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Gio Permalucci

220 lbs
6'3 ft
51 in
28 in
18 in
24 in
LMS is very proud to introduce you to Gio, an authentic ‘Italian stallion’. Gio is so delicious that many who meet him fall in love (or lust) with him, at first sight. That’s because Gio’s got it all… not only does he have an incredible face, with melting brown eyes, a Roman nose, and sexy lips… Gio’s got the body of a Greek god, with huge lats, steel-hard abs, an ass you have to feel to believe, and a ginormous tool that would impress anyone. To top it off, Gio loves to be an exhibitionist, either one-on-one, or in front of a crowd. So, do yourself a favor and try Gio out, at or

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  • assana08 he made me cuum in 5 minutes! sexy
  • lovemuscleandfeet3 Simply the best
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Best muscle and cock fantasy on here!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 ALWAYS a hot, horny, hard show!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Always hard and horny!!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Huge biceps and huge hard cock mmmmm
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Always ready to give you whatever you want and need. Thank you, Gio!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Huge biceps. Huge cock. Love this guy!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 Gio is HUGE where it counts!
  • Lovemuscleandfeet1 One of the nicest guys on this site
  • Nasennopsi1 Great as ever.
  • Nasennopsi1 Thank you so much.
  • wwowww this show was the best!!!!! CUM, FLEX, And a very handsome man!
  • dermo very nice show
  • Nasennopsi1 Hot as hell and as sexy and cute as ever!!! A dream of a man!!!
  • Merzspezial The best one
  • kedryn best body and cock
  • negreira ok
  • assana08 big cock
  • assana08 big cock!
  • txula477 hottttttttttttttttttt
  • thicknick awesome
  • mistervoyeur very sexy guy with an amazing body...every inch of it.
  • zacklopez555 awesome cock.
  • SynapseSchism Very nice guy. Super sexy
  • beppino I'll be back for more........for sure
  • vabbva Very nice guy and a great show. And, yes, what they say is true !
  • max09 huge cock ! thats all i have to say ;) looked really good
  • assana08 damn his penis is big as fuck
  • clair Wonderful man.
  • mangkone Sorry for cum first and can't stay too long time , hope to go pvt with you more time next .
  • reyisking obediant...
  • bigchuc nice wonderful show I loved it you were great :) ;) :D
  • johngerman beautiful, sexy Gio, thanks for doing what I wanted, xx
  • mail2jatinkhurana great show ever... too hot to handle..
  • musclemad very nice!
  • dfyats Sometimes, it's hard to get passed that handsome face! He looks like Hollywood actors as "Vulcans" from Star Trek. Love it! Many of the original series actors may have originated close to this area. Gio, Live long and prosper! Until next time. Take care.
  • dfyats One of the best. If you like tall, dark and handsome....Gio is your man! You won't be dissapointed.
  • reyisking wow
  • bigchuc nice
  • dfyats Beautiful time. Got right into it. Computer froze though. Gio, take care
  • tight01 Sexy sexy Daddy! :-)
  • tight01 Such a sexy man. I am a recently single female who needed some stimulation, and he definitely gave it to me. :)
  • clair A wonderful, very friendly man. Gives a first class performance
  • reyisking a sexy have to see that ass...sweet. And so is the guy :)
  • alphalover there was no sound.....& U did not do what i asked U to do!!!!!
  • mangkone Please don't stay too long .
  • mangkone Please wait for 10 minutes
  • guapeton1 nice hard cock
  • kfunkmob86 Real HOT!!
  • shyguy Nice muscle worship show with a nice friendly guy who loves to be worshipped....
  • musqlure Hot guy. Great attitude. Big, fat dick that gets rock hard.
  • pauliep hot sexy man...big cock...mmm...great lips n tongue action...made me hot...
  • jonathanp a bit too eager to make money... didnt deliver what i wanted despite quite a long session...
  • caribdick one of the best guy here
  • monabitmore FUCKING WOW!!! So so so hot :)
  • monabitmore WOW - ALWAYS HOT XX
  • jesserma good show!!
  • plopes2012 great boy
  • shaun Gio is a sweetheart!
  • zeesterre Nice performance, too bad he was distracted by something... He kept looking away...
  • ipterra great men, but my time is over!
  • manner71 great body huge cock but he was more interested in the TV than the performance he was giving. just going through the motions
  • apelles ok, ok, ok
  • ponemu nice guy, better dick
  • musqlure Beautiful man! Gorgeous body. BIG UNCUT DICK!
  • manner71 big beafy guy hot hot hot
  • ahannan awesome
  • ahannan his guy is fucking awesome...huge body, HUGE DICK and shoots loads of cum and will eat it! he is the man.
  • joeyugi he is a big beast!!!!
  • ahannan better this time...his body and dick are fucking awesome
  • lvmuscle nice
  • joran1 hot
  • mu5cl3l0v3r Amazing body, killer smile... Gio needs to come to Australia to visit!!!
  • joran1 Italian Greek mix is hot!
  • joran1 One hot Italian!
  • jake37 good!!
  • jake37 nice looking and ok body good cock
  • jbuck3 great show thanks.
  • michael_ml Gio is a hot beefy stud.
  • bumper6 Very HOTTTTTT

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