beautiful body, fabulous personality, and huge cock for sucking.
  • mento0riento perfect man
  • tony69 he was hot!
  • bodybrazil Great show as always
  • yuccanow The one I favor without reservation. This man is special. Sweet man: Until next time!
  • jjsteven has fun with you. great bod
  • Fibers Never disappoints. Pleasing all the way.HE Really looks good with the extra muscle mass. BEAUTIFUL AND MANLY that's what I really like about him besides those buff muscles and that cute dimple smiling form his cute ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • musclemad was a great show thanks
  • atlsmrtjock HOT!!!
  • Fibers Nice fabulous guy. Awesome show. He really looks good with those Added muscles. You go John>>>> HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!
  • Danny189 fantastics
  • 020ramon great guy, hot show. goes straight to the point.. thumbs up!
  • rfurrymen Great body. beautiful man
  • terry1a super, sexy handsome young man, soo willing, great
  • yuccanow Always wonderful. This man is special, intelligent and eagar to please. I recommend him.
  • gymjocksports thanks man- hot man and really nice - see you next time
  • yuccanow I short, but pleasing session. Your are pleasing as you are now, but, go ahead if you need to. I will keep looking! You always have a fan with me. And that smile: priceless. Baby, take care!
  • hiroshi He looked so hot as a cop.
  • yuccanow Here is a man you won't soon forget. Unpretentious and free with himself. I couldn't help myself. He stole my heart. But, I don't mind because I know he will keep it safe! I wish you the best John, always!
  • yuccanow The stars say it all. Thanks John. Until next time. Take Care.
  • yuccanow I had a wonderful time. Will return when able to. Loved it. Hairy, muscular and sensitive. Won't forget him!
  • yuccanow Wonderful. Sensitive and enjoyable.
  • yuccanow Loved it. Fantastic. Will be back for more.
  • yuccanow Fantastic body. Handsome smile. Loved it! Knows who to please!
  • hiroshi gave a great show
  • hiroshi love the thong
  • funkisser HOT
  • mustang2012 Great show
  • raph88 John has a beautiful body and very nice
  • teddy83 hella hot
  • srh2000 it was great
  • marcg it's pity no nude here
  • 780man John is a really hot man! Fabulous posing, great body, sexy smile and just soooo sexy! Oh...did I mention that great cock too! You won't be sorry! Thank you John!
  • buster Impressive body
  • tropicstud very nice, good attitude
  • jimbocan very nice natural physique - enjoyed the show
  • monabitmore WOW! What a sexy babe
  • marcaobrazil LOVED HIM
  • bryce123 John is preparing for a contest and his upper body is huge. Nice overall appearance, wish him well!
  • david20 very good
  • trey3rdf fucking amazing real hot man...nice too...very cool
  • markon Great show, he shaves his chest for me. He is very friendly and looks great at this moment. See it by your self and take him private. He will do what you ask him. Thank you great show!
  • pauliep very sexy...great big tongue...I love that...surely will be back for those nipples...wanna suck on em again
  • rohit1234 nice performer,knows very well how to satisfy the,though it was of less time, enjoyed hs body worship..
  • sakusen So hot!
  • daveboston love Jon, one of the best on here
  • powerlift What a private show, i will be coming back for more. I really enjoyed John. Man, what a show, off the fucking hook. Powelift
  • sweden52 Very nice man with a great body. His posing / flexing of his body is awesome!
  • zuni325 HOT!!!
  • andyz4u Thanks John. It was great! WOW...what a body of muscles, and with a great personality! I'll be back for more.
  • macfac2011 fuckin amazing
  • turgidtoro much better than expected...a real guy next door but with terriffic musculature! and seems ready for action... would love to experience a real LIVE performance..he's in Czechoslovia..
  • markon He looks so very ripped now. Great muscle show, i like it!! Thanks!
  • markon Great person to chat with, he is very friendly. He is in a great shape at this moment.
  • murphyhi He is extremely hot performer, Would love to see him again!
  • markon He is in a very good shape and so ripped. I like his muscles so much. I can worship his muscles for hours. John is so kind and do everything you ask for. Thank you for showing!!
  • bumper6 Very sexy HOT!
  • reyisking this dude is sexy...nice ass and he does as he's told
  • Coverboy Mmmmmmpapi
  • samson9 He really works it good! Love it!
  • bears7 Nice Tiger man. Thank you for the performance
  • sammy811 clock watcher.
  • dwood37 TERRIFIC!!!!!! Love his nasty talk!!!! TOTAL turn on!!! Great pecs, great ass!!!!!!!!
  • dwood37 TERRIFIC!!!!! Great body!!! Great ass!!!!
  • zeesterre Nice and friendly guy. Very willing. :)
  • swimmer1979 that you john your are truly beautiful.
  • kenzan nice guy.
  • caribdick good really sexy but i have connection problems,hope next time be better with connection
  • manner71 always a pleasure so hot, such a turn on
  • rob24 John is an amazingly ripped, muscular performer......his body is always in contest shape and he loves to show it off! Such a nice guy too, and always eager to please. One of the hottest guys on LMS!
  • manner71 OMG he is so hot great performer the dirty talk really hot. I want more
  • bobuilt fuck yeah!!!!!
  • yanqui He's enthusiastic, a beautiful specimen, will do as you please, no wasting time.
  • csb9273 great show!!!!
  • manner71 super hot as always absolutely great body just an amazing ass really nice guy
  • manner71 OMG what a show such a great performer. eager to please. amazing body on this guy
  • manner71 willing performer
  • bigguy John is extremely hot. A great session
  • teck90 nice guy can't wait to do it again.
  • negreira OK
  • gatewayday sexy
  • gatewayday cute!